WoW Classic Season of Discovery Best Professions for BiS Gear & Gold | WoW SoD Profession Pick Guide

11/14/2023 11:53:50 AM

Choosing the right professions in WoW Season of Discovery can indeed be a challenging decision. There are several factors to consider, such as personal preference, class synergy, and gold-making potential. Here are some considerations and options to help you make an informed decision.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Best Profession Picking Guide

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Profession Changes & New Recipes

In WoW Classic Season of Discovery, there are some changes and updates to professions that aim to promote diversity and meaningful player choices. While the level cap is still 25, these changes lay the foundation for future profession updates as the game progresses to level 60.

  • Mining - Allows gathering of minerals and ores from mineral veins. Can learn recipes to craft bars, gem cutting tools, etc.

  • Blacksmithing - Craft weapons, armor, tools from metal bars. Requires mining materials.

  • Herbalism - Allows gathering of herbs and plants. Can craft potions, elixirs from gathered materials.

  • Alchemy - Craft potions, elixirs, poisons, flasks from herbs. Requires herbalism materials.

  • Skinning - Allows skinning of animal corpses for leather, hides, claws.

  • Leatherworking - Craft leather armor and off-hand items from animal skins/hides. Requires skinning materials.

  • Tailoring - Craft cloth armor and bandages from cloth materials.

  • First Aid - Craft bandages from linen cloth. Basic healing profession.

  • Cooking - Craft food to increase health/mana regeneration. Requires gathering of meat, fish, vegetables.

  • Fishing - Gather fish and aquatic critters from water sources.

Specialization Paths:

One proposed change is the introduction of specialization paths within each profession. For example, blacksmiths could choose to specialize in crafting exceptional armor, weapons, or even unique cosmetic items. This specialization would grant access to exclusive recipes and bonuses, encouraging players to invest time and effort into mastering specific aspects of their chosen profession.

New Profession Recipes:

The Season of Discovery introduces new profession recipes, including new wizard oils and sharpening stones. These new recipes provide additional options for players to enhance their gear and improve their performance.

Leveling Professions:

Professions in Season of Discovery can be leveled up to 225. The leveling progression is as follows:

0-10: Skill level cap of 75

10-20: Skill level cap of 150

20+: Skill level cap of 225

Engi Meta: The engineering profession, known for its versatility and usefulness, has been a dominant choice in Classic WoW. While the impact of professions may be limited at the level 25 cap, there are indications that Blizzard is aware of the profession imbalance and may address it in future updates.

Best Professions To Pick in WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 1

With the launch of Season of Discovery, players will be looking to choose professions that provide an edge in acquiring the new Best-in-Slot (BiS) gear through crafting as well as profitable gold-making opportunities. This guide analyzes the top professions and how each can be leveraged for character power progression and wealth accumulation.

1. Fishing

Fishing stands out as exceptionally beneficial in Phase 1. It can yield fruits like Mageweave that allow crafting the best low-level items. The locked chests have a huge loot table including rare recipes. Access to unusable materials sells well or disenchants into useful enchanting supplies. Overall, the money-making potential of gathering professions and their synergistic support of crafting makes them ideal picks for both BiS items and gold generation in Season of Discovery.

2. Blacksmithing

Blacksmiths will have access to many new epic plate armor patterns datamined from upcoming profession updates. Crafting these pieces has the potential to surpass even raid loot in power. Rare metal ores like Titanium Bar required for crafting sell extremely well as players aim to smith the new items. Smelting profitable bars from mined materials and selling high-end armor creates a money-making synergy.

3. Leatherworking

Much like blacksmithing, leatherworkers will be able to craft a vast array of powerful new leather armor kits. With enchanted skins like Heavy Clefthoof Hide in demand for patterns, gathering and processing leathers can turn a profit. Those seeking to craft the BiS gear for themselves or to sell at the auction house will pay top gold.

4. Tailoring

Tailors also benefit from a wealth of new cloth armor recipes to choose from. Arcane Threads and Silk needed to stitch the powerful robes and command high prices. Gathering linen and running Mageweave/Runecloth farming routes supplies materials for crafting valuable gear and cloth sale.

5. Herbalism/Mining

While not providing equipment directly, gathering professions are extremely useful to crafters. Herbalists gather ingredients for profitable potions/elixirs. Miners supply the ores blacksmiths need. Skinners deliver leather. All offer chances at secondary gold drops, and paired gathering maximizes earnings potential.

By selecting the right professions focused on crafting or utilizing gathering skills, players optimize efficiency towards the best gear while reaping gold benefits from crafted items and raw materials. Careful profession preparation allows outpacing others in obtaining purchasable BiS pieces through the generated income stream.