Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapon For Remembrance Boss - Top 10 Best PvE & PvP Weapons In Elden Ring 2023

4/7/2023 5:30:10 PM

What are the best Elden Ring weapons 1.09 for PvP and PvE? Things have certainly changed with some falling quite down the ranks and some jumping massively up. Today, we’re going to talk about the top 10 Elden Ring best remembrance boss weapons after patch 1.09.


Elden Ring Best 1.09 Weapons 2023 - Top 10 Best Remembrance Boss Weapons In Elden Ring 1.09

Elden Ring has a variety of weapons to choose from and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Each weapon has its own unique moveset, strengths, and weaknesses, and some may be more effective against certain enemies or bosses than others. With the recent patch 1.09 in Elden Ring, we're covering the major changes and how things currently line up in this patch with the boss weapons. Now, let's take a look at the Elden Ring best 1.09 weapons for boss.

10. Dragon King’s Cragblade

This weapon is an absolute monster that has been taking some serious hits after patches. For whatever reason, they really don't like thrusting weapons. Especially in PvP, a major nerf to that in the previous patch was a PvP-specific nerf of reducing thrusting weapon counter-attack damage. Further, heavy-thrusting swords have taken a lot of hits with their jump attacks on various move sets. In our current patch 1.09, they got more nerfs. The hitbox size of various attacks say with heavy thrusting swords is reduced too. This thing sees some better control over how you use the Ash of War and the turn rate on that. Even after all of these changes and nerfs, it's still a good Elden Ring 1.09 weapon. Though, it is noticeably weaker than it once was.


9. Sacred Relic Sword

Sacred Relic Sword is doing okay in this patch while the Ash of War is obviously an Elden Ring rune farming machine and works well in PvE when you're not dealing with holy wrists and enemies. There are negatives, for example, the end game of the current version of the game is basically all holy enemies. So you're not going to do much damage with that. Further, in PvP, you're never going to land the Ash of War really in a 1v1. So it's slow and it's very easy to avoid where it is relevant. It's free for all in the colosseum where you're off-screen sending it out like crazy. However, that was specifically nerfed as well in this patch, they've decreased the damage and poised damage in PvP of the wave of gold skill. 

This Ash of War when hitting an opponent over a certain distance is just no longer as effective. Specifically, they have targeted this weapon in free-for-all where they're doing these long-range aspects. You can still do their own farming and long-range ash bam that still works great. But it's interesting to see how they've targeted this weapon and made it just noticeably weaker where it was ultimately the strongest. It is a greatsword though and there have been some slight improvements to that weapon type increased speed and range recovery time which feels very nice. Definitely still a good weapon and useful in those specific scenarios but noticeably changed and nerf this patch.


8. Hand of Malenia

This katana is not quite the same as Nagakiba with slightly worse scaling and about the same ranging capabilities. It's not a bad katana by any means. The problem is you can't really change its affinity so we can't get that scaling better. We can't go further into bleed or occult, it's a bit of an awkward one. But there is kind of that ultimate potential of successive attacks with its awesome Ash of War the waterfall dance. We cannot deny that if you can get that combo off, if someone's taking that many successive hits, your AR skyrockets, the damage is crazy, and you burst them and blast them that works great in certain scenarios where you're able to time this punishes with that Ash of War well. Mixing matching this katana with a power stance is probably a good idea. Further in 1.09, they improved the running attack speed and recovery time of katanas as a whole. So they're feeling just that little bit smoother and a little bit better.


7. Starscourge Greatsword

Starscourge Greatsword has improved this patch in a pretty major way. Starcaller Cry has always been an awesome Ash of War pulling people in and doing pretty good damage at that and a reasonable range very nice in PvP. The follow-up slam which comes out a bit slow often interrupted in PvE because you might not have enough hyper armor to take a boss hit during that slow animation or they just roll it in PvP because it's obvious what's happening that has been improved. The speed of the follow-up attacks or the pull-in and then the slam part that's faster now. Which makes a major difference in its capabilities on both sides of the game. 

When it comes to PvE, you can get away with using the full Ash of War combo much more consistently. Especially in boss fights where you might be knocked out of it before in PvP. It's a bit more threat when you do it and while still predictable and still dodging is noticeably better in this patch. Number seven on this Elden Ring best weapons ranking 1.09 feels fair because it's more universally good than Hand of Malenia.


6. Axe of Godfrey

Axe of Godfrey is better than it once was. It was once a very disappointing weapon and now it feels perfect. The damage you can get with the Regal Roar and enhancing that with different roar-enhancing abilities and talismans. You can make it do an absolute truck ton of damage like 1K a hit or more. That's extremely dangerous. Once you've done the initial Regal Roar, you've activated War Cry. Your AR's higher and you've unlocked a new moveset with your heavy attacks. The starting combo of that is a smaller slam down AOE than any uppercut sort of swipe with the axe which is mega quick. 

The follow-up to that is another heavy attack which is a charge up slower hitting thing which is unlikely to ever land or certainly not a PvP. But you can entirely rely on that quick stamp and an uppercut combo is so effective, so much damage, and so fast. This can be an incredibly good DPS very powerful combo in boss fights and majorly scary to deal with in PvP, because it's really hard to trade with. The reason why we don’t put this weapon higher on this Elden Ring 1.09 best weapons list is that it relies on one single attack. But the power of the weapon can't really be denied anymore. The poise ability it has is great now, and the roar damage with the AR is going to be good.


5. Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear

Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear is much worse than it once was. In the previous patch, they reduced the size of the Ritual Sword, the Ash of War. So the red AOE around you that causes the bleed, that's no longer as far-reaching. Still has very good reach though, a wide-reaching ability. The problem is that they keep reducing the power of thrusting weapons. In PvP, the frosting weapon and counter-attack damage are so much lower and it was a big part of the damage you'd do with a weapon like this. As a great spear though, they've nerfed it pretty hard again. 1.09 saw a decrease in the hitbox size for some of the attacks for great spear specifically. Both bleed weapon and bleed builds have been nerfed in this patch as well. You get less AR when you get a bleed proc while White Mask and Lord of Blood's Exultation Talisman are equipped. Across the board, this weapon type and this weapon and bleed build in general, it's weaker, but that doesn't mean it's not good.


4. Maliketh’s Black Blade

As a colossal sword, we've seen some great improvements to this move set. The poise potential and the speed of attacks which has been incredible. They have heavy hard-hitting, staggering weapons and they feel great with their long-range. The thing that was nerfed heavily about them was the crouch poke that was walked back majorly. The crouch broke might not be as broken as it once was, but it's still a viable attack and very threatening as a rolling catch in PvP. This one specifically has Destined Death on the Ash of War which is a 10% health reduction debuff. 

It does damage and hit and damage over time. It's incredibly powerful as an effect. The ash attack also has hyper armor, it's a three-part attack where you swing around and hit then a downward slam and hit. Then there's the AOE of the Destined Death that makes it really good in trade. Because of the armor and protection, it's great for use on both sides of the content. This weapon is just in a good place.


3. Carian Regal Scepter

Carian Regal Scepter is ultimately just a staff for your sorcery use. S scaling intelligence and very useful. Empowering your moon sorcery and not charging you extra FP to do any of it. If you try to do the most damage with your sorcery, you're going to take the staff that does cost more FP when casting spells but increases your damage further. Or perhaps you do something like the Prince of Death's depending on what sorcerers you are using. As a weapon, you do get that Ash of War where you spin the staff around for DPS but it's rarely ever used. It's just a very useful scepter, one of the best Elden Ring patch 1.09 weapons for sorcery builds. So still an undeniably useful and good boss weapon.


2. Morgott’s Cursed Sword

Morgott’s Cursed Sword is so much better after the 1.09 patch. It comes down to two aspects of major buff in 1.09. The Cursed-Blood Slash Ash of War now has increased projectile generation speed and recovery time which is absolutely major. Basically, the Ash of War on the strike has that follow-up sort of explosive curse blood pop that comes out faster and is actually catching people now. It’s very consistent even if they roll the physical attack, it combos incredibly well. Further, as a Curved Greatsword, there's been a major buff to the speed of attacks, range of attacks, and recovery time of attacks for that weapon type. What this has created is almost a true combo with this weapon in particular. 

If you do a light attack or running light attack, then use the Ash of War, you will combo into each other so quickly that it's very hard to deal with. The generation of the projectile that comes out quickly and catches people further, then you do another light attack interrupting your own Ash of War, hitting them when they're expecting to be not vulnerable. This is an absolute machine of a combo in PvP. The only real downside to this is technically it's a bleed weapon and that has been reduced in power in the bleed builds. But the massive mechanical improvements of this weapon cannot be understated.


1. Blasphemous Blade

Blasphemous Blade is arguably the best weapon in Elden Ring after patch 1.09. It's still the best boss weapon and it's better this patch as a greatsword. Greatsword moveset has improved speed, improved range, and improved recovery time. For some reason, this is the best weapon in the game overall because of all the stuff that it has and they made it better this patch which they did like the previous batch and the previous batch before that. It is a very quick weapon that has lifestyle on damage, lifestyle on kill, it has fire damage and physical damage which is incredible. 

This Ash of War is one of the best in the game because it's got an incredibly long range and it's wide, it knocks people over in PvP as well as doing a load of damage, and penetrates through targets. So you can hit infinite targets with this Ash of War. It's a free-for-all machine, it's incredible in 1v1. It's insane in basically every build, especially in PvE. Furthermore, it's just the most overpacked weapon that keeps getting better for some reason. Without a doubt, it's still the number one best Elden Ring 1.09 remembrance boss weapons.