Season of Discovery DPS Tier List (Phase 1) - Best DPS Classes & Specs Ranked in WoW Classic SoD

11/22/2023 10:19:07 AM

With many class reworks and new abilities to experiment with, determining the top damage dealers is no easy task in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery phase 1. Read the WoW Classic Season of Discovery PvE DPS tier list for phase 1, We'll rank the best DPS class and specs for level 25.


WoW Classic Season of Discovery Best DPS - SoD DPS Tier List & Ranking Level 25

All classes seem well balanced with minor differences in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. Gear will make a huge impact at these lower levels too. As a scarce top DPS, you'll be in high demand for content. Groups will want your firepower and may be more likely to bring you along. Dealing big numbers means you'll qualify for loot upgrades more readily. This accelerates your gear progression early on. Next, let’s dive into our WoW Classic SoD DPS tier list, we’ll cover the best talents and runes for each character class in their best DPS spec because some classes have various options.


SoD DPS Tier List Phase 1

S Tier

  • Warlock

For Warlock, the WoW Classic SoD best DPS spec is Destruction which focuses on reducing cast times and boosting damage over time effects. With new strong abilities added via runes, Warlocks could be top contenders rivaling Hunters so place them in S tier.


  • Hunter

For Hunter, Marksmanship is the best WoW Season of Discovery DPS specs that will deal the most damage in PvE. Choose talents to reduce mana cost, and increase crit chance and damage. The pet will already be dealing good damage at this level. With strong gear, Hunters could be top DPS so we place them in S tier.


  • Mage

For Mage, Fire seems strongest DPS spec in WOW Classic SoD but Arcane may also be good. Choose talents to reduce cast time and increase damage over time effects. The runes are Burnout for crit damage and Living Bomb which is essential. Mana may be an issue depending on gear. With good mana sustain, Mages could also be S tier.


  • Paladin

For Paladin, Retribution is the clear DPS choice that got buffed damage, crit chance and added a new ability via talents. The runes add another attack and buff existing ones. Paladins will depend heavily on strong two-handed weapons. Therefore, with top gear, they could be S tier DPS specs in SOD DPS tier list but may start slightly lower.


A Tier

  • Priest

Priest, Shadow is the WoW Classic Season of Discovery best DPS spec. Because they got buffed damage over time spells, damage reduction, and crit chance. The runes add area damage and spreading damage over time effects. Priests are slightly below Hunters/Mages due to talent constraints but still very good.


  • Druid

Feral will be better than Balance for DPS initially, though Balance may end up stronger. For Feral, choose the talents that reduce energy costs and increase critical strike chance. The best runes are Wildstrike for extra attacks on Mangle, and Primal Wrath for damage and movement speed. Factoring this in, Druids will provide good support buffs but may not top meters so we place them in B Tier on this SoD DPS tier list for pure damage.


  • Rogue

For Rogues, Assassination is the best DPS with a focus on damage, poison chance, and crits. The runes boost damage further. Rogues may struggle slightly due to reliance on daggers which won't have top end gear yet so we place them in A tier for now on the Season of Discovery DPS ranking.


B Tier

  • Shaman

For Shaman, we chose Enhancement over Elemental for now due to talent options. However, they also rely heavily on weapon damage which may hold them back from the top. They’re slightly below main damage dealers but still strong.


  • Warrior

Warriors will deal solid damage but without great support buffs. Choose Arms for leveling because they got buffed crit chance, rage generation and damage. Warriors have potential but may start slightly below the top classes. A tier seems fair for now based on these early predictions.

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