Diablo 2 Resurrected Top 5 Builds in Patch 2.4: the Foh Paladin & the Lightning Strike Amazon &The Nova Sorceress, and more

4/28/2022 2:11:13 PM

In this guide, we're going to be discussing what we think are going to be the top five most popular builds that will launch in patch 2.4: The Summon Druid, The Foh Paladin, The Lightning Strike Amazon, The Hydra Sorceress, The Nova Sorceress, and we’re going to go over the pros and cons for each of these new builds.



These will be the single most popular build in patch 2.4.


The Summon Druid



  •  You can summon all of your minions at the same time so this is a huge quality of life improvement with everything together it ends up being quite a bit of damage.

  • This is a very safe build for hardcore, so many people may tend to summon druids when playing single-player hardcore games.


  • You're not reliant on corpses to create your minions.



  • The damage is a little bit lackluster even with an endgame setup.


  • It is an expensive build to play to get that true end game damage.



The Foh Paladin



  • There are multiple different ores that you can use so whether it's a conviction or to boost your initial lightning damage you could use meditation.


  • There are a lot of different combinations: if you want mana recovery you could use redemption, if you want to totally replenish your life and mana when you kill tons of mobs, there were so many different auras kind of tying into that the different auras and possibilities mean you're not tied into using an infinity mercenary.



A cow farming build is not in kind of the description of what a Foden is capable of doing.



The Charged/Lightning Strike Amazon



  • The Charged/Lightning Strike Amazon with very good gear, it has insane clear speed.


  • This is an interesting option for those who like to play Amazon but don't want to play Java.


  • It's something that you would never use on java, it's always lightning theory and charge strike, but now the combination of a lightning strike and charge strike it's just a cool playstyle.


  • There's again similar to the photon a lot of versatility in terms of your mercenaries.



  • The infinity is very expensive. (We have good D2R items for you if you need.)


  • Due to the play style, your resistances are more important than they are with the jabs on.



The Hydra Sorceress




  • With a lower resistance wand casting hydras and fireball, you can more trick Mephisto faster than you can use blizzard and ice blast. 


  • It does not sort of your standard point shooting gameplay which does provide you a different alternative to play the sorceress which is nice.


  • There's a lot of different versatility in terms of hybrid build options.



The hydra sorceress is the same for any fire sorcerer spilled as you are restricted in terms of areas that you can effectively farm.


The Nova Sorceress




  • For playthroughs, especially through normal and nightmare, nova sorceress is even stronger now than what it was in patch 2.3 and that is because static field now synergizes novas, so in addition to having a strong nova you can have a huge massive static field radius which is very powerful and normal in a nightmare.


  • It's a little bit more of an aggressive playstyle for those that are maybe bored of your standard sorceress.




  • Due to the sort of gameplay style of tele stomping you are a little bit more susceptible to taking damage.

  • Even though it is more damage, it's not quite as much again as like your standard lighting sorceress should not get a 1 to 40k damage, you're getting like 1 to 5k which it's still a very strong build, it's just not quite as powerful as the standard point of shoot lighting sorceress.










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