Diablo 2 Resurrected High Rune Farming Spots - Best Places to Farm D2R High Runes

5/7/2022 5:43:05 PM

Whether you have run the same spots hundreds of times for high runes farming in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 and Ladder? Other than the popular areas like the Cows and Chaos Sanctuary, there are still some hidden locations you probably have not gone to. Today, let’s find out some new D2R high runes farming places that are probably uncommon but offer great Diablo 2 Ladder rune drops. 

d2r high rune farming

Diablo 2 Resurrected High Rune Farming Spots - Best Places to Farm D2R High Runes

Here are some hidden best places to farm D2R high runes found by Sweet Phil, the actual choice for different players is depending on what your build is, what the area is immune to, and whether it has a good density. 

The Stony Tomb 

The first place to farm high-level D2R runes is The Stony Tomb, when you are teleporting around looking for the leg, you can come across all different kinds of stuff, where you can find good items, you’ll come across small encampments, those zombies are immune to lightning, you don’t necessarily have to teleport around the whole thing, but as you meet these groups, make sure to take them out for a chance of getting high runes, which only requires a few seconds. 


When you go to the Tristram, don’t sleep on the monsters, there can be some good density in here and the monsters are incredibly weak, you could have just taken out lots of extra monsters, each one having a chance to drop you a high rune. 

Tamoe Highlands

When you're out the area Tamoe Highlands searching for the Pits, there are a ton of groups out there, you're gonna have a chance of getting some useful uniques, but specifically, when you come out this way, you can search for these groups and you can easily take out 40 or 50 mobs on your way to the Pits, which is the next place we are moving on.

The Pits

The Pits is known as an excellent hunting location for unique Diablo 2 items, but you can also find high runes here. This place can have immune to fire, cold, lightning, and poison. You can come across little encampments here, there is quite a bit of density, they are incredibly weak and you can chop down these groups super fast, you can get high runes there from those encampments.

The Forgotten Tower

When you are coming around this place, there are definitely monster packs you could take out and ghosts on the way, every single monster has a chance of dropping high runes in Hell difficulty, and ghosts have an elevated chance of dropping runes. So when you are coming along, you can target those ghost packs on your way down to Countess. 

Arcane Sanctuary

Similarly, there are also ghosts here, but these ghosts are much stronger, they do take a little bit more effort. There are actually a couple of wings you can come up over on this side and you can run all four. There is a good amount of area to clear here, you are not constantly saving and exiting and going from this one to that one, it is also a location that is often skipped. 

Tal Rasha’s Tombs

Tal Rasha's Tomb is any one of 7 hidden tombs accessible from the Canyon of the Magi, you don’t have to save and exit once you pop out of one, you can teleport down and hop down in another one. The problem here is that a lot of beetles can shoot out a ton of lightning damage, which is kind of difficult. You can skip the things that are taking a too long time. 

Flayer Jungle

This is going to be a tough place to farm, especially for nova sorceress, you can get more or less of the ones that are immune to lightning depending on how the map rolls. There is sneaky density and they can be pretty simple. The area is huge, so the number of times that you are going to have to save and exit is very limited, these should take a lot of time because the map is so big. When you are hunting high runes, go ahead and pick whichever one of the areas in Act 3 with a lot of density. 

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