Elden Ring DLC Best Class: Which Character Build to Use in Shadow of the Erdtree DLC

6/3/2024 3:24:19 PM

What character are you going into the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC with? There are various ways to go, today let’s talk about the best character (class) build for the Elden Ring DLC, which is getting close to us. 

Elden Ring DLC Best Class

What Is the Best Class or Character in Elden Ring DLC

When you get started in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, you need to use a pre-existing character, whether to use the old character you play in Elden Ring or create a new one with the purpose of bringing it to the DLC. There are two recommended ways to start the expansion, you can either use a controlled character (dedicated build) or an overleveled class build. 

1 - Dedicated Build

Starting the Elden Ring DLC with a fully optimized but controlled character, which is limited to a specific rune level like level 150, to maintain balance and challenge, is a good way for a new experience. The strengths and weaknesses of your character require you to adapt and interact with the game more, it also increases your attachment to the environment and sense of accomplishment when you overcome obstacles. The drawback of this strategy is that you may miss out on certain aspects of the content, especially when it comes to weapons and spells that need different attributes. 

The choice of build depends on your personal play style or preferences, the best DLC level for Elden Ring is around 150, and a specific build like strength, dexterity, or intelligence with different classes is good, you can test your skills and build in the new expansion, and you can even make a few characters to explore every single aspect of the DLC. Any complete, high-level builds utilizing fully upgraded weapons can handle the DLC, for example, bleed is going to be one of the strongest builds with weapons like Rivers of Blood and Seppuku Ash of War, it deals huge damage against most enemies. And the big hammers, greatswords, and colossal weapons make strength builds excel in the DLC, weapons like the Giant-Crusher are devastating. As for intelligence builds, sorcery remains effective if the gear is upgraded, Rock Sling and Carian Slicer are staple spells. Constellation Glinstone Staff boosts many sorceries. Knowing about different starting classes and their main stats and combat styles, focus on primary attributes and powerful equipment to optimize the build. For example, as a Samurai, the main stat is dexterity and you do have a Uchigatana as the starting weapon. 

2 - Overleveled Class

Being very over-leveled such as level 300+ or higher will provide a more versatile and easier path in Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, you’ll have access to all stats, HP, FP, weapons, and spells without any weight or load limitations, allowing you to try multiple weapons, tears and ashes of war, apparatus can easily be taken to max upgrade levels and the enemies will pose little threat. However, it is essential to consider the potential downsides of an over-leveled character, you may lack the sense of challenge and accomplishment of a lower-level playthrough.