FC 24 TOTY Promo: Release Date, Squads, Fire & Ice Leaks, Market Crash

1/3/2024 5:59:19 PM

There is news that Team of the Year is confirmed to be the biggest Team of the Year that we've seen in FIFA yet. So today we are going to talk about it, the release time, player squads, market crash, and then talk about Fire and Ice leaks. And we are starting to see some of the higher end cards start to be panic sold right now, so we'll talk about that as well. 

FC 24 TOTY Promo: Release Date, Squads, Fire & Ice Leaks, Market Crash

The TOTY (Team of the Year) promo is an exciting event in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team that aims to commemorate the players who had exceptional performances throughout the calendar year. These players are selected based on their outstanding performances, skill, and impact on their respective teams during the previous calendar year. Here’s everything about FC 24 Team of the Year. 

When Will Team of the Year Come Out - FC 24 TOTY Release Date 

The release date for the EA FC 24 Team of the Year (TOTY) has not been officially confirmed by EA Sports. However, there have been some leaks and predictions regarding the start date of the TOTY event. 

- First players: 19th January

- Full Team Release: 26th January

- TOTY Voting (Women and Men's first XI): 8th January

FC 24 TOTY Squads

TOTY will have 2 full teams, one for men and one for women, 24 TOTY cards. They're all going to be in packs at once, that also means we're probably going to get nominees. 

EA FC 24 Men's TOTY Predictions

It's going to be probably really hard to guess the entire team, there's obvious ones Haaland, Mbappe, and Messi will be obvious just because of the fact that he won the Ballom d’Or which is technically this year even though the World Cup was last year so we'll still get it for this year. Rodri’s a guarantee to be in it.

  • Marc-Andre Ter Stegen - GK - Barcelona and Germany

  • Kyle Walker - RB - Manchester City and England

  • Ruben Dias - CB - Manchester City and Portugal

  • Eder Militao - CB - Real Madrid and Brazil

  • Theo Hernandez – LB - AC Milan and France

  • Rodri - CDM - Manchester City and Spain

  • Kevin De Bruyne - CM - Manchester City and Belgium

  • Jude Bellingham - CM - Real Madrid and England

  • Lionel Messi - CF - Inter Miami and Argentina

  • Erling Haaland - ST - Manchester City and Norway

  • Kylian Mbappe – ST - Paris Saint-Germain and France

EA FC 24 Women's TOTY predictions

  • Mary Earps - GK - Manchester United and England 

  • Olga Carmona - LB - Real Madrid and Spain 

  • Irene Paredes - CB - Barcelona and Spain

  • Millie Bright CB - Chelsea and England

  • Fridoline Roflo - LB - Barcelona and Sweden

  • Lena Oberdorf - CDM - Wolfsburg and Germany

  • Aitana Bonmati - CM - Barcelona and Spain - 98

  • Patricia Guijarro - CM - Barcelona and Spain

  • Caroline Graham Hansen – RW - Barcelona and Norway

  • Alexandra Popp - ST - Wolfsburg and Germany

  • Sam Kerr - ST - Chelsea and Australia

What Can We Expect for FC 24 TOTY?

- Mens TOTY

- Womens TOTY

- Icons TOTY

- TOTY Honourable Mentions

As always, a bunch of themed SBCs and Objectives will be released, and we could receive some TOTY Evolutions during the promo as well.

FC 24 Versus Promo - Fire & Ice Leaks

The EA FC 24 Versus promo brought alternate versions of select players to Ultimate Team, with each player getting a ‘Fire’ and ‘Ice’ variant. Both variants offered boosts to different stats to make them stand apart. The start date for the FC 24 Versus promo has not been officially confirmed by EA Sports. However, leaks suggest that it could potentially kick off on January 5, 2024

Here are leaked Fire Versus Ice players:.

  • Eduardo Camavinga - CDM - 83

  • Neymar - LW - 93

  • Kinglsey Coman - RW - 88

  • Trippier - RB - 88

FC 24 Market Watch & Fodder for TOTY, Fire & Ice - FC 24 Fire & Ice Market Crash

Ronaldo has dropped a lot over the last 24 hours. 8.1 on Sunday night, 7.9 on Monday morning and now he's down to like 6.8, he was 6.5 earlier. We're seeing some of the real expensive markets start to drop, gold Mbappe is down 100,000 coins at least right now, he is 1699K. Team of the Year being confirmed, people are always going to start to panic self around this time. Bocha by the way got the upgrades, so she's even better now. There are some real panic on the market, but we'll see a big market rise after Team of the Year. When Team of the Year is out like during that week, we always see a market rise. Once Team of the Year leaks really start to happen, we can see some more stuff going on, a fodder is starting bounce back, a teeny bit 85s are not 4000, but 88s are up like a couple thousand, now they were 15K at their lowest, 87s were like 9 and a half at their lowest, they're up 1,000 coins, 89s are up, they were indeed way too low. If you did buy some yesterday, you're already looking pretty good at the more expensive ones, the lower ones are not really moving too much yet. They're going to be good buys. When a promo team drops on a Friday, you can do it because this is such an extreme, and Fire and Ice probably won't be that hyped up. In terms of store packs that are tradable, we don't think we'll see a gigantic influx of fodder.

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