FC 24 TOTY Market Crash - Should You Sell & Buy Your Players Now

1/9/2024 6:01:50 PM

As the TOTY event approaches, players start selling their cards, leading to a decrease in prices. This article will guide you through the market trends during the FC 24 Team of the Year period and provide insights on the best time to buy and sell your cards.

FC 24 TOTY Market Crash - Should You Sell & Buy Your Players Now

Team of the Year is an annual promotion in FIFA Ultimate Team that recognizes the best performing players from the past calendar year. The buzz and packed nature surrounding TOTY each January has a major impact on the FUT transfer market. In the weeks leading up to the official launch, prices on virtually all high-rated gold and special cards begin to decline as players look to sell off assets and bank coins ahead of the crash. So which players will you invest for TOTY 2024? Today we are going to be talking about the market, we're going to talk about Team of the Year promo, and when should you sell your team to make FC 24 Coins.

What Happens to Market During FC 24 TOTY?

- Market Crash: The release of TOTY can cause a market crash similar to Black Friday. This means there may be a significant drop in prices for most non-inform players. It is advisable to sell these players before TOTY arrives to take advantage of the price trend and buy them back at a lower price to earn more coins.

- Increased Supply: The TOTY release period sees a spike in supply as special 99-rated TOTY player items for the selected 15 players are released into FUT packs for a limited time. This increased supply can lead to a decrease in the value of certain players.

- Rarity and Value: TOTY cards are extremely rare and valuable due to their low pack weight. They have boosted stats compared to their base versions, with overall upgrades of around +10-15. These cards have 99 ratings in key stats.

- Pack Offers and Promos: During TOTY, there are new promo SBCs, objectives, and pack offers in FUT to celebrate the event. This can further impact the market as players engage in these promotions

FC 24 TOTY Market Crash Best Time to Buy & Sell

Team of the Year voting does begin today, and other than that, leaks and news there's pretty much nothing, and let's talk about the market briefly here as well today because a couple things happened. If you bought fodder, it's going up. Some players bought 88s, the other day they were 15K, they're the cheapest, they've been in years and they're 20K already, you don't even need to sell yet. 87s are up, 89s are up, a lot of 90s are up, 86 is even up about a thousand. So if you had fodder, some of the higher rated stuff, it's doing great. There's a couple nice tips shared by ELYYT: Sell if you haven’t yet, and be patient while the market crashes over the next 10 days. The market is just going to be in limbo for all of this time and usually, you're just going to see the floor drop out from under it, it's just a matter of time. 

FC 24 TOTY Market Crash

When is the Best Time to Buy?

If you are not a suitor of TOTY or don't have enough Coins to invest in TOTY, but you want icons, special cards, or high-rated players to improve your team, then mid-week before or on TOTY reveal day offers the lowest buy points. Top players can be acquired 50% or more below normal rates. Pack-based promos also drive more undercuts.

When is the Best Time to Sell?

If you have high-value players, it might be a good idea to sell them before the panic selling begins. The best time to sell your players is typically a week before the TOTY release. This is when the market is expected to be at its lowest point due to the weekend sell-off before the TOTY event. Selling your players during this period can help you maximize your profits.

FC 24 TOTY Investments & How to Prepare for Team of the Year FC 24?

- Stock Up on Low-Budget Meta Cards: Buy popular gold meta players pre-crash when they're cheap. Sell 1-2 weeks later as prices rise due to high demand.

- Invest in High-End Meta: Players like Mbappe, Vinicius Jr. and Benzema will hold value well. They're good long-term investments due to scarcity.

- Stock up on Coins: Have max coins available to take advantage of deals. Rinse and repeat the above strategies to build your coin balance. Another option is to buy coins, which can be used to buy players and complete SBCs.

- Stack Packs: Many players like to stack packs in anticipation of the Team of the Year promo. This involves saving packs from various game modes, such as Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and Drafts, and not opening them until the Team of the Year is released. This increases your chances of packing high-rated Team of the Year players.

- Sell any expensive cards: Sell your high-value cards ahead of the TOTY market crash and use the coins to purchase a large number of certain cards when prices are at their lowest during the crash.

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