Diablo 2 Resurrected Rune Farming Guide - How to Farm High Runes

3/10/2022 2:27:14 PM

Rune farming for Diablo 2 Advanced Runes has become a sport for Diablo 2 players. It can take time and there is nothing to increase the chances of finding runes, it is up to the player to kill monsters to find these illusory runes.


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This is a straightforward guide on how to improve your odds of finding high runes in diablo 2 resurrected,  from the Players X Command how to manipulate it on single-player and how to sort of taking advantage of it on battle a couple of maps finding techniques and then specific target locations that are going to improve your odds of finding high runes.


  • Method 1: How to use the Players X Command in single- player


You can use it to manipulate on single player or you can take advantage of it on the battle net, so if you want to change the player's difficulty in single player you're just going to type in Slash Players and then any number from one all the way through to eight that will manually change the monster difficulty which in certain cases it will reduce the no drop rate on specific monsters effectively increasing the chances of them dropping an item which could be a hybrid so you can do this whenever you want to one single player type in slash players and then pick a number you cannot do this on the ballot.



  • Method 2 : The Best Way to get up to a jaw rune


Covering the first high room farm location -Lower Kurast, you might have to reroll your maps a few times a single player and you're gonna pop these two super chests, you will want to carry keys but you're just gonna repeat these runs over and over again, now prior to D2R it was fastest to go back to Act 4 and then teleport to Lower Kurast again using the waypoints,  the loading screens is fastest to stay in Act 3, so we can do the same thing again or crossed go back to that campfire you can pop this chest that chest and that one locked again. so again you will have keys but this is what you can do over and over and over again is super boring but it is the best way to farm up to a jaw rune single player.




  • Method 3: Recommend:——Farming Travincal


Travincal is definitely a great location for farming high runes, the council themselves can drop up to a Cameroon and they have elevated high room dropouts, so it's a great spot it works well for single-player or battle net. It's a little bit challenging to keep immersed in our lives, you can use The Reaper's Toll and the Guardian Angel, they gives 90 fires cannot be frozen in life leech so the mercenary literally will never die. You can do this for the frenzy barb, it's not the optimal setup. This is a great spot with tons of gold you'll see jewelry drops; jewels; amulets; circlets; tons of charms.




  • Method 4: Recommend—— Farming Secret Cow Level 


Secret Cow Level is a great location for farming high runes, because of monster density the more monsters you kill the better chance you get of dropping high runes. You're going to be pumping up the drop rates of just regular white cows if you're playing single-player, unfortunately, there are a lot of good budget characters that can clear cows pretty efficiently. Because of mass monster density more monsters, you kill more chances you get dropping items, and then those drops could potentially be hybrids so make sure you farm lots of the Secret Cow Level.



  • Method 5: Recommend——Farming Countess


The Countess is a rune farming guide and she's not a good location for anything above Estrone so you can break down her two different drop tables, so the Countess has a unique room drop table that drops up to Estrone and she also has her Monster Drop Table which could potentially drop up to a low rune but though the odds of going past an eastern is very minuscule, so if you're trying to farm anything Estrone or below definitely the Countess is a great location.


In normal difficulty, the countess maps are a lot smaller which should help you guys find the cow just a little bit easier. The count is a great location for anything below an instrument if you want to try and prioritize keys over runes higher players' difficulty or a larger group will be optimal only focusing on runes solo is your best bet.

  • Method 6: Use The Chaos Seal Pop Trick Technique


Another great method of farming runes is using The Chaos Seal Pop technique, it follows the themes of Matt's monster-killing again.  The only thing that you need to be aware of with this trick quote is that it does not apply your character MF to all the extra monsters that are killed, so how do you pull off this trick? you can kill all of the seal bosses and save one extra seal either on Infector one of the two.



  • Method 7: Targeting Ghost Packs


This is an effective way of firming high runes and it's again similar to the council Ghosts having an elevated chance of dropping high runes. The only downside is you want to make sure that you're killing these ghosts they have to be on the path if they're off the path you won't get anything so you have to kind of mess around with trying to line them all up and then kill them. It's a viable option and you can also target the Ghosts in like the Countess tower or yak forecast sanctuary a viable method.



We also have a video guide that goes over the build, if you prefer that instead of or in addition to our written guide.


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