Shadow of the Erdtree Pre Guide - How to Start Shadow of the Erdtree DLC in Elden Ring

6/20/2024 5:51:55 PM

This guide is organized for everyone to enter the key points that we should know before the Elden Ring DLC and the preparations that must be completed first.

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How to enter DLC

Be sure to defeat the broken star Latin and the blood king Monte, and then return to the temple of Montg. At this time, the golden needle knight radar will guide us to touch the arms exposed by the huge minus, and we can go to the field of shadow. When we enter the place of shadow, we will first come to the cemetery plain, and we will encounter the first wild boss here, the dragon of fire. If you want to defeat him first, it is recommended that you can replace the flame resistance. The equipment is also considering the Envoy's Long Horn, who specializes in a special enemy, drilled to his crotch, and blows hard. If it is difficult for him to hit him, we can first collect the three most important new resources of DLC, namely Shadow, Spiritual Ashes, and forging stones.


Back to the cemetery again, there are two castles here that DLC must be explored this time. In the west of the cemetery plain, there is Tall Town Bearet, and the boss that guards this city is the beast lion dance. Win it to win it. Later, we can go back to Blessing with his memories, change the skills of similar frost on the ground or change the magic amulet. East of the cemetery plain is Ensheis City. This city has a deep relationship with the city of Kalia. The boss you will encounter here is the two -month Cavaliers Ralana.


8 New Weapons IN Elden Ring DLC

However, the biggest highlight of this DLC and what players are most looking forward to is of course the eight new weapon types, namely Great Katanas, Light Great Swords, Reverse Hand Swords, Perfume Bottles, Beast Claws, Duelling Shields, Throwing Daggers and Martial Arts.

-Throwing Daggers: Throwing Daggers can continuously throw weapons at the enemy without consuming the quantity.

-Perfume Bottles: It can continuously sprinkle powder on the enemy and inflict damage of various attributes without consuming resources. Although the straight-line distance seems not far, the attack range centered on itself is quite large.

-Light Great Swords: Light Great Swords are lighter and faster than traditional great swords, and can perform faster combos. The gorgeous movements are pleasing to the eye with neat stimulation and slashing.

-Reverse Hand Swords: Reverse Hand Swords are dual-wielded. Although the arms are short, as long as you can get close to the enemy, you can quickly slash and deal very high DPS. It is very similar to the small curved swords we dual-wielded in the original game. The advantage is that you can deal beautiful damage without jumping and slashing.

-Martial Arts: Martial Arts has multiple damage combos. The biggest difference from the full set of the original game is that Martial Arts obviously incorporates the martial arts style. Light and heavy punches can be quickly comboed and you will jump up.


Preparation before Shadow of the Erdtree DLC in Elden Ring

1. Collect the golden seeds and holy grail drops from the original game first to ensure that you have 14 bottles of water with +12 enhancement.

2. Collect all the elixirs and 32 lands. There are many special effects that cannot be replaced by other props or amulets. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare them to deal with various situations.

3. Obtain the colorless stone, miner's spirit beads and forging stone. The miner's spirit beads are obtained first so that we can buy them when the great blessing opens forging.

4. The supernatural spirit beads and the spirit beads of the lily of the valley pickers can allow us to buy materials to strengthen the ashes.

5. For powerful weapons, prepare more for the war ash, but powerful weapons don’t need to be very practical, just prepare a few, and it is recommended to prepare at least +9.