How to Get Uber Unique Fast in Diablo 4 Season 2 - D4 Helltide Cinders Farming Guide

11/27/2023 10:31:11 AM

Uber Uniques are the rarest and most powerful items in Diablo 4. They have unique effects that can drastically change your build and gameplay. In Season 2, one of the best ways to farm Uber Uniques is through Helltide events and by collecting Helltide Cinders. This guide will provide you with the necessary steps to efficiently farm Uber Uniques in Diablo 4 Season 2.

How to Get Uber Unique Fast in Diablo 4 Season 2 - D4 Helltide Cinders Farming Guide

Recently, there had a hot fix drop for Diablo 4 that made some very interesting and extremely welcome changes most notably being an increase in the living steel drops during hell tide. Both increasing the number dropped from a living steel chest specifically up from 3 to 5, making every chest at minimum give you enough to summon great war once and they also gave a chance to even drop 10 on these, making them quite a bit more valuable than they were before this hot fix. On top of that, they made it so anytime you open any of the hell tide chest, you get one living steel no matter what which has quite some strong implications on its own. But why is all of this actually important? The main reason is Uber unique, because living steel is required to summon grigoire, grigoire drops shards of agony and shards of agony are required to summon duriel, who has around a 2% drop rate on these Uber unique. As a result, a large majority of the currently active high level community for the game just wants to farm durial as much as possible before the abattoir of zir comes out in December to test our metal. As a result, you can easily say that your ability to farm as much durial as possible is more reliant on the efficiency of your hell tide farming than anything else. So let's talk about how to efficiently farm living steel to give yourself more attempts at an Uber unique especially now that it's actually worth properly going into farming hell tide as there's a lot more living steel that you can get in each one. There are 2 steps on how to get Cinders and how to spend your Cinders.

Best Ways to Get Cinders in Diablo 4 Season 2

- The most efficient way to get Cinders as of this moment in Season 2 is to simply run around the map, killing things like a chaotic monster. During Season 1, they bumped up monster density and act hell tide zones and it has helped quite a significant amount. The actual Cinder drop rate has been buffed a couple of times as well and with that combination, it really is ideal to just wander from pack to- pack of enemies killing everything. You can do it with the goal of just going from event area to event area killing everything along the way as far as pure Cinders, some events are worth doing, some of them are not, basically just ask yourself if the event involves killing a lot of enemies. 

- Waves of Darkness, Jar of Souls, Blood Siphons, these ones are generally quite time efficient for Cinders because it just throws enemies at you endlessly until you complete the objective. And for Jar of Souls specifically it's worth noting if you have any range at all, the trick is just stand still killing things for 90% of the timer ignoring the souls that the game just keeps spawning more and more enemies for you. Then in the last 10 to 15 seconds of the event, just walk in a circle to collect everything and still get the completion. So basically events with lots of enemies stick around for, otherwise, continue your path just carving through every enemy on your way to different event spawn areas. Also if there is ever a legion event in your hell tide zone, you should always do it. These reward obscene amounts of cinders per time spent which really boost your efficiency.

- Anywhere from 1,800 to 2200 Cinders per helltide is your goal and it's definitely achievable. And that number has quite a bit of variance, but it basically depends both on the area that helltide is in as some regions just have more densely packed enemies than others and also your build. As far as build if you want to really go out of your way for it for hell tide you want something with significant burst group clearing ability with minimal cooldowns in between. it's sort of obvious as the whole idea is to just go around blasting packs without slowing down, but is worth mentioning as for example a ball lightning sorcerer is sort of the peak of all this and that's the build capable of hitting 2200 an hour, but even someone not built for it should be able to hit 1800 relatively consistently and easily basically if you're getting somewhere between 300 and 400 Cinders for every 10 minutes of time that you spend in helltide, you're doing a good job.

- And for reference, Legion Events can easily get you that much in half of that time and if a world boss spawn happens to overlap with helltide as well, that is also worth about 60 Cinders for quite a small amount of time spent considering how strong the average player is in World tier 4 these days. So both of these activities are a really strong boost to have if they happen to overlap with your helltide in a nice way. And if you get either one of these happening, the rare situation where both of them overlap in a helltide, even a more average build can hit 410 minutes if not higher for that time period by a good amount. 

There isn't much complexity as to how to farm Cinders as fast as possible past that though, you'll get a feel for the more dense areas of helltide, the more that you do this which makes it better the more that you practice these methods and know where you want to hang out. But it is just kill as many enemies in as little time as you can, go between event spawn areas to see what they are, but only stick around if they're ones that are worth it, ones that spawn large numbers of enemies. Otherwise, it just isn't worth your time if you're after pure Cinders. Always interact with gathering nodes as well in helltide as they can drop Cinders during it, especially fiends roses and screaming hell veins which are helltide specific gathering nodes that are guaranteed to drop some Cinders for pretty much no effort at all on top of a bunch of other good stuff.

Opening chest and the best way to use your Cinders within a helltide to get as much living steel as possible:

- The vast majority of helltides spawn regions, there will be two living steel chests active at any given time. Each of these cost 300 Cinders and in return will give you a pile of crafting materials and elixir. as well as five living steel guaranteed, with a chance at dropping double that amount, and giving you 10. That chance at dropping double is the main reason that these are a really big focus above all else. The one exception to the rule is the helltide has a chance of spawning 3 active living steel chests instead of 2 at a time, which makes this area the most valuable one to farm if it does pop up. 

- On top of this, chest spawns reset at the top of every hour, so how many chests you are able to open depends on what time your helltide begins. If it starts at the half hour mark, that gives you a lovely 30 minutes to open the first two chests that originally spawn, then 30 minutes to open the fresh spawn for another two chests after the reset. The same goes for if hell tide starts on the 15 minute marker. 

- The only particularly bad results are if hell TI starts on a 45 or right at the top of an hour. The first of those not give you a whole lot of time to get your first two chest sorted, and the proper on the hour spawn not even get a reset within its timer which makes it a bit of an issue. Before the recent fixed in the event of a badly timed spawn, you just had to live with not getting much living seal, you'd get what you could and then you'd leave. But now that is not quite the case, because every single chest within hell tide guaranteed to drop one living steel as a base, which means even once you work through your proper living steel chest, you can still keep farming for more living steel if you want to. As a result, the recommendation is to gather enough senders to open your living steel chest whether you have a bad spawn and that's only 600 Cinders you can spend, or you have a perfect spawn in kesan and that's 1,500 Cinders before you wind up able to open 5 chests. Those are your priority regardless of how many you are able to actually open, you want to do those first and so that is your focus. Once that is done though, you don't have to stop farming if you want more living steel. 

- The cheapest chest that you can open in any helltide is an armor chest or a ring chest at 75 cost a piece. Each of these also gives you 1 living steel now. 5 of these cheap chests together cost 375 Cinders total and rewards you with the same base amount of 5 living steel total as the 300 chests on top of also giving you a nice little pile of legendaries.