WoW Dragonflight Season 4 Ranked Melee from Easiest to Hardest for PVP - WoW S4 Easiest to Hardest Melee

4/19/2024 11:14:08 AM

Today we will rank every melee from easiest to hardest in season 4.

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Very Hard: Feral Druid, Outlaw Rogue, Subtlety Rogue

Feral Druid:  It is widely considered one of the hardest melee to play, despite some 3v3 success in late season 3, you should know by now that the entire play style of Feral revolves around Landing Cyclones to burst with feral frenzy.


Outlaw Rogue: It is often considered an overwhelming spec to play as a beginner, it's one of those specs that routinely show up in tournaments and on the front page of the ladder, Outlaw is a very APM and maintenance-heavy spec, to the point where many players feel like they need an entire week or package to play it, between understanding roll the bones procs keeping up slice and dice.


Subtlety Rogue: During the early season solo Shuffle tournament, cash practically swept every round which made sub look insanely broken, then after a few key Nerfs and a buff to everyone's stamina, Subtlety Rogue fell off, being replaced by Outlaw and even assassination as the premier Rogue spec, Subtlety Rogue's damage isn't quite as Punchy anymore and even if it was doing well on the spec requires a ton of game knowledge.


Hard: Unholy Death Knight, Survival Hunter, Enhancement Shaman

Unholy Death Knight: Although Unholy DK is marginally tankier, it does suffer some survivability issues and will be going in the hard tier.


Survival Hunter: Survival Hunter is looking quite strong going to season 4, looking at the solo Shuffle ladder on EU, the Survival Hunter meta has been driven by players dedicated to the spec, and there is a reason why many of them are one trick, survival is the most difficult hunter spec out of the three and although they all share the same toolkit, survival has the added complexity of a pseudo melee spec to truly succeed as a Survival Hunter, you need to focus on maximizing sustained damage, especially considering next season's tier set includes a few different multipliers to bite, Hunters aren't known for their Survivor ability and after a redesign of survival tactics, the spec is a bit less forgiving into casters so just like last time survival will be joining the hard tier.


Enhancement Shaman: Enhancement Shaman who was honestly one of the hardest specs to rank, enhance will be keeping it season 3 tier set which means another season of playing the Lava Lash Build, the rotation with this build does require some stacking some stacking modifiers, chaining together Ellie Blast ice strike and then Frost Shock to do optimal damage which does ass a layer of complexity compared to some of the easier specs, while Enhancement Shaman has been known as a GCD cap spec, it doesn’t really have enough tools to meaningfully impact the game, Lighting Lasso isn’t a particularly useful stun to have as a melee which means Enhancement Shamans are more or less a damage bot, defensively Enhance is one of the squishiest melee in the game and it's not super uncommon to just die through astral shift.


Medium: Frost Death Knight, Windwalker Monk, Assassination Rogue, Arms Warrior

Frost Death Knight: Frost Death Knight is one of the weirdest specs in the game, it's pretty much limited to three damage buttons which is some of the fewest in the game across all specs, Frost DK is a pretty backward play style literally, its entire goal is just to set up AOE goes every minute grouping up the entire team popping CDs.


Windwalker Monk: A spec that has proven to be quite good in the mid to late expansion, Windwalker Monk has enough sustained damage and strong defensive cooldowns to act more like a brawler, staying in the fight more while Serenity is on cool down and speaking of which Windwalker burst is so strong that it is guaranteed to have instant high impact, leading to a very straightforward wind condition that pops up every minute.


Assassination Rogue: Assassination Rogue has by a wide margin, the most straightforward win condition, keep up dots and kidney on Dr, but before you get too excited bear in mind that the cloak of Shadows PVP Talent seems to be nerfed in season 4 which will make survivability slightly more challenging for all Rogues.


Arms Warrior: Arms Warrior definitely has a bit more responsibility than Fury, while both specs share a similar toolkit and have fairly simple damage rotations, arms is typically seen as a pseudo support spec, having a bit more utility overall while being less punchy with damage, while Fury had some traction in the early expansion, a mini rework to the arms talent tree, gave them ignore pain once again and because of this arms is actually a bit tankier, but can still suffer some survivability issues when died by the sword is on cooldown.


Easy: Retribution Paladin, Fury Warrior

Retribution Paladin: Retribution Paladin is a spec that has gone through a roller coaster of tuning this expansion, Retribution Paladin can feel pretty Lobby dependent in Solo Shuffle and is really awkward to play when paired to the holy pal due to forbearance preventing CDs from being used.


Fury Warrior: The quintessential melee brawler, it's been a long time melee that Fury is a notoriously simple spec to play rotationally, want to do damage just build some rage and hit whatever lights up on your bar, this could simplify the spec slightly returning to a greater emphasis on sustained damage, helping solidify the spec as a true melee brawler.


Very Easy: Havoc Demon Hunter

Although the spec might have gotten slightly more complex over the years, it remains true that Demon Hunter continues to have one of the highest reward to effort ratios in Arena, obviously DH has some of the best Mobility out of any melee which gives them enormous offensive power.