Elden Ring DLC Best Weapons: Top 5 Most OP Weapons for Shadow of the Erdtree

6/18/2024 4:51:50 PM

As Elden Ring's first major DLC - Shadow of the Erdtree is about to launch, it’s time to get powerful equipment for preparing it. Even though there are lots of new armaments to be discovered, some safe picks from the main game will still be top contenders. Let’s see the top 5 best weapons to be used in Elden Ring DLC. 

Elden Ring DLC Best Weapons: Top 5 Most OP Weapons for Shadow of the Erdtree

Get into fast view of the top 5 most overpowered weapons that can be taken to the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. Another important thing is that the currency system will carry over into the DLC, you’ll need some amount of Elden Ring runes on hand to buy new items, gear, consumables, upgrades, or anything else. Completing challenges or defeating tough enemies will earn you runes and allow you to further progress your character. 

1. Blasphemous Blade

Blasphemous Blade is praised as one of the best weapons for Elden Ring DLC, this is a Greatsword that mainly scales with strength, dexterity, and faith, it is versatile to be used in various ways, depending on what you want. For example, you can combine it with a shield for safer exploration, pair it with another powerful Greatsword like the Golden Order Greatsword, or two-hand it for pure damage output. It deals both physical and fire damage, making it effective against many enemies weak to fire or susceptible to burn status. Its Ash of War deals immense damage that can stagger bosses, and has an impressive range, allowing you to spam it effectively. Killing enemies with the Blasphemous Blade equipped provides passive healing, which can be very useful in combat scenarios.

2. Sword of Night and Flame

A Straight Sword primarily scales with both Faith and Intelligence stats, you need to invest 24 points in both of them to begin using this weapon effectively. It has two unique Ash of War attacks, a wide-reaching fire swing, and a pinpoint accurate laser beam. This allows you to handle different situations by using the appropriate attack. The Fire swing attack is useful for catching groups of enemies or punishing foes weak to fire damage. The laser beam attack is highlighted for dealing great magic damage that can be spammed into targets from a safe mid-range distance. Having significant investment in both Faith and Intelligence opens up utility options like Faith-based buffs, healing spells, and offensive sorceries to complement the sword's movesets.

3. Wing of Astel 

A powerful Intelligence-based Curved Sword, it works well when one-handed, allowing you to pair it with a shield for defense or staff for casting spells. When power-stance, it has access to the brilliant dual-curved sword moveset. However, its true strength lies in its unique heavy attack combo. The heavy attack sends out multiple free (no FP cost) mid-range magical swipes that can be charged and combined up to four times. This provides incredible safe punishes from mid-range during boss fights or exploration. Its Ash of War is described as a spammable burst of magical AOE damage. Spamming this Ash of War against bosses can lead to really impressive DPS and reliable staggers when properly set up. You can even rely solely on the Ash of War's spam to take down bosses.

4. Dark Moon Greatsword

Another overpowered Greatsword weapon for intelligence builds in Elden Ring, it is one of the most fan-favorite weapons in the game and pretty amazing for boss battles. Throughout Elden Ring's patches, the Dark Moon Greatsword's moveset has been improved, with the charge time on its heavy attack becoming faster. By designing a build to enhance charged heavy attacks, you can reach insane damage with this weapon, capable of dealing massive damage numbers per cast. The charged heavy attack sends out devastating magical arcs at targets from a respectable range, with a wide arc capable of hitting multiple targets. The ranged heavy attack does not consume any FP, only the initial weapon buff costs FP. You can buff the weapon to get increased Frost buildup potential. 

5. Death's Poker

The next one is Death's Poker, which does not require lots of INT stats. This weapon has innate Frost buildup, allowing for consistent Frostbite status application on targets, which increases damage taken. The Ghost Flame Ignition Ash of War provides multiple options for damage and status effects. You can apply either the light or heavy attack, the lighter one creates a decently ranged Frost fire buildup on the ground, ideal for forcing enemies to tank hits and build up Frostbite. The other one deals a closer-range explosive blast of Frost damage, great for burst damage on regular enemies or punishing bosses.