WoW Dragonflight Season 4 M+ (Mythic Plus) Tier List: Best DPS, Tank & Healer Ranked

4/12/2024 3:56:01 PM

This tier list for WoW Dragonflight Season 4 M+ highlights the strongest tanks, healers, and DPS specs to play for Mythic Plus, and also presents some options that need some buffs or improvements. 

WoW Dragonflight Season 4 M+ Tier List: Ranking the Best DPS, Tank & Healer for Mythic Plus 

Combining the spec abilities and raid buffs, below is a WoW Dragonflight Season 4 tier list for ranking DPS, healer, and tank specs in terms of Mythic Plus, with some best picks to go with. Choose from the tons of classes and specs, which would be the real meta for the upcoming Season 4 M+ in Dragonflight? 

1. S Tier: Vengeance Demon Hunter (Tank), Shadow Priest (DPS), Fire Mage (DPS)

In the S tier, we have three candidates to compete in the top positions, what sets them apart from others? 

- Vengeance Demon Hunter is predicted to be one of the best tanks in Season 4 Mythic Plus due to its high AOE and single target DPS, excellent self-healing and survivability, and strong interrupts for some affixes. 

- Shadow Priest is one of the top-tier DPS for S4 M+, offering consistent damage output and good utility, also gets strong synergy with raid buffs. 

- Another S-tier DPS is going to be Fire Mage, what makes it ranked here are the similar advantages as Shadow Priest plus decent self-preservation abilities. 

2. A Tier: Destruction Warlock (DPS), Demonology Warlock (DPS), Augmentation Evoker (DPS), Devastation Evoker (DPS), Balance Druid (DPS), Restoration Druid (Healer), Mistweaver Monk (Healer), Preservation Evoker (Healer)

- Warlock is going to be stronger in Season 4 Mythic + than in Season 3, Destruction and Demonology Warlock both have the potential to be meta due to their high damage output, especially in the first pull of dungeons. Destruction edges out slightly due to consistent Imp utility. However, a lack of healing synergy and reliance on openers may hold Warlocks back from the S-tier. 

- MW Monk is considered an extremely strong healer and can effectively heal any content in the game. They have a powerful ability that can instantly heal everyone with just one button press. Benefits from the legendary item make them better in the next season. Their performance in the Brackenhide Hollow dungeon is noteworthy, showcasing their effectiveness in challenging situations.

- The three specs of the Evoker class are all A-tier choices, Augmentation provides big raid buffs, it also allows healers and tanks to survive high damage phases, and excels at keeping the party alive.  Devastation has good single target and cleave damage and also gets the legendaries and set bonuses.  

- The adaptive toolkit makes Restoration Druid strong in almost any situation, they also provide Mark of the Wild raid buff.

3. B Tier: Guardian Druid (Tank), Protection Paladin (Tank), Protection Warrior (Tank), Outlaw Rogue, Retribution Paladin (DPS), Windwalker Monk (DPS), Havoc Demon Hunter (DPS), Frost Death Knight (DPS), Enhancement Shaman (DPS), Feral Druid (DPS), Unholy Death Knight (DPS), Subtlety Rogue (DPS), Survival Hunter (DPS), Frost Mage (DPS), Arcane Mage (DPS), Elemental Shaman (DPS), Beast Mastery Hunter (DPS)

- Guardian Druid: while not able to compete directly with top meta VDH, Guardian possesses formidable strengths. Strong mitigation and balanced survivability make them an excellent alternative tank choice. Providing a raid buff while still maintaining competitive damage and self-management, Guardian brings great all-around utility. Capable of timing high keys with the right group.

- Prot & Ret Paladin: Because of the loss of tier set from S3, and the unique utility of the Paladin’s one-minute attack is no longer exclusive, Paladins have been somewhat suppressed in Season 4, in addition, the new season focuses more on healing over time rather than burst healing, making them less useful, but still competitive. 

- Prot Warrior: slightly insufficient in the next season as lacks damage profile flexibility and no damage reduction, interrupt toolkit spread out over multiple spells. 

- Outlaw Rogue: reliant on trick procs for consistent output and its utility is limited compared to some other specs. 

- Sub Rogue: lack of team support holds them back slightly, these specs bring reliable damage and tools to any key-level group.

- WW Monk: lacks damage buffing utility, vulnerability as melee.

- Havoc Demon Hunter: repeated nerfs, weakness as physical damage.

- Elemental/Enhancement Shaman: reliance on cooldowns, contenders outpace.

- Frost Mage: mobility handicaps from the root, lack of buffing utility.

- Survival/BM Hunter: vulnerability outside cooldowns, lack of utility.

4. D Tier: Blood Death Knight (Tank), Holy Paladin (Healer), Assassination Rogue (DPS), Marksmanship Hunter (DPS), Affliction Warlock (DPS)

- Blood DK: reliance on runes hurts damage potential.

- Holy Paladin: lower overall HPS, throughput may struggle in high keys.

- Assa Rogue: outclassed by other Rogue specs, and tuning issues.

- MM Hunter: extreme vulnerability outside cooldowns, lack of utility.

- Affliction Warlock: lacks the burst potential of Destro, damage profile not ideal.

The list will fluctuate as the season progresses, some of the specs are not included here, find compatible teammates and focus more on playing to your group’s strengths rather than adhering strictly to the tier list.