D4 Season 4 Tier List & Rankings - Best Builds for Diablo 4 S4 PTR

4/12/2024 6:18:44 PM

With the upcoming release of Diablo 4 Season 4, players are eagerly anticipating the new changes and updates to the game. One important aspect of the new season is to choose the class and build to play. Here is a breakdown of the best builds for each class in Diablo 4 Season 4 based on the PTR (Public Test Realm) version.

D4 Season 4 Tier List & Rankings - Best Builds for Diablo 4 S4 PTR 

Season 4 of Diablo 4 is almost here and that means a fresh start for everyone and new ranked ladder seasons. With each season comes class and skill changes, new legendaries, and shifts in the meta that make some builds stronger and others weaker. As players prepare to jump into Season 4, having an idea of the top builds can help you pick a strong character to climb the ranks. Let’s take a look at the Season 4 build tier list, we rank builds from S-Tier down to D-Tier based on their power level, viability in groups and solo play, and clear speed potential. 

S-Tier Builds

  • Necromancer Corpse Explosion

The Corpse Explosion Necromancer remains one of the most powerful choices in Season 4 thanks to the ability to scale its damage exponentially based on enemy density. With the right legendary items and skill selection, this build trivializes high level Greater Rifts and has some of the fastest clears in the game.

The core of any Corpse Explosion build is maximizing your Corpse Lance and Explode Corpse skills for massive area damage. Key legendaries include the Bone Ringer which adds additional Corpses on kill and Ring of Bone which lowers the cooldown of Explode Corpse. Gem choices center around increasing area damage through Bane of the Powerful and Witness.

Playstyle involves spamming Corpse Lance to build up Corpses in dense packs and then detonating them all for massive area damage that chains between enemies. Good survivability through lifesteal and constant healing orbs dropping make this an S-Tier pick for solo and group play.

  • Demon Hunter Cluster Arrow

Demon Hunters once again find a home at the top of Season 4 with the trusted Cluster Arrow build. Thanks to a focus on area damage, Cluster Arrow trivializes content with huge damage spikes from collapsing arrows. While the playstyle is relatively basic, its raw damage output cannot be denied.

Key skills are obviously Cluster Arrow along with Vengeance for damage reduction and Hatred generation. Look for the Bombardier's Rucksack quiver which causes arrows to also explode on impact. Area damage gems like Bane of the Powerful further multiply your damage potential.

Gameplay is strafing amidst dense packs and laying down Cluster Arrows to watch massive damage numbers pile up. Great clear speed and consistency make this an easy S-Tier pick for hunting leaders and speedrunning Greater Rifts.

  • Barbarian Wrath of the Wastes

Strength in numbers is the motto of the Wrath of the Wastes Barbarian which summons an endless tide of allies to overwhelm enemies. Thanks to some new seasonal buffs, the army summoner build gains prominence in Season 4 with incredible damage scaling.

Focus on maxing Frenzy, Anthropic, and corresponding runes along with the new ancient armor set Raekor's Blessing for a plethora of Wrath generation and summon buffs. Well-Rolled Raekor items enhance both damage and toughness exponentially with each minion out.

Playstyle is standing amidst the horde you summon, spamming skills to fuel more summons in a positive feedback loop of destruction. Very high survivability alongside great clearspeed due to mass enemies piling on damage over time. An S-Tier build for solo or team gameplay.

A-Tier Builds

  • Wizard Firebird's Archon

The firebird set boosts the signature Archon transformation of Wizards back into A-Tier territory thanks to significant buffs this season. With new damage reduction passives and tweaks to skills, Firebird's Archon shines as a balanced caster approach.

Focus on stacking fire damage and reductions across gear like the Ignition Catalyst and Ashnagarr’s Blood while in Archon. Burning enemies with the 6-piece Firebird bonus fuels lengthy Archon uptime to decimate hordes. Area damage gems compound single target into excelling crowd control.

Gameplay revolves around kiting packs in Archon form, locking them down with control and constant fire DoTs. Versatile build that excels in both solo rifts and group bounty farming for its mix of damage and utility. A strong starting point for Wizard players.

  • Crusader Thorns

Thorns of Justice returns as a highly durable option for Crusaders to excel through attrition. With some new supporting legendaries and mantra buffs, Thorns builds receive favorable Season 4 treatment to retain viability.

Stack thorns and block chance across Shield, weapon, and armor bonuses. Find the new Bastion's Revered Plate armor to amplify Thorns based on block amount. Fan of chain Mantras while wading into combat to reflect damage right back at enemies for constant returns.

Thick defenses allow standing your ground and focusing fire on you while Thorns eats away at enemies over time. Consistent and safe solo gameplay without the damage spikes of speedier builds. Great for new and experienced players looking for a robust option.

  • Monk Wave of Light

Simple and effective damage from the Monk classic returns strong via new Exploding Palm synergies. With the correct supporting legendaries and rune choice, Wave of Light deals very respectable AoE that allows comfortable solo pushing and speedfarming.

Focus on maximizing Exploding Palm through Seven-Sided Strike for additional explosions. The new Mantle of Channeling boosts Wave and Ring makes EP explode on death more quickly to hasten clearing. Area damage augments overall effectiveness.

Gameplay focuses on Seven-Sided Strike into dense packs followed by Wave casts to trigger massive area explosions. Very easy to play while having the damage to clear tough content with balanced defenses from dex stacking. Straightforward Monk option for Season 4.

B-Tier Builds

  • Demon Hunter Natalya's Shadow Impale

The Shadow Impale build makes a comeback via buffs to the Natalya set and new supporting items. While not top-tier, it provides a solid balance of damage and mobility suited for speedfarming and group play where density can multiply Impale hits.

Stack critical hit bonuses through gear along with area damage. New Dawn armor enhances mobility and damage while you dodge between packs. Vengeance manages hatred sustainably for quick play.

Gamestyle focuses on vaulting around maps, unleashing massive multi-target Impales thanks to density bonuses. More of a farming build lacking the burst to claim top spots but good for speedrunning and casual progression.

  • Witch Doctor Manajuma's Carnevil

Old faithful returns stronger with the addition of a new poison dart quiver. While outshined by the likes of Corpse Explosion, Manajuma's summoner build provides consistent mid-range damage great for solo play and bounties.

Spammable Horrify controls crowds as you rake them with poison darts boosted by new Manajuma quiver buffs. Focus on generic damage stats alongside supplemental Gargs and fetishes minions from your skills and jewelry.

Gameplay sees keeping mobs locked down with crowd controls and multiplying dart and minion damage over time. Safe, balanced approach good for intermediate players without being a top season choice. Good bounty clear with consistent handling of elites and bosses.

  • Necromancer Land of the Dead Bonespear

The standard Bonespear LotD combo returns as a respectable Necromancer build but lives in larger builds' shadow. It thrives on density where Bone Spears multiply rapidly but falls off in solo scenarios.

Focus on maximizing spear damage and cooldown reduction with tools like Trag'Oul set and jewelry. Land of the Dead maximizes uptime over mobs. Area damage gems help single target damage not snowball out of control without density.

Gameplan centers around spamming spears during Land of the Dead duration for massive returns in the right circumstances. Speedy group performance but struggles pushing solo GRifts to its fullest extent compared to options like Corpse Explosion. Respectable option for casual progression.

C-Tier Builds

  • Barbarian Rend

While still able to solo comfortably, Rend's damage scaling begins to lag compared to meta builds this season. However, buffs to supporting items help it maintain relevance for farming and bounties where speed trumps burst.

Focus on generic physical, area damage, and cooldown reductions. Raekor makes rend snapshot higher damage across groups. New shoulders and bracers enhance rend further alongside generators for consistency. Wrath sustain ample through skills and supporting items.

Gameplay sees dashing between dense packs and snapshotting high damage rends to cleave through normal content with minimal effort. Falls off in higher solo pursuits but a solid all-rounder for casual players looking to farm gear unoptimized.

  • Crusader Blessed Hammer

An old classic receives minor tweaks but Hammerdin struggles versus top burst this season. Strong single target damage remains viable for bounties and lesser content with additional mobility tools added.

Stack lightning damage where possible. New Boots of Disregard provide useful dash functionality while Hammerdin stays mobile. Focus on maxing hammers and keeping Condemn up for supplemental burst.

Gamestyle ping-pongs between packs, hucking massive Hammers for single targets and supplementing AoE with Condemn. Decent farm build lacking the raw scaling to seriously push GRifts this season against stronger meta builds.

D-Tier Builds

  • Wizard Vyr's Archon

Vyr's Archon exists more as a nostalgic build than competitive option currently. While viable for questing and speedfarming normal rifts, its scaling and damage consistently underperforms against Firebird variants and other top builds.

Focus on generic damage multipliers as before, optimizing Archon uptime through cooldown. New shoulder's augment duration yet damage falls short alone in GRifts versus better synergized builds.

A comfortable farming build for familiar Wizard players but outscaled by modern variations. Serves more for nostalgia runs through lower difficulties than pushing leaderboards in Season 4's stronger meta.

  • Monk Seven-Sided Strike

As the set bonus receives minor tweaks, SSS variations remain at the bottom struggling to keep up with harder hitting Monk specs. Useful more than viable to push with for most players.

Focus on maximizing strike damage and frequent casts through items like Mantle of Channeling and Crudest Boots. However damage simply doesn't stack versus other pure DPS Monk options lacking survival.

Functional for speedfarming but inconsistent beyond and quickly outscaled. Better suited as a secondary build for new/returning players testing Monk than serious leaderboard contenders this season.