Elden Ring DLC Tier List: Best New Weapons for Shadow of the Erdtree

6/22/2024 2:45:12 PM

A total of 8 new weapon types have been added to Shadow of the Erdtree, what will be the top performers among them? On the Elden Ring DLC tier list, we have some of the best weapons to recommend for early-game. 

Elden Ring DLC Tier List

Elden Ring DLC Tier List: Best New Weapons for Shadow of the Erdtree & How to Get

The final choice will determined by what build you are going to create, while don’t miss these top-tier weapon items in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, especially if you want to get stronger at the beginning of the game. Let's explore the best DLC weapons with their locations and builds. 

1. Black Steel Greathammer - S Tier

Black Steel Greathammer is one of the best new weapons in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, especially for the faith builds, given its ability to further buff and gain even more damage from the Sacred Affinity. The R1 attack can catch enemies off guard quickly, it is a good choice for dealing poise damage, especially when paired with a Lion's Claw or others that deal high poise damage. Where and how to get Black Steel Greathammer? This weapon can be obtained from the Church of Consolation. To get there, follow the road down south from the starting point, and eventually, you'll reach the church. Defeat the enemy inside to obtain the weapon.

Recommended Build: Faith build


2. Greatsword of Solitude - S Tier

The high damage output and A scaling in strength make Greatsword of Solitude an S-tier weapon for early-game in Elden Ring DLC. It also comes with a high amount of poise, making it effective against enemies with high defense. Solitary Moon Slash, which is a unique skill, is a powerful projectile attack that can be followed up with a strong attack or R2 dash. The fast and agile moveset with a low stance allows for easy dodging and ignoring of attacks. The Greatsword of Solitude can be obtained by defeating the Blackgaol Knight at the Western Nameless Mausoleum, near the starting point of the DLC.

Recommended Build: Strength build


3. Death Knight's Twin Axes - S Tier

If you enjoy aggressive play styles, Death Knight's Twin Axes is an ideal choice, it deals decent damage, and the spin attack can completely destroy enemies. Blinkbolt: Twinaxe allows the player to transform into a bolt of lightning and charge forward. With good stance-breaking potential, it excels in battles with high defense. It can be obtained by defeating the Death Knight boss at the end of the Fog Rift Catacombs dungeon, which can be found in the southeast Rauh Ruins region. 

Recommended Build: Dexterity build


4. Rellana’s Twin Blades - S Tier

Another S-tier weapon in Shadow of the Erdtree is Rellana’s Twin Blades, it requires four main stats, including strength, intelligence, dexterity, and faith, but it offers a unique combination of physical and elemental damage. You can see good physical attacks with a series of fast stabs and interrupting capabilities. Rellana’s Twin Blades can be obtained by trading Remembrance of the Twin Moon Knight with Enia at the Roundtable Hold. 

Recommended Build: Faith/Intelligence build


5. Anvil Hammer - A Tier

Anvil Hammer is a powerful weapon for strength builds in DLC, with its advantage in damage output and unique skill. Good for keeping enemies at a distance, especially with its ability to summon Spears from the ground. The weapon skill Smithing Art Spears can deal massive damage and has a lingering effect. It can be obtained from the Ruined Forge Lava Intake, which is located on the other side of the map from the big bridge. To get there, navigate through the dungeon, and eventually, you'll reach a balcony where you can activate the big drill to cross the lava lake. Inside the room, you'll find the Anvil Hammer.

Recommended Build: Strength build


6. Dragon-Hunter's Great Katana - A Tier

Dragon-Hunter's Great Katana is a strong and safe pick for dexterity and strength builds, it has solid weapon skill, with a good balance of damage and stagger. The Ash of War - Dragonwound Slash is a powerful flame attack. Great Katana move set, including a heavy overhead slash attack that can be useful for staggering enemies. To get it, you need to defeat the boss at the Dragon's Pit, which is located at the bottom of a pit in the Greatbridge area. 

Recommended Build: Dexterity build


7. Backhand Blade - A/B Tier

Backhand Blade is decent against some of the trash mobs or in PvP, it has a unique ability called Blind Spot that allows the player to do a flanking move and follow up with a quick hit, which is useful for avoiding and trivializing some of the annoying early fights in the DLC. The Backhand Blade can be a solid option for players who prefer a fast and agile play style with high dexterity scaling. It may not be the best option for tougher challenges toward the end game, but it can be a good choice for early game and PvP. Therefore, it can be placed in the mid to high tier of the tier list. The Backhand Blade can be found beside a coffin, in the Inquisitor enemies area of Gravesite Plain, not far from the first site of grace. 

Recommended Build: Dexterity build