WoW Classic Season of Discovery Preparation: Best Tips For Each Class Leveling, Raid, PvP in WoW SoD Phase 1

11/17/2023 7:23:43 PM

In Season of Discovery, there are a ton of different class changes and new spells being added to the game, therefore we've decided to put together this guide with many different tips and tricks that you will find useful when you're either leveling, doing different Dungeons and raids, or maybe even PvP in Ashenvale.

WoW Classic SoD Preparation Guide - Tips & Macros For Each Class

With the launch of WoW Classic Season of Discovery comes major class changes and new abilities for every class. This guide covers essential tips and tricks for maximizing your effectiveness in both PvE and PvP content. Whether you're leveling, running dungeons and raids, or engaging in world PvP, these gameplay techniques will help you master your class and get the most out of the new systems in the Season of Discovery update.

WoW SoD Paladin Gameplay Tips

As a Paladin, you can now interrupt the target and prevent any spells in that school from being cast for the next two seconds. But sometimes you might not need to interrupt your current Target instead of another nearby one. We highly recommend you create a mouse over macro, this allows you to interrupt the target where your mouse is also placed. So even though we take the Warrior here then the mouse is placed on top of the Priest and we can then interrupt the next cast or heal.

Another rune we can also choose is the Divine Sacrifice - 30% of all the damage taken by party members within 30 yards will be redirected to the Paladin. In PVE, you can use this to get out of your bubble, that way you prevent the damage you should take but at the same time you still reduce the damage taken by the party member. In PvP, you should just use your Divine Sacrifice without a bubble, and that way you will take damage, and this you can use to break yourself out of any incoming CC for example a Polymorph.

Whenever a drop down to low Health then what we usually do is to quickly swap to a one-hand weapon and a shield and then start healing. When you do a combination like this then you'll have more armor because of the shield, so you'll reduce the melee damage you take and increase your chance of also surviving.

Paladin Macros

To quickly swap to your one-hand weapon and shield, you just make a macro like this:

  • /equip + the name of your one-hand weapon

  • /equip + the name of your shield

Now you just drag the macro down to your action bar together with your one-hand weapon as well and then you can easily swap in between the two different things.

Whenever you pull too many enemies, it's always a bad decision to stand still and cast a slow heal, you'll most likely get interrupted and knocked back and this will prevent you from doing the heal. Or when you finally cast the heal, you'll probably have taken more damage compared to the heating you receive. So it's way better to use a bubble and then cast your heal. Or maybe even if you were clever enough, you cast your bubble and then a bandage, that way you will save Mana and this Mana you can then spend on new spells.

WoW SoD Rogue Gameplay Tips

As a rogue, it's quite easy to do a one versus one but mastering a rogue where you take care of many things at the same time. For example, ceasing another Target or interrupting is something that will be important if you also wish to master this class.

When you're fighting a Target and if nearby Targets are about to get close to you, then you should use your distract, this you can use on targets, not in combat. So for example on a nearby Patrol, this move should give you enough time to finish off your current Target and then you can get back into stealth and make sure you get away without dying.

At the low level, you unlock Gouge. It will generate one combo point and CC the target for 4 seconds - enough time for you to manage to get some distance and use your range weapon. This trick can be very useful when you need to deal with a difficult Target.

But also in PvP as you can then Gouge make some distance or maybe even use one of the new runes like Quick Draw that allow you to use a pistol to slow the enemy's movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds and this also awards a combo point. So when you combine it together with Gouge and this, then you will generate a lot of combo points. And then you can use it together with a new finishing move - you can also learn from the Between the Eyes, this will do a range attack and even stun the enemy.

Rogue Mouseover Macros

A good Rogue knows how to deal with multiple targets at the same time not just in PvP but also in PVE. And just like earlier, we will use a mouseover macro to take care of this kind of thing:

  • Rogue Macro

  • /cast !Stealth

  • /cast Cheap Shot

With these Macros, when you have a main target, you still manage to deal with many other things on the other targets, there's nothing more annoying than accidentally spamming your stealth ability and then breaking your stealth.

WoW SoD Mages Gameplay Tips

Talking about Mages, one insane trick is to use an AOE ability whenever you just need to kill a specific enemy with a lot of other nearby enemies. When you do a trick like this, you will attack all of them at the same time and now you can just continue shooting at your main target and drag this away. Eventually, all of the remaining enemies will also start to evade. This is also known as split pulling, but it's only a possibility as long as a pole with an AoE spell. If you used a single Target spell then all of them will now be linked together and if we decide to attack the main target then the remaining will continue to attack you and chase you because all of them are linked together and will only evade at the exact same time.

Ice Lance is a new spell we can choose that does triple damage against Frozen targets, it's way better to use this spell together with a Frostbolt, so using an over and then a Frostbolt followed by an Ice Lance. By doing this combo, both spells will benefit from the target being frozen and have a way higher chance of critting, also known as a Shadow crit.

Mage Macros

As this class you have a ton of different ways to control the fight, therefore we also like to use a Mouse over Macro for the Polymorph but also counterspell:

/cast [@mouseover] polymorph

/cast [@mouseover] Counterspell

And when we combine this together with two add-ons OmniCC and BigDebuffs, then we can easily track the CC we have on all the different targets. So when we do PvP or PVE, then we can track the duration above the target's nameplate.

WoW SoD Druid Gameplay Tips

Whenever you get slowed rooted or snared, then you can just cast a new form, this will remove any of these effects. As a Durid, it's never a bad decision to level up first state when you get to low Health, you can root the enemy, make some distance, and then use your bandage. So when you're healing with your bandages, then you get mana, and this you can use to get back into cat form or bare form but now with a lot more Health.  In addition to this, as you're waiting for the Mana region, you can also swap to a weapon with spirit. So as you're leveling up and if you find any weapons with Spirit, then we would highly recommend you to keep these.

Whenever you are healing in a dungeon you place all your heal over time on the tank, and then either go into cat form and prowl or just use your Shadow Melt, because if you did this then you won't be in combat and you won't be CC by any nearby targets as they can't see you. Then when you break out of the stealth, you can continue healing and now with full Mana.

Druid Cat Form Macros

As a druid, we suggest you use a macro that will automatically turn you into cat form and also use your Prow ability. So instead of having to press different key binds, then just press one button and it will do everything and even prevent you from breaking your cat form or your stealth. If you would like this yourself, then all you need to do is set the following Macro Commands:

  • /cast [nostance:2] Cat Form

  • /cast [stance:2, nostealth, nocombat] !Prowl; !Prowl

In Season of Discovery, we can also get a new spell - Skull Bash, this will charge the enemy and prevent any spell in that skull from being cast for 2 seconds and it will of course also interrupt the spell cast, you might have to use this on another nearby Target but without having to swap your main target, so what you would do in this case would be to make a mouse over macro, so you at any given time quickly can interrupt your mouse over target.

WoW SoD Priest Gameplay Tips

Priest is one of the classes that will receive so many new spells in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. For example, Shadow Word: Death - an instant attack that will deal a high amount of damage and also damage to the priest if you don't manage to kill the target with the spell. The spell is so insane at least in PvP, mainly because you will take damage - so if a target is about to CC you for example with a Polymorph, then you can use Shadow Word: Death on the target, and because polymorph lands and there's a delay on the damage you take, then the damage will also break the polymorph effect

The next one is not only for Priest but for any player that uses a wand. When you get a new wand, it might be an upgrade but you have to remember that different enemies might be immune to different schools or have resistance, so even though you get a big upgrade we would highly recommend you always keep your previous wand just in case you have to fight an enemy with a lot of resistance.

Priest Wand Cast Macros

Talking about wands, then we would also highlight something that is quite annoying. If you spam your wand ability then it might also cancel the next shoot instead what you should do would be to make a macro:

  • /cast Ishoot

This is important because what you can now do is to spam this it will continue to cast your wand and try to cast it as fast as possible without canceling the next one.

WoW SoD Warrior Gameplay Tips

If you're not already familiar with hamstring kitting, then you have to learn it right now. When you're fighting an enemy in melee then the attack speed of that enemy might be a lot quicker compared to your slow two-hand weapon. So what you should be doing instead is to apply a hamstring and a rent and run away, and whenever your next Auto attack is ready then you will also be running into melee range. By doing this, you will prevent a lot of damage taken because if you're standing in melee range all the time, then you will take a lot of additional damage so just cut around apply your hamstring your rent, and do your auto attacks, and then kite again

After you end the fight, you might also be low on health but have a ton of extra rage, what you can do now is activate your Bloodrage to keep yourself in combat and generate even more rage. When you're in combat then you won't lose any of the rage you have generated already and then you can use a Bloodrage to heal yourself. Now you have a ton of Health, and a ton of rage, and you're ready to continue leveling.

Warrior Marcos

If you're ever about to die then swapping to a one-hand weapon and a shield and maybe even going into a defensive stance might save your character's life. Therefore we highly recommend you make a macro like this:

  • /equip + the name of your one-hand weapon

  • /equip + the name of your shield

Direct this down to your action bar and the next time you press on it, you will swap to your one-hand weapon and shield.

WoW SoD Shaman Gameplay Tips

If you're used to playing a Shaman then you might also know that you can stack all your totems on top of each other, this is honestly quite easy:

  • Earth Totem at the top right

  • Fire Totem at the top left

  • Water Totem at the bottom right

  • Air Totem at the bottom left

So now you also know what totem you need to spawn and how you need to move your character to place them on top of each other. In PvP, this is so useful, because when they're stacked together, it's also a lot more difficult to hit the right one. In the end, it could cause the other player to end up spending seconds to destroy the right totem, enough time for you to either get away or do a lot of damage.  Your Searing Totem can also be a worst nightmare, if there's a nearby enemy as it will most likely start casting, if it's about to do this then we would highly recommend you to spawn another one and continue to do this until you're out of range.

Shaman Macros

Shamans will receive so many different changes, being able to play as an Elemental Shaman with the new spell Lava Burst that will always crit if you have a Flame Shock on the target. To make sure you never forget to apply your Flame shock, we would highly recommend you to make a cast sequence macro:

  • /castsequence Flame Shock, Lava Burst

So that will use your Flame Shock followed by your Lava Burst and it will always do this of course you should always keep your Flame Shock and your Lava Burst ability on your action bars, but this is just one button and then you'll do both things.

WoW SoD Warlock Gameplay Tips

Fear is one of your best CC abilities but it can also be so deadly if the enemy is running around and accidently pulling a lot more. You can avoid this from happening simply by using your Curse of Recklessness. You might notice the target is still feared but because of this curse, it will ignore the fear effect. The moment you then swap to another curse, then the fear will once again be applied or will continue from the remaining seconds and then you can just cast another fear, and whenever it's about to pull another enemy then you just apply your Curse of Recklessness.

Warlock Macros

You have heard of cast sequence before in this guide, but we would also like to use this as a Warlock. You will have many different ways to apply damage over time effects to your target, but instead of having to press many different key bindings, you can just make a cast sequence macro like this:

  • /castsequence Corruption, Curse of Agony

So by just pressing one button, you can apply all your dots to a target and then adjust the swap to another enemy and do the same procedure.

As a warlock, you also have your Rain of Fire ability and this can be so useful when you just need to deal with one specific enemy. So if there are a lot of enemies close to each other then you can pull with your Rain of Fire. and then the target you need to kill you just apply your dot to. Because you attacked all of these at the same time with your AoE ability, then they're no longer linked together and at some point, all the enemies you don't attack will also evade.

WoW SoD Hunter Gameplay Tips

As a hunter, you can now specifically only play as a melee hunter or well-build your character to deal a lot of damage in melee.

Hunter macros

As a hunter, you unlock different aspects, but instead of having to prisk different key bindings to activate these, you can also make a cast sequence macro. So if you have two favorite aspects then you just add them into the macro:

  • /cast !eagle eye

  • /castsequence Aspect of the Cheetah, Aspect of the Hawk

Whenever you are in one of these, the other one will appear on the icon, so the current icon on your action bar will also be the aspect you swap to if you press the keybind.

Hunter Weapon Skills

In WoW Classic Season of Discovery, weapon training will still be a thing, so you need to level up your weapon skills. A quick way to do this is just to spam your Wing Clip - an instant attack that doesn't require that much Mana, but because it's instant it also allows you to level up your weapon skill a lot quicker.

Eyes of the Beast - At level 14, you unlock Eyes of the Beast, this is where you can control your pet and see it from their perspective. This can be so good in case there are a ton of enemies and you would only like to just pull one specific one, once you have pulled it you will just move your pet back to your position and you can now take care of it without having to deal with all the other ones.

Eagle Eye - Another useful low-level spell is Eagle Eye, where you can pretty much scout an area, but the thing is that you can only use this spell once then you will be taken back to your original location. But this can easily be changed with a macro: /cast !eagle eye

What you can now do is to scout all over the place. If you press it once, you will be taken to an area, and when you press it once again you can just continue scouting without being taken back to your Hunter's location.

So that's also about it for these tricks for each class, hopefully, that will help you enjoy better gameplay in WoW Classic Season of Discovery!