28 Changes in Diablo 2 Resurrected that you NEED TO KNOW ABOUT (Detailed Version)

3/11/2022 4:07:18 PM

The future of Diablo 2 resurrection is really bright, and it makes sense that the focus of this change is to try to get the core game established and then add new content in the future, like maybe a new pandemonium event skill balance with new rumors of new items.

1.Auto Gold Pick-up


Auto Gold Pick-up is going to make for farming Travincal, it's just a nice qualified feature and if you don't like it you can turn it off, you can notice about all of the changes like show loot or auto gold pick-up is you always have options to toggle them on or off.


2.Advanced Stats Screen (Shows total FCR, LL, Magic Find ext)


You don't have to add up like okay so you can have 40 FCR and Hodo and you can have 35 f's here from Spirit and 20 from Racks; 20 from hvs. You don't have to manually kind of like add up all those FCR from your different items to reach those specific breakpoints you can now check that all out on the advanced stats tab.


3.Stash size increased to 10x10 + Added 3 more Shared Tabs.


It increases stash and also additional shared tabs so you don't have to fuel items or drop items on the ground to create a new character when you go back and transfer that's not a headache thing anymore, the shared stash is amazing.


4. Gamble Refresh Button + Item no longer disappears when buying multiple of the same type.

5. Cow King Kill Causing Lock-out Removed

6. Ability to link items in the chat window to show other players.


For example, it's not the best representation, it was pretty good during the first beta test but then it was a little bit buggy during the second one. I'm sure it's going to be better for the actual launch tomorrow but you can link an item so you don't have to open a trade window to show somebody an item anymore. You can just shift and then send that item to a chat window and then the person can click on it and see what the stats are so just kind of making trading a little bit easier.


7. No game creation limit. (do limitless pindle-runs!)

8. New Battlenet System. (consoles need lobbies pls)

10. Ladder-Only Unique Items Unlocked for Non-ladder  (Single Player get Anni/torch)

11. Ladder-Only Runewords + Cube Recipes Unlocked for Single Player + Non-ladder

12."Endgame" Events Unlocked for Single Player. (Uber Diablo spawned with 1 soj, Bnet is ~75-120)


13. Playable on Xbox, PS, Switch with cross-progression. (no cross play, yet. being considered)

14. Global servers (No US East/West forcing you to re-create. Simply switch regions before launch to play with anyone on PC)

15. More Details for Mercenary abilities


You can see the level of their jab, how many auras they have against connect 2 mercenaries, how much damage the jab skill deals, or how much bonus the aura gives.

16. Hold shift to compare items to equipped (no recommendations, just shows items side by side)

17. Enable loot drop names to be up all the time instead of holding Alt.


So you no longer have to toggle Alt to see the loot you have, the option of turning it on or off that I think it does get a little bit cluttered with. If you just hit Alt, it'll turn it off or whatever you have it assigned to and then you can re-hit alt to enable it again. That's a really nice feature!


18. Ctrl click items into stash instead of drag & drop

19. WSG, Ebug, Strength, NHAM(?) & Sin Trap Bugs Removed (we should get a list of all soon)

20. Unique Appearance of all items now show properly on your character when equipped.

21. Character selection screen has ultra close-up of your character + A Detailed back-drop of current Act for increased immersion. (underrated addition)


No.21 is the character selection screen, so whatever character you last played in the gear that was on that character will now show up on the selection screen and also the last act that you finished like the backdrop.

 Look at this little picture of the Druid, I had green armor forget what it is,  you can see the Act behind me just a nice little kind of underrated bully of life not really quality life just nice touch to the game.


22. Wide-screen Support up to 19:9 (removal of black-bars while zoomed-in possible compromise) (control zoom while holding F + Mouse wheel.)


23. More Accessibility Options


23 is more accessibility options so colorblindness controller support, you can change text size, there's an animation that shows if you're missing a monster so that's good more accessibility options are really good.



24. TCP/IP removal (Lame. maybe brought back in a future patch?)

25. Increased overall map visibility.

25This was definitely improved from the first original D2R Beta test or Alpha test we were called to the second one, although there was some things like the doors in the tombs were very hard to distinguish in comparison to the red walls, so there are definitely some improvements that were made.


26. Completely New Graphics Engine with Remastered Cinematics and Sounds

27. Optional toggle for "Miss" text to appear on monsters for better combat feedback.

28. Added In-Game Clock.


Guess you ask