WoW MoP Remix Class Picking: Best Classes for Mists of Pandaria Remix

5/17/2024 3:41:50 PM

World of Warcraft Remix event kicked off with powerful abilities and attractive rewards, what class, spec or race to level for this unique experience? Let’s dive into the class picking guide to decide on the best class for the WoW MoP (Mists of Pandaria) Remix. 

WoW Mists of Pandaria Remix Best Classes

WoW Mists of Pandaria Remix Best Classes to Pick

One thing you should know is that all characters you level during the Remix event will transfer over to your main account and stay with you during the WoW War Within, any progress you make can be kept. 

How do you select the class during the WoW MoP Remix event?

This event is mainly focused on PvE content like dungeons and raids, not PvP, it gives you a fantastic opportunity to level a class you have not maxed out yet, you can also pick something you want to play going into the War Within, think about which class you are going to play in the War Within expansion, as your progress will carry forward. Or experience the roles you have not tried before, whether it is a tank, a healer, or a DPS, it is easy to level, and this event allows for risk-free experimentation. If you are not big into group content, go with a class that can solo easily, pick a class with strong defenses and self-sustained. You’ll be able to earn tons of rewards, feel free to try different classes without worry. 

Best MoP Remix Class for Solo

Classes with strong self-healing, damage reduction, and survivability tools would perform well as solo options if you prefer solo play over groups.

- Blood Death Knight and Vengeance Demon Hunter: incredibly tanky and can heal themselves, also dish out significant damage, they are excellent options for soloing tough content. Tanks and healers have faster queue times for dungeons and raids, and easier for leveling with enhanced survivability and healing from skill gems. They will be in high demand for group content ensuring easy access to group and raids. 

- Hunter and Warlock: good picks for people who want to play a DPS class, you can take advantage of their self-sustain and pet utility, and the pets can take the brunt of the damage while you focus on killing enemies. 

Best MoP Remix Class for Raid

If you are going to put more emphasis on raid, here are three recommended classes. 

- Retribution Paladin: one of the best classes that excel in raid environments, comes with high single-target damage and valuable raid utility. The defensive abilities offer extra survivability during tough encounters. 

- Windwalker Monk: a versatile spec, high mobility, strong AoE capabilities, and self-healing ability make them safe choices for boss fights and raiding. 

- Havoc Demon Hunter: highly effective in raids, they are known for high burst damage and mobility. 

More Tips for WoW Mists of Pandaria Remix

- Allied races leveled through the Remix event will unlock their Heritage armor sets. This is a great chance to earn these rewards quickly. Focus on rewards over leveling if you already have the max-level characters. 

- The event lets you unlock transmogs, mounts, toys, and pets more easily. Focus on gathering these collectibles even if you don’t plan to play the character after the event.

- The powerful skill gems and abilities make every class viable, use them to enhance your strengths or cover weaknesses.

- Spamming dungeons can be quicker than questing, especially with high competition for quest resources. Dungeons become available at level 10. Consider tanking or healing specs if you want quick dungeon queues and easier grouping.