WoW Dragonflight Season 4 Gearing Guide - Best Alt Gearing for S4 in WoW

4/12/2024 10:36:28 AM

Welcome back to another season and our last season of Dragonflight!


About WoW Dragonflight S4 M+

Touching quickly on what S4 of Dragonflight will look like M+:


      - Dungeon Drops

           - Champion (1/8) gear

           - Drake crests

      - Vault Awards

           - Hero (1/6) gear

+2 -> +5

      - Dungeon Drops

           - Champion (2/8) for +2

           - Champion (3/8) for +3 and +4

           - Champion (4/8) for +5

           - Wyrm crests

      - Vault Awards

           - Hero (2/6) for +2 and +3

           - Hero (3/6) for +4 and +5

+6 -> +7

      - Dungeon Drops

           - Champion (4/8) for +6

           - Hero (1/6) for +7

           - Aspect Crests

      - Vault Awards

           - Hero (4/6)

+8 -> +10

      Dungeon Drops

           - Hero (1/6) for +8

           - Hero (2/6) for +9 and +10

           - Aspect crests

      - Vault Awards

           - Myth (1/4) for +8 and +9

           - Myth (2/4) for +10


What To Do Week 1

We will look into one of the newer systems that has been reintroduced, Bullions - formerly known as Dinar during the previous fated season. We recommend WAITING until after you open Week 2's vault IF YOU ARE UNSURE. Some classes might have a no-brainer - Lego axe, Hunter bow, classes like this may not need to think twice but SIM YOUR CHARACTER BEFORE BUYING.


1. With the launch, we would recommend first starting with clearing Mythic dungeons AFTER YOU PICK UP THE BULLION QUEST. The M0 dungeons will drop:

   - Dungeon: Champion (1/8)

   - Drake Crests

   - Vault: Hero (1/6)

This will be an easy way to cap out your Drake crests and maybe get a few pieces for your character. This will be important because this will allow you to upgrade your Awokened item:

   - Awakened (1-12) -> (4/12)

   - Very Rare Awokened (1-14) -> (4/14)


2. Next, we would just prioritize farming keys between +2 -> +5. These will award

   - Dungeon: Champion (2/8) -> (4/8)

   - Wyrm crests

      - Vault: Hero (2/6) -> (3/6)


3. After you are roughly 496-497, we would step into the Mega Dungeon and try to get as far as you can. It is also important to note that it should award you with a minimum of Hero track gear from the vault, but there is a chance it will be Myth track gear. We will later confirm this.


4. If LFR is available, we would highly recommend this as it will give you S3 Mythic level gear and also help you out with obtaining an early and powerful vault.


5. Crafted gear can be made early on and will be very powerful, especially with that extra little push when dealing with


Lastly, we would go back to try and fill your vault with as many +8's as possible to fill up your vault with Myth gear. Not including raid due to some people doing splits or running multiple characters


Alt Gearing

Hopefully, this should help give a little direction when going through the first few weeks on your mains. In regards to your alts, or new characters that you will level up, here are some new and nice ways to very quickly gear up, especially if you have a group to run with — ALT GEARING TLDR:

1. World Events

This should award Champion gear for the weekly. Dreamsurge weekly quest, Timerift, Valdraken weekly quest, and filler gear with Dreamsurge Coalesce should get you ready for part 2 with filler Vet year.

ALL world events and World Quests have been updated to give Adventurer our Veteran gear and will be worth looking at


2. Mythic dungeons

Not only will this give your a decent boost in power, but it will also give you crests that can be used for your Awakened piece. With full M+ gear, there the next spot I would try and get into would be the Mega Dungeon or any of the raids


3. Dawn of the Infinite

This should boost your power up quite a bit, as well as give you a lovely vault. At the minimum of doing it once a week will give you a full vault that can give some gear that you might be hoping on to for quite a while.


This helps create some forward progress for the coming season and provides guidance for things you might want to do. Having a group or guild makes this a lot easier and more enjoyable in the long run. If there are characters you are wanting to level, now is the time to do it as the storm events across the isles will take you from 60 -> 70 in roughly 2 hrs without the Dreamsurge buff.