Elden Ring Weapons Tier List 2024: Best PvE & PvP Weapon Combos in Elden Ring

6/6/2024 4:40:54 PM

What do you believe constitutes the finest weapon in Elden Ring? What purpose precisely Is your chosen weapon ideal for PVE Endeavors, perhaps for dueling invasions per chance? In this article, we will provide a comprehensive tier list of the best weapon combos for both PvP and PvP in Elden Ring 2024, based on the available information and community feedback. These weapons offer a combination of power, versatility, and unique abilities that make them stand out among the rest.

Best PvE Weapons/Setups in Elden Ring 2024

  • Number 5 - Wing of Astel

Magic damage is pretty good for PvE and this little Blue Paddle offers tons of it with a small ranged attack. A solid move set both one-handed and power stanced and an incredibly good Ash of War which melts groups of mobs and big bosses.

  • Number 4 - Star Fist

The DPS on these big black pointy balls HD can be quite insane as well as the poise damage and the bleed. It's very good with ashes of war like Endure, Cragblade or Royal Knight’s Resolve. The lack of range though can be troublesome for some players.

  • Number 3 - Blasphemous Blade

Taker's flame is definitely the best thing about the weapon as it deals tons of damage and it will heal you on hit and enemy death. The move set is solid too and fire damage can be amped with flame, grant me strength.

  • Number 2 - Bloodhound’s Fang

It's all about the ash of war, sucks for PvP, but it's amazing in PVE. The hyper armor damage and Poise damage of this thing is absolutely Bonkers and the eye frames of the second part means that you won't get punished as much for spamming it like a monkey. Plus you can buff it with grease and regular buffs for more bleed or damage, and the best PvE weapon totally not being held at gunpoint to say this.

  • Number 1 - Dark Moon Greatsword

Absolutely insane magic damage and frost proc from afar just by pressing L2 once and then mashing R2 as if your life depended on it. It also deals amazing poise damage, so you'll break enemy stance quite easily.

Best PvP Weapons/Setups in Elden Ring 2024

  • Number 5 - Cleanrot Knight’s Sword/Guardian’s Swordspear

The chase potential and range of hitbox combined with the obnoxious glitchy poke of the offhand rapiers. A deck’s build with the Guardian’s Swordspear and Cleanrot Knight’s Sword makes this setup incredibly tough to fight. However it's hard counted by having 109 poise as this will prevent the Rapier from stunning on first hit, still amazing.

  • Number 4 - Lance

Power stanced great spears, great range, great piercing damage, big stun-lock when hitting the insane crouch attack which allows you to place your enemy into a 5050, either they roll or don't. If you don't roll, you could eat another crouch L1 right away, but if you do roll and your enemy just keeps chasing, you could get brutally roll catched. The start that covers the most angles would be to roll once and jump attack. Since this will make the roll catch attempt whiff and leave them open for a jump attack. Despite being overall great, they do require quite a bit of practice to master though.


  • Number 3 - Noble’s Slender Sword

Power stance straight swords, a faster version of power stance great spears, they're mostly a defensive setup, where they shine best at punishing whiff attempts and panic rolls. However, they are so fast and deal so much damage that they outperform great spears by a margin. They're also simpler to use consume much less stamina and have good chase potential with the jumping L1. They only lack a good running attack which is the reason why they are not the best setup in the game.

Power Stance Straight Swords

  • Number 2 - Cleanrot Knight’s Sword

The undisputed best weapon in the game by itself and even better than some S tier setups. This thing is a menace, insanely fast, very good reach, very good piercing damage solid chasing, works really well with different ashes of war and builds. This thing literally has no weaknesses, but it is only outshined by the best setup in Elden Ring for PVP.

  • Number 1 - Cross-Naginata

The Cross-Naginata is a spear weapon in Elden Ring that deals physical damage in the form of pierce attacks. It requires a Strength of 16 and Dexterity of 20 to wield. The Cross-Naginata has a unique skill called "Impaling Thrust." This skill costs 14 FP and allows the player to build power and then lunge forward for a long-range attack