What to Do Before The War Within Launch in WoW - War Within Pre-Guide

6/11/2024 11:06:23 AM

Now that we have a release date of The War Within launch, let's measure out some deadlines and start planning for what we'll do before it's too late! We have to go over what to consider doing before the pre-patch and expansion launch.

  2024-06-11 111253

What We Can Do

When you start this pre-patch event, you're going to get a quest that just kind of pops up in your quest UI thing kind of the usual stuff that'll direct you to Dalaran, you're going to be talking with Kadar, you're going to be talking about stuff and he's going to direct you to complete one of these radiant Echo events, now it happens in a couple of places, it may happen over Kalimdor in dust wallow Marsh which you can't see on the map here, but if we zoom out, there are other places where it can occur as well one will happen over in Dragonflight in Northrend and there is one more over here in burning steps in the Eastern Kingdoms.


When you enter these areas: Kalimdor, Northrend, Dragon Isles, Broken Isles, Kul Tiras, Zandalar, Eastern Kingdoms, and Pandaria. There are a number of objectives to complete, you have a certain amount of time to do it because there's going to be a lot of other people that are doing it some of it is just to like you know kill a bunch of stuff click things move things around basically complete objectives,  and in the meanwhile you're going to you're going to be obtaining stuff each time you complete a stage of this event, now I was only able to do very limited testing on this, because the events were finishing very quickly in fact even the final event that had us tried to defeat Anoxia that just kind of ended instantly, so there's a lot of broken stuff going on with this event, but whatever the case each time you complete event an event it from the looks of it you will get something you're going to get a little bit of currency and as well as a reward that is probably one of the things that you would get yet when using this currency to buy stuff in this case we got a piece of gear, it's a piece of Veteran gear which is kind of cool.


Season Specific Rewards

-AOTC, KSM/KSH, Gladiator.

-Awakened Raids Normal / Heroic / Mythic.

-AOTC Fyrakk Mount still available.


MoP Remix Completion

-Big Transmog farm, leveling source.

-Unlock bugs (shoulders, ensembles) aim to be fixed soon!

-You can help others and yourself too!

-Max an Evoker if you don’t have one yet.



-Pre-organize inventory for Warband Bank use. Ask yourself if you will need 90-450 shared slots before the expansion / at the start of the expansion / one or more seasons into the expansion.

-Decide what will, won’t go into the bank.


More MOG Farms

-Old world farming, especially Shadowlands.

-Farm up Anima, Grateful Offerings for future purchases.