How to Get a Free 91 Rated Glitched Card in EA FC 24

1/12/2024 4:00:26 PM

There is a 91 rated card that EA do not want you to have and cost zero coins in FC 24.


Rico Lewis is going to be the player of choice here, he's 7.4k in the market, he's rapidly rising in price thanks to this new glitch, and to be honest, he's got a very desirable card with the evolution because he becomes an amazing card, with that card, what you want to do is go over to evolutions and scroll down to the Like a Rock Evolution, and this is where you'll be putting Rico Lewis into this Evolution, he fits the criteria pretty much perfectly there, you apply him to this and start that Evolution, once you start this Evolution, all you need to do is simply complete the Like a Rock Evolution he goes to this card which is 75 rating, keep that in mind the 75 rating, there is crucial for the next part, so now you've got this 7 5 rated Rico Lewis in the club, what do you do next.


Once you've completed that 75 rate Evolution for Rico Lewis can do by the way complete this Evolution like a rock, you then want to take Rico Lewis to growth spurt one, he'll go to 88, however, this is where you need to listen closely, with gross SP to get this card to 91, all you need to do is complete all of these objectives for growth SP one, but do not claim, the a 8 rated card at level three, specifically level three, so you should be left with this 83 rated card that is the way that you're going to be able to get this 91 rated card, key note about this as well when you get to complete growth spur one and you still haven't claimed it, make sure that you let this growth spur one expire, so do not claim anything from growth spur one, once you completed it leave it unclaimed wait for it to expire which we believe is in 10 days, you got to wait 10 days, a 91 rated card in 10 days please like a mini Team of the Year let it expire leave it unclaimed then once you've got the new card which should be 83 rating, with the 83 rated card that you've got from the gross for Evo level two and you've left the whole Evolution overall unclaimed take that card into Crossing Crusader and then he will actually become a 91 rated card, you can claim all of those objectives guys from Crossing Crusader as well this is honestly a crazy glitch but it's seriously easy to follow with this new tutorial, it's super simple.

How to Get a Free 91 Rated Glitched Card in EA FC 24:

1. Complete “Like a Rock”.

2. Complete “Growth Spurt” but do not claim step 3.

3. Wait for Growth Spurt Evo To Expire.

4. Use the card claimed in step 2 into “crossing crusader”.

5. Complete “Crossing Crusader” and claim all. 

Guess you ask