Dragonflight 10.2 Dream Warden Rep Farm - Best Ways to Farm Dream Wardens Rep & Reach Renown 20

11/11/2023 11:18:31 AM

Today we talk about how you can efficiently farm reputation with a dream warden after the recent nerfs. Basically, we lost the Dreamsurge buff which sets things a bit back. But here's still plenty of things you can do to farm reputation and to get your augment rune as soon as possible for your rate progressing. So if you are interested in how to reach level 20 with dream wardens, then please keep on reading this dream warden rep farm guide. 

Dragonflight 10.2 Dream Warden Rep Farm - Best Ways to Farm Dream Wardens Rep & Reach Renown 20

With a new content update comes a new faction. And of course, with that comes a new reputation grind. Like the other factions in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, the new Dream Wardens faction comes with 20 Renown Levels of reputation. We'll start by explaining various ways to get rep and in the end we will tell you how you can min max. Here are the most efficient methods for farming Dream Warden reputation and reaching the max renown level of 20 in patch 10.2 (Thanks to AndriKatsGames for sharing the video).

1. Main Campaign

First of all, you will start by completing the main campaign. There are 6 chapters in total and each one will grant 2.5k reputation. In the first week, we have 3 chapters available to play through. The first one gives 2.5k reputation directly and then the rest grand reputation tokens, it's best to save up these tokens and to use them at a later time along with some reputation boost buffs. 

2. Weekly Worthy Ally

Once you make your way to the main town in Amrdrassil, you can grab the weekly quest worthy ally. This one is offered by the renown keeper and it requires collecting 1,500 rep and it grants 500 reputation as a reward. So make sure to pick it up before you start doing anything else.

3. Side Questlines

Aside from the main campaign, you can also complete side quest lines that will reward reputation tokens. There are 9 side quest lines in total, in the end these will reward with various reputation tokens from 250 up to 1,000 rep. 8 these side quest lines will be available from the GetGo, but the rest questline will become available on the next reset on November 14th. They're so fun to do and they take very little effort from your part and in the end, you will get a good chunk of rewards, so do them and don't skip them.

1. Trouble at the Tree (250 rep)

/way 49.79 62.49 Lady Moonberry

2. The Dryad Garden (750 rep)

/way 50.75 62.06 Cenarius

3. A Sleepy Search (500 rep)

/way 50.31 63.36 Icarius

4. The Q’onzu Query (1000 rep)

/way 50.75 62.06 Cenarius

5. Burning Out (500 rep)

/way 52.01 63.64 Solarys Thorngale

6. A Call to Aid (1000 rep)

/way 50.16 61.05 Delaryn Summermoon

7. Memory of the Dreamer (1500 rep)

/way 58.74 23.96 Keeper Adranas

8. Sky Mother’s Ire (seems it unlocks after completing the Q’onzy Query questline - 1000 rep)

/way 50.75 62.06 Cenarius

9. A Dragon in Hand is Worth Two in the Roost (1000 rep - but Available from 14 Nov)

/way 50.9 62.8 Wrathion

4. Rep Tokens - Buffs

Many of these questlines either from the main campaign or the side quest lines will grand rep tokens instead of direct reputation. These can safely sit in your bags for as long as you want if you don't use them. So let's have a look now at when it's the best time to actually use them.

For starters, you can wait for the darkmoon which grants a 10% reputation buff when you sit on the carousel. This event luckily will be active when the patch releases until the 11th. Basically, if you have this buff on, any activity that you do in the zone which grants reputation will also grant a 10% bonus reputation. And if you want to save a trip to the fair, you can also buy the darkmoon top hats, these will also grant the same buff for 1 hour and you save a lot of time of keep going back and forward.

Another time-limited event is the WoW 19th anniversary which runs from November 16th until the 7th of December. When you log into the game during that period, you will receive a mail, and when you use the token which looks like the WoW token, you get a 19 rep boost. So it's best to save up your tokens for when these buffs are active. And thus the ideal time for you to use any reputation token is with the anniversary reputation buff as it gives 9% more reputation than the Darkmoon equivalent. So you you can save a bit of unnecessary grind.

And if you want to take it a step further, there is another way to increase the reputation you get by these tokens by 100%. So some other onetime things you can do from the moment you step into the emerald dream is start collecting treasures. Make sure to have the 10% darkmoon buff as well to not miss any extra reputation or you can wait the anniversary buff to get a bit more reputation. 

5. Unwaking Enchoes Treasures

There are 4 chests called unwaking echo and each one will yield 200 rep along with other goodies. So that's an easy 800 rep right there. This chest though are a bit special, in order to interact with them, you have to be in a sleep form. In order to click on them, you have to type sleep, so that your character falls asleep. Your dreaming character will then show up and you'll be able to open the chest.

/way 55.68 22.55 Unwaking Echo 1

/way 54.83 44.62 Cave Entrance Unwaking Echo 2

/way 46.40 86.16 Unwaking Echo 3

/way 69.58 52.85 Unwaking Echo 4 inside house

6. Special Treasures

These are another 4 hidden treasures in the emerald dream which give 200 reputation each. 

/way 47.47 34.92 Hidden Moonkin Stash 1

/way 55.24 57.30 Odd Burl 2

/way 63.12 61.32 Magical Bloom 3

/way 39 65 Crystalline Glowblossom 4 (also gave 200 rep)

7. Elite Rares 

Another easy way to get Dream Warden reputation in 10.2 Dragonflight Season 3 is by killing the elite rares in the zone. Each one gives 25 direct reputation and also gives a dryad’s supply pouch, which also contains another 25 rep. These rares can be killed daily for 50 reputation.

8. World Quests/Contract

World quests are one of the best ways to reputation in any given faction. And dream warden is not an exception, each world quest rewards 50 reputation, but sometimes they do also offer extra rep as a bonus reward. Elite ones usually give 100 extra and normal ones give around 75. You can also combine that by using the inscription contract to get 15 bonus rep when you complete any Dragonflight world quest. The contract drops from the superbloom public event, each Dragon Isles world quest will give you reputation with the dream wardens depending on the rack of the contract. So the first rank will give 10, the second 12 and then the final rank will give you 15. So probably it's best to buy the rank 3, but depending again on your budget. And don't forget your darkmoon fair buff if you want to min max. Each week you can complete around 15 world quests, so make sure to clear the entire map and take a good look at the different expired timers.

On top of that every once a month, we also have the world quest bonus event, which gives more reputation from doing World quest and offers a weekly quest. After completing an amount of world quest, you get to choose 2.5k rep with a faction of your choice, and dream wardens are a part of that. From the calendar, it seems it will be over way before patch 10.2 releases and the next one is mid December. If you follow the steps you will probably hit renown 20 before that. 

9. Dreamseed System

The dreamseed system is another way to farm endless reputation as long as you have the necessary reagents. Each can grant 20 reputation which is not a lot but it can be farmed indefinitely as long as you have the Emerald Dewdrops, it can be boosted as well by any reputation buff. You gain reputation if you contribute the appropriate amount of Dewdrops into an Emerald Bounty. An bounty is a specific type of soil in which you can plant and dreamseed and it can be seen in your world map and mini map. Once you plant your dreamseed, then you can start contributing Dewdrops to make it grow, you can also contribute to others players bounties as well. So you don't actually have to be the one offering the dreamseed, you can also offer to other players soils as well. But in order to get reputation, you must get the blue quality back, not the Epic as it doesn't give any reputation at all.

You need around 25 Dewdrops to get 50%, these drops can be farmed from the superbloom event, but the best way to farm them is through the emerald frenzy. The following up event after the Super Bloom and bear in mind that depending what quality the Superbloom and then you'll get more Dewdrops from the frenzy as a result.

10. Weekly Crate Quest

Aside from the worthy ally, there are some other weekly as well. One is tied to the professions and the other one with the superbloom public event. The professions one is basically consisting of two quests, you need to complete the first quest and then you'll get a follow-up one. The first quest asks for a delivery of one crate, you can craft it by creating any of items from the list, so no matter which one you end up choosing, they all lead up to the creation of one shipment of goods. You can buy all the ingredients for the auction house as well or you can farm them. Upon completing this quest, you will get 250 rep with the dream wardens and then she will offer another quest asking for 5 more. The second Quest also grants another 250 reputation, so that's a total of an easy 500 rep you can get every week. You can use your darkmoon fair buff as well for another extra 50 rep.

11. Weekly Superbloom Quest

The final weekly quest is called superbloom. Superbloom is a public event in the emerald dream which happens every hour on the hour. It's pretty straightforward what you have to do, you'll just be given a different series of tasks in assisting Sprucecrown until he reaches his final destination. The final task is always killing the primalist boss, so the weekly quest superbloom rewards a back which contains 1000 rep token. You can also save up your token for the anniversary buff to get even more reputation. 

Best Way to Min Max Dream Warden Rep in Dragonflight 10.2 Season 3 

You can make all of that double if you take advantage of the account perks. So the way this works is when you reach Renown level 10 with any character with the dream wardens, you will unlock 100% bonus reputation for all of the rest of your characters on the same account and that's until they reach level 10. So the best way to go at it is to start grinding all this reputation with your alt first. And the moment he reaches renown 10, you can then hop on back to your main and do all of that all over again. But this time you will get 100% more without doing any extra work. Save your tokens and treasures to use them with the anniversary buff and the 100% account perk and just think how much reputation you will get if you do that. That's a total of 119% extra reputation with these two extra reputation boosts. 

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