FC 24 Winter Wildcard SBC Tier List - Best Winter Wildcard Player in FC 24

1/5/2024 5:06:37 PM

The discussion part of this tier list is going to be very important to listen to, we wanted to make this list because some people usually ask for an Inception, we tell you the pros and cons of a card, and then when you use it, so he's good in this and he's bad in this, so this is what we're willing to do. For cheap and fast reliable FC 24 coins check out MTMMO.

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FC 24 Winter Wildcard SBC Tier List - Best Winter Wildcard Player in FC 24

S Tier

  • S Tier: Havertz - LB - 87 OVR

  • S Tier: Balotelli - ST - 86 OVR

  • S Tier: Gabriel Martinelli - RW - 89 OVR

He's genuinely really good in the side positions, he has good attacking AI he has good dribbling very explosive with the skill moves.

  • S Tier: Gullit - CM - 89 OVR

The card is still pretty good to use in game right, but 2.5 million good because at the end of the day he is a taller player and you do have to consider those things, he has the five-star weak foot to work with right.


A Tier

  • A Tier: Del Piero - CAM - 91 OVR

The still card is still good in-game okay in game, it's still a good card, it's still enjoyable to use, but a gaping thin that they did to him that we did not like right was removing finesse shot plus. It more for the center mids and stuff if you ever had it on cards that even have the regular version law passes with those players guys is incredibly helpful to have, it's less helpful to have in the main attacking positions, but it's still okay to have.

  • A Tier: Alisson - CM - 90 OVR

It's still a decent card, it's not a horrible card, he didn't really feel more special in one thing over the other the shop power was definitely the special thing that you noticed but it's still an okay card to use, the pricing is little bit crazy.

  • A Tier: Wright - RW - 9 OVR

It's probably his best version that he's ever had in FIFA right, and this is going to be a common occurrence when it comes to me comparing the winter Wild Card cards from the SBCs because they always added a variable where they're like this feels like a gaping thing that's missing.

  • A Tier: Moore - CB - 91 OVR

Whenever you manually defend with these types of players, it's always fun to manually defend with them because of anticipate plus, you actually feel like you can play the game, sometimes don't get possession based challenges.

  • A Tier: Stones - CDM - 89 OVR

You could still use it in the CDM position still going to help you especially for people that spam those those ball roll treas and stuff, it would definitely be kind of Saucy especially in the pace Department specifically to improve.

  • A Tier: Hemandez - ST - 88 OVR

Hemandez is is good value, it's really good, if you don't have the top tier Strikers, you've been playing the game since the very beginning, if you are getting into the game and you need an icon to help you out with links in your team while still working with a decent Striker.

  • A Tier: Trezeguet - CM - 88 OVR

For people getting into the game as a 100K SBC is okay value,  because you're probably going to have better midfielders up until this point but for people who are getting into the game right who need the link UPS in their team for a decent midfielder because he's still okay to use.


B Tier

  • B Tier: Suker - LW - 89 OVR

  • B Tier: Keane - LB - 88 OVR


C Tier

  • C Tier: Immobile - ST - 88 OVR

  • C Tier: Diatta - RM - 86 OVR

  • C Tier:Mbabu - RB - 85 OVR

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