Dragonflight 10.2.7 Pandaria Timerunning Event: Leveling, Gears, Rewards for WoW Remix Mists of Pandaria

4/15/2024 5:29:41 PM

Today we are going to cover a brand new feature in Dragonflight 10.2.7 - Mists of Panderia remix timerunning event with an explainer of how it works and what to do. We discuss the rewards, leveling, itemization and gearing, Bronze vendor & more. 

What is Pandaria Timerunning in Dragonflight 10.2.7

Timerunning is kind of like a Juiced up chromy time where we get an opportunity to play through nearly all of Mr Pandaria's content from leveling and questing to its patch content and dungeons and even raids. It's a full experience from character creation all the way to level 70 and it's packed full of cosmetic rewards including recolors and new stuff to show off. But the Journey won't be the same as the original mists in the slightest. Gearing is going to be totally different, with lots of different powers to pick up and customize in special gem slots that can make us feel pretty op. It's not the fully separated mode that plunder storm is but only timerunner characters can see and group together. Certain features don't seem to be supported either like the auction house and by consequence professions. The target audiences include people who've never really played through Panderia before and want to simulate that feel of progression. 

Getting into time running is easy, there's a special button to create a new character called a Time Runner.  It does have to be a new character, but unlike plunder storm you can still make one on your desired server, you can choose whatever race and class that you want and you will play as that class they will exist exclusively on Panderia, but you are on live Realms, you can join your existing guild and everything. These characters will also be converted to live characters once the event ends. So if you want to use this as an excuse to level a few fresh alts, it’s great. With a few exceptions, whatever you earn here will follow over. Obviously, cosmetics earned will be shared, but also the gear here can be powerful.

Loot & Gear

All the gear in Pandaria in the raids and the dungeons and scenarios has been completely overhauled, you have brand new gear here. One thing you'll immediately notice with this brand new gear is that they have sockets, so each of the different parts of your gear will have different types of sockets and these gems will drop from just random activities out in the world. And there are four different types of sockets. 

- So on your chest and pants, you'll notice that you'll have a prismatic socket. Prismatic gems just contain stats and these can be upgraded by getting three of the same color gem and that just like progressively gets higher and higher, and you can put those gems into your gear and take them out as you like and that is the case with any of these gems as well. 

- A cogwheel socket goes on your boots, and what the cogwheel sockets are speed abilities from various classes. 

- Another socket you'll notice is a tinker socket, you'll see this on your braces gloves shoulders, these are abilities that are like chance on hit or like shielding or healing abilities, just a lot of passive abilities that are going to help you out in the world.

- And finally the meta gem, this is going to be located on you helm. These include crazy new abilities for your classes. There are tons of different meta gems with some absolutely insane abilities. These meta gems do contain a new ability, so when you do put them on your helm that becomes an ability that you can use, very similar to Season of Discovery runes. And if you're after a specific gem, there is a vendor you can use to give you gems that you don't own. And one thing that's just amazing about all of this gear is the fact that all of the items you get are upgradeable all the way up to max eye level which is 556. So you could get a character to 70 and then get it in a full set of item level 556 gear, when the event ends it goes onto the live realms and you have a very powerful character. 

Clock of Infinite Potential 

The other thing that you're going to have is the Clock of Infinite Potential. So this is an item you get right at the start of your questing and this is an artifact cloak. As you level up, this cloak gets stronger and stronger, you gain permanent power as you play. So from just random creatures or chests or quests, you're going to get stats uh to increase your cloak. For example, you could kill a hosen and it drops like plus stamina and that permanently increases the stamina on your cloak and that also includes plus percentage experience. So you could get some really fast leveling through this cloak and you can just get super powerful by the end of your leveling and the best part of all is if you've got a super tanked out amazing stats cloak, any new characters you create in while remix will use all of those stats that you've obtained on your main. So if you have a level 70 that has a decked out cloak, make a new character, their cloak is going to be amazing and they're going to level extremely fast with those awesome stats. The other thing with the legendary cloak, you can unlock the legendary cloak appearances on this cloak at level 70. And as your cloak it's more powerful you will unlock new appearances on it in general, so that will also go onto your collection tab on retail as well. 

Bronze Vendor & Rewards for WoW Remix Mists of Pandaria

In WoW remix, there is no auction house or economy, but there is bronze, bronze is a new currency which is going to be used in this game mode. with all this spare gear, you can scrap it, you can scrap it on a built-in scrapper that you have on your character you spawn it in front of you, and you can scrap all of this unwanted gear into this new currency bronze. Bronze drops from absolutely everything, it is in the currency tab as well, so you don't have to worry about it being in your bags. This is a currency that's going to drop from NPCs, from quests, from chests, from basically anything you do, dungeons, you're going to be getting a lot of bronze in this mode even achievements are giving bronze. If you really want to, you can fly around and collect the bronze just like you would in like a dream surge. But the main point of the bronze currency is to buy the new rewards in WoW remix and these rewards are absolutely insane. 

So the reward from all of it is getting a brand new level 70 or multiple level 70s. The bronze currency is going to be used to buy a ton of things. The vendors for this are in a location called the infinite Bazaar and there's a ton of these sprouted around Pandaria in each of the zones and they're marked on the map if you do need to find one. Once you're there, you're going to see a lot of infinite dragons selling a lot of things. Things like new mounts there are 32 brand new mounts in WoW remix. However, that's not the only thing the mount vendor sells. The mount vendor also sells rare mount drops, Sha of Anger mounts or mounts from dungeons or raids or any sort of mount from Mr Pandaria can be purchased from this vendor with bronze. But these super rare mounts from raids and world bosses and things like that can be purchased from a vendor for the bronze currency. Also there are transmogs available, so there's class ensembles which are recolors of the Trading Post sets, you can purchase those with bronze, also an ensemble for a shado-pan set, also all of the questing sets from Pandaria are available as ensembles, and class sets from all the raids in Mr Pandaria on all difficulties can be purchased with bronze.

Now the coolest thing here is that if you only have one character, you can purchase and collect sets that you don't use. You could also buy toys as well, any rare toys from Mr Pandaria are available on a vendor as well.