Top 5 Best D4 Season 4 Necromancer Builds - Highest Damage Necromancer Builds for Pit in Diablo 4 S4

6/7/2024 5:05:00 PM

Necro builds are King of Season 4 Diablo 4, but which are the best? Today we're showing the top 5 best Necromancer builds that have highest damage for Pit in Season 4. 

Top 5 Best D4 Season 4 Necromancer Builds

Top 5 Best D4 Season 4 Necromancer Builds - Highest Damage Necromancer Builds for Pit in Diablo 4 S4

The Necromancer class in Diablo 4 Season 4 is known for its powerful summoning abilities and high damage output. If you're looking for the best Necromancer builds for tackling the Pit and dealing the highest damage, here are the top 5 builds to use for Necromancer in Diablo 4 Season 4 Pit.

1. D4 S4 Golem Necromancer Build

Golem Necromancer is undeniably the strongest build that Necromancers have and may even be the strongest in the game. It focuses on summoning and empowering golems to deal massive damage. This build is designed to be well-rounded, providing both offensive and defensive capabilities. Though that heavily leans on holy bolts, the new Elixir causes the ungodly amount of bursts from just a proc of these bolts. We're able to oneshot even the highest level Pit Bosses which is why Necromancer currently stands at the top of the clears. If it wasn't for Holy bolts, the output of this build will be nowhere near as good maybe around it 125-30 though we just don't think they're going to remove this bug for at least all season.

Strengths and Weaknesses


- Extremely tanky

- Easy to play

- Requires no unique items


- Minion AI needs to be played around

- Gear dependent for higher end-game content

2. D4 S4 Mage Necromancer Build

Mage Necromancer is almost entirely the same concept, it's just putting as many levels and power as you can into your Mages as they're your main source of damage. Because the Golem isn't the main source of damage, you can even drop the Golem from the build, meaning you get the sacrifice the sweet crit bonus. That will free up one of your normally overfilled skill slots as well which means you can have it all, running something like blight where you can get that 20% times increased damage for you and the minions and another source of shadow damage buildup. As usual, whether you're Golem or Mage focus though, it's all about stacking damage increases and then unleashing your army for all the burst in one go. Compared to the Golem build though, this is more consistent, but much less burst. The Golem ability is a key part of that build's damage, but it has a cool down. The Mages are always attacking without any special ability you need to use, so while less bursty, it's much more consistent and that can be appealing. They've got lower tier clears than Golem Necro, it's also a lot less survivable, the Golem is able to soak a lot of damage for you ,the ability provides some big heals or you could even run upgrade one where you got a 30% damage soak saving you from potential one shots in many cases. On the bright side, because you're not running Golem, you don't need a normal chest that has Golem Mastery on it which allows you to run the best defensive Uber unique. 

3. D4 S4 Bone Spirit Necromancer Build 

We have Bone Spirit build, a powerful and efficient boss-killing build that focuses on dealing massive damage with the Bone Spirit skill. This build offers crowd control, high essence generation, and respectable damage for clearing purposes.

This one uses skeleton summons which does mean you can use holy bolts if you want to really Skyrocket this output. But bone spirit's basically all about dumping all your essence in one button use for one massive burst attack. That's been a fantastic build for a good while. Though normally overshadowed by bone spear most of the time, it did have good showings in the gauntlet last season. Now though combined with the strength of minions in Season 4, it's even better. The idea is simple, create the most damage possible on each Bone Spirit use, kind of like the Golem build through things like crit strike chance and damage. But more importantly overpower, which becomes more valuable and viable when you're running minions. 


- Fun to play

- Huge damage numbers

- Somewhat squishy

- Requires proper gearing to function effectively

4. Diablo 4 S4 Shadow Summoner Necromancer Build

The Shadow Summoner Endgame Necromancer Build in Diablo 4 Season 4 is a powerful build that focuses on summoning an army of skeletal minions to do your bidding. This build utilizes certain legendary powers and synergies to maximize the damage output of your minions and unleash devastating attacks on your enemies. 

Strengths & Weaknesses


- Pure minion build: This build revolves around summoning and empowering minions to do the majority of the damage.

- Safe playstyle: With a meat shield army of minions, you can stay relatively safe while your minions do the fighting.

- High end-game potential: With the right gear and setup, this build can become incredibly strong.


- Reliance on minion AI: The effectiveness of this build is heavily dependent on the AI behavior of your minions.

- Legendary powers from drops: Some of the key powers for this build come from specific legendary items, which may require farming or trading to obtain.

5. Necromancer Thorns Minion Build

Thorns is one of the best builds for Barbarian right now, but for Necromancer in the season of minions, it's just okay. The mob clear is incredible, but the single target is significantly worse by comparison. Now the minions are getting 100% of your stats, that means they get all of your Thorns too. So on paper that sounds awesome, further you can push the limits by using things like inherited Thorn effects. It also has a really interesting interaction with holy bolts, holy bolts is obviously busted, it triggers randomly from your minions as they attack. But with Thorn minions, it's like the attack of the minions is triggering the bolts as normal. And also the thorn reflect seems to potentially trigger it because the bolts are triggering twice as much as normal when using a Thorn's build making it for incredible mob clear. But as soon as you encounter a boss, a single target it's nowhere near as good. If you imagine a Barbarian with thorns, it's them on their own. So the boss is only attacking them and the Thorns are fully reflecting. But with minions, the target of the boss is now spread out for the different minion types, with the proper Thorns build for Minion Necromancer, you probably want to Stack all of the Thorns into the Golem. The bone Golem has a taunt which normally forces enemies to attack it, while that taunt is going, it converts 70% of its armor into even more Thorns. If you stack affixes with that in mind, Golem inheriting thorns and so on even better. That's probably why it's so good for mob clear. The taunt is successfully forcing enemies to attack the Golem and you're putting all the Thorns into the Golem. Meanwhile with a boss the taunt simply doesn't work, it just builds up a bit of stagger, it's not forcing the boss to focus on the Golem entirely. So the boss is spreading its damage. To you, the Mages the Warriors and the Golem, when you really want the Golem to be the main target.