Elden Ring DLC Boss Tier List - Easiest to Hardest Bosses Ranked in Shadow of the Erdtree

7/2/2024 11:09:02 AM

Shadow of the Erdtree introduced plenty of new bosses with distinct challenges, based on their mechanics, attack patterns, and styles, let’s take a look at the Elden Ring DLC boss tier list ranks easiest to hardest main bosses. 

Elden Ring DLC Boss Tier List

Elden Ring DLC Boss Tier List - Easiest to Hardest Bosses Ranked in Shadow of the Erdtree

This Shadow of the Erdtree boss difficulty tier list focuses on all of the Remembrance or mandatory bosses, which ranks from the easiest one to the most difficult spot. Defeating these bosses is either an essential step to advance in the DLC or gives you substantial profits like a number of Elden Ring runes.

Elden Ring DLC Boss Difficulty Tier List

- Easy Boss: Golden Hippo, Divine Beast Dancing Lion, Romina Saint of the Bud, Scadutree Avatar

- Average Boss: Metyr Mother of Fingers, Putrescent Knight, Commander Gaius

- Hard Boss: Rellana Twin Moon Knight, Messmer the Impaler, Bayle the Dread

- Very Hard Boss: Promised Consort Radahn

1. Golden Hippopotamus 

The easiest one on the tier list would be Golden Hippo. Despite Phase 2 looking different visually, the Golden Hippo remains one of the easier bosses in Shadow of the Erdtree. For the most part, this boss is easy to deal with and you will not have much trouble. When it comes to its weaknesses, most of the attacks of the Golden Hippo include swinging a huge head or biting. Its attack interval is very short, so you should try to avoid direct contact and try to approach it from the side or behind.

2. Divine Beast Dancing Lion 

Actually, Divine Beast Dancing Lion is the first mandatory boss that you will encounter early on in Elden Ring DLC. In terms of difficulty, this is not one of the harder bosses on the list, but still a fair challenge for anyone beginning the DLC. One of the unique features of this boss is that it has two phases, and in the second phase, it can switch between two different elements, either lightning or ice. This switch-up can catch players off guard, especially since moves that were learned in phase one now have additional hitboxes in the later phases. One of the hardest things about this boss is the camera, especially when it comes to bigger enemies, the camera can be a little weird sometimes. Players can get caught in the corner and difficult to see what's going on. To defeat the boss, in the first phase, try to avoid the lion's charge and pounce attacks. In the second phase, make sure to be prepared for the switch between lightning and ice.

3. Scadutree Avatar 

The Scadutree Avatar is a unique and memorable boss that players will encounter in the late game of the Elden Ring DLC. The boss has a simple move set, but its attacks hit hard, and the fight is unique in that players must defeat the boss three times in the same fight. After reducing the boss's health to zero, it temporarily dies and comes back for a second and third phase. You will not receive the remembrance of souls until they have defeated the boss three times. Overall, this is not very hard but requires patience and time. 

4. Romina Saint of the Bud 

Moving on to the next mandatory boss, you must defeat Romina Saint of the Bud to access the endgame of DLC. It Is a relatively easy boss compared to other late-game options and characterized by slow, graceful, yet powerful attacks. One of the challenges to beat this boss is that her attacks deal with Scarlet Rot buildup. If players get hit too much, they will die from the rot buildup. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid getting hit and using items to cure Scarlet Rot.

5. Metyr Mother of Fingers 

Metyr Mother of Fingers is not incredibly hard, this is an optional boss, and players can defeat her in a few tries. The move set is relatively easy to learn, and you can avoid getting hit by the boss's attacks. However, the boss does use a lot of magic attacks, which causes significant damage. The black hole attack is one of the most impressive visuals in the game.

6. Putrescent Knight - Medium Tier

Putrescent Knight would be ranked among the medium positions of the difficulty tier list, this can be challenging for some players, and the fight can drag on longer than necessary due to the boss's moves and attack range. The boss does not stop attacking, and players have limited opportunities to punish the boss. Defeat requires precise positioning and timing.

7. Commander Gaius  

Commander Gaius is considered one of the more challenging bosses in Elden Ring DLC, it is a formidable opponent, with fast movements and powerful gravity magic attacks. His speed and agility make him a difficult target to hit, and his attacks can be devastating if not dodged correctly. While this boss is weak to fire and holy, take advantage of this to select proper weapons and equipment.  

8. Rellana Twin Moon Knight 

Rellana, Twin Moon Knight is located in the East Wing of Castle Ensis, this is a difficult boss with a fighting style reminiscent of Pontiff from Dark Souls 3. She wields double swords, including a glint stone sword and a flaming sword, which makes her moves stronger and more complex. Be prepared for a complex phase two attack, where she gains even more powerful moves. 

9. Messmer the Impaler 

Defeating Messmer the Impaler is a hard thing, their immense spear combos put pressure on players, and long strings must be dodged to perfection or else instant death. In Phase 2, Mesmer's abilities evolve even further. They periodically morph into a snake, summoning snake skulls that lurk in the arena. Dodging both snake attacks and projectiles grows the fight's complexity exponentially. Actively attacking Messmer is an effective strategy to break his composure but try to avoid the fireball summoned by him.

10. Bayle the Dread

This is an extremely challenging boss, with a high level of difficulty even in phase one. His phase two transformation is visually stunning but also makes him highly lethal, with invulnerable moves and devastating attacks. To defeat Bayle the Dread, use piercing weapons like a spear, thrusting sword, or pickaxe, you need to approach from the front or from further to the side. To avoid this arena breathing and AoE breathing attack, you can perform dodge rolls. 

11. Promised Consort Radahn

The final is also the most difficult boss on the list, you need to defeat it to continue the game. While summoning is allowed during the fight, it is discouraged due to Promised Consort Radahn's meteor charge attack, which can quickly kill a summoned ally. Phase 1 is relatively easy to learn, but Phase 2 is where the real challenge lies. The best time to attack him is during his sword combo, as he needs a brief pause to recover. He can ascend to the air and hurl debris toward you, quick roll to dodge the ranged attacks.