Top 8 Best Elden Ring 1.12 Weapons (Builds) for Shadow of the Erdtree DLC

7/2/2024 5:49:00 PM

Not a guide to commonly used weapons, this list of Elden Ring 1.12 best builds will cover some underrated weapons with the best performance in Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.


Top 8 Best Elden Ring 1.12 Weapons (Builds) for Shadow of the Erdtree DLC

With over 100 new armaments in DLC, you are highly free to choose which one to use. Not only are there popular weapons like Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana but there are also some weapons that showcase amazing potential but are not much discussed. Each of these Shadow of the Erdtree DLC weapons is on sale at if you need them. From melee to ranged, arcane to faith, these Elden Ring DLC builds & weapons after Patch 1.12 are also incredibly overpowered on different occasions.


1. Lizard Greatsword

Lizard Greatsword is a new Greatsword in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, this weapon is highly recommended for its incredible damage output and the ability to apply massive status effects from range. The highest stance damage for the weapon is 36.3 on its two-handed charge heavy attack, which is one of the best parts. It has two hitboxes on its charge attack, allowing it to apply twice the normal status effects, any status effect infused into the weapon via Ash of War is transferred to the ranged attack. Lizard Greatsword has access to Carian Sovereignty Ash of War, which provides hyper armor, and you can poise break most enemies and apply over 200 status effect buildup in one charge heavy attack. Some of the best talismans to use with this weapon are Axe Talisman, Two-handed Sword Talisman, Dagger Talisman, and Blade of Mercy.

- Recommended Stats: Vigor 60, Mind 16, Endurance 25, Strength 12, Dexterity 65, Intelligence 35, Faith 8, Arcane 8


2. Black Steel Twinblade

The critical item for the bleed build in Elden Ring 1.12 is going to be Sacred Bloody Flesh, it provides a 10% damage buff when consumed and a 20% damage buff when blood loss is nearby. Stacks with Lord of Blood's Exultation and White Mask, you can get an approximate 70% damage increase. Black Steel Twinblade can achieve the highest total attack power out of Twinblades that can have its Ash of War changed. The total damage is insane with its high poise damage and the ability to proc bleed quickly. If you consider defeating your enemies with a bleed build, Sacred Bloody Flesh and Black Steel Twinblade would be the new best combination in the DLC.

- Recommended Stats: Vigor 60, Mind 11, Endurance 28, Strength 18, Dexterity 50, Intelligence 9, Faith 13, Arcane 50


3. Carian Thrusting Shield

Carian Thrusting Shield is versatile to attack and guard simultaneously, the numbers of base damage and poise damage are both decent. This would be a highly survivable build to take even no damage in boss fights. It can be buffed with sorcery or a sacred seal in the right-hand slot to gain additional damage output and other benefits. To make this build invincible in the game, what are the most useful gear or buffs? Equip the Pearl Shield Talisman to boost non-physical damage negation, which makes up for its weakness. The Scholar's Shield can be used for additional magic defense while blocking and also reduces stamina consumption. When you are allocating the attribute points, invest some pop faith to cast the Protection of the Erdtree, increasing all extra elemental resistances by 30%.

- Recommended Stats: Vigor 60, Mind 11, Endurance 30, Strength 45, Dexterity 15, Intelligence 25, Faith 35, Arcane 8


4. Flowerstone Gavel

Moving on to the next one, Flowerstone Gavel is a powerful weapon that excels in Arcane builds that don’t rely on status effects, it has a high amount of poise damage on its charge attack, which is effective for breaking boss stances. The Ash of War - Flower Dragonbolt deals lightning damage and reduces enemy lightning defensive stats, this is particularly effective against dragon-type enemies, making it a great choice when your build utilizes Dragon Communion incantation. For this build, you’ll want to invest heavily in Arcane stat to maximize the Ash of War damage.

- Recommended Stats: Vigor 60, Mind 17, Endurance 25, Strength 35, Dexterity 15, Intelligence 9, Faith 8, Arcane 60


5. Spread Crossbow

The Spread Crossbow mainly scales with strength and dexterity, what makes it special is that it shoots multiple projectiles at once, allowing for rapid status procs. In addition, it has no FP cost, you can do infinite spamming of bolts. This weapon is ideal for applying status effects like bleed and frostbite. Pair it with talismans and spells to buff the damage output. For example, Arrow’s Sting Talisman raises the attack power of arrows and bolts, and Arrow’s Soaring Sting Talisman can increase the effective range of bows and raise the attack power of arrows and bolts.

- Recommended Stats: Vigor 60, Mind 11, Endurance 28, Strength 18, Dexterity 50, Intelligence 9, Faith 13, Arcane 40


6. Messmer Soldier's Axe 

Different from traditional axes, the hidden passive and high motion values on charge attacks make Messmer Soldier's Axe a worthy high-damage axe to use. It could be a good alternative to Warped Axe with nearly identical motion values and stance damage. To complement its strengths, Axe Talisman can enhance charge attacks, Spiked Cracked Tear temporarily boosts charged attack power. Other items like Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman are a classic choice to boost physical damage negation.

- Recommended Stats: Vigor 60, Mind 11, Endurance 31, Strength 35, Dexterity 15, Intelligence 9, Faith 60, Arcane 8


7. Smithscript Cirque

Smithscript Cirque is a Backhand Blade introduced in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, compared to other regular backhand blades, it has a unique design and animation and also can achieve a higher total attack power. This is a viable choice for any build that focuses on raw damage output, while may not be the best option for bleed builds or stance breaking. Infuse the Smithscript Cirque with Ashes of War that increases its damage output, such as Swift Slash and Blind Spot.

- Recommended Stats: Vigor 60, Mind 18, Endurance 30, Strength 12, Dexterity 15, Intelligence 11, Faith 75, Arcane 8


8. Barbed Staff-Spear

Coming at the final weapon, Barbed Staff-Spear is ideal for a faith build, as a Great Spear, you can use it to attack from a safe distance and avoid being attacked by enemies. This is a holy damage weapon to receive innate bleed buildup without being able to change its Ash of War. The damage output is decent, especially with its heavy-hitting charge attacks. The Jori's Inquisition shoots out a widespread of golden arcs, which still builds up bleed. You can use the Ash of War to build up bleed from a distance, and then close in with heavy-hitting charge attacks.

- Recommended Stats: Vigor 60, Mind 19, Endurance 30, Strength 20, Dexterity 18, Intelligence 9, Faith 65, Arcane 8