Elden Ring TOP 5 Strength Weapons for Shadow of the Erdtree DLC

6/22/2024 10:35:22 AM

We're going to be taking a look at the top 5 Elden Ring strength weapons from the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.


TOP 1: Cold Smithscript Greathammer

This has a base just a great hammer move set so if you're a fan of things like the Great Stars this is going to feel right at home, our jumping heavy attack is standard with what you would already expect, but the nice thing about this is going to be with the sprinting heavy, the rolling heavy or just the default heavy where you're going to Chuck the hammer like that at your targets and what's so fantastic about this weapon, when it comes to melee, we don't have a a way to deal with targets at range, we could pull out a bow or maybe do a like a beast claw.


TOP 2: Gazing Finger

What's so powerful about this thing is the unique Kowtower's Resentment, Now by default this just works very similar to a hammer, we have a very kind of unique heavy attack where we're like bow smack and then stand up and smack again kind of goofy looking, we have two weapons that come to mind when we think of incredibly devastating ashes of war, the Blasphemous blade and the ruins Greatsword, both of those are capable of just taking out tons and tons of enemies.


TOP 3: Horned Warrior's Greatsword

This comes towards the very end of the game sadly one of the very last Legacy dungeons but an enemy that you kill there will drop this, so this one is pretty hard to miss but very solid weapon.


TOP 4: Ancient Meteoric Ore Greatsword

Its base move set very similar to the Colossal greatswords, we have a big poke Focus so we got the quick poke as well as the charge poke, so if you like Pierce greatswords, you're going to feel right at home with this thing black meteoric type look to it, but the real sell for this is once again, the ash of war, the ash of war on this is phenomenal and another thing that comes to mind when playing with colossal weapons is usually speed.


TOP 5: Greatsword of Radahn (Light)

There are two different Greatsword of Radahn that we can get in the game, the light one in particular has light speed slash on it which is insanely powerful, now this weapon's base is very similar to Greatsword of Radahn which is already solid very heavy, this can also be charged to do even more damage and we think this is going to be a big popular weapon in PvP, this one is very aggressive with the way it works, but insanely strong.