Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Budget Merc Build: Best Gear, Gameplay Tips

5/10/2022 10:47:49 AM

This guide is going to be about we're breaking down what we think is an overlooked act 5 budget mercenary setup, so we slept on some of the changes for set D2 items in particular for patch 2.4, it's kind of focused on class changes, the high power D2R rune words like obsession and mist, you're tired of resurrecting mercenary constantly, this might be a mercenary for you guys to try out.


Best Budget Merc Build



What is this insane budget mercenary? It's actually an Act five frenzy variant using the three-piece zombie set complimenting that with the rumored lawbringer now.


Weapon: Sazabi's Cobalt Redeemer

Sazabi's Cobalt Redeemer suffers from a low minimum damage, it relies on its increased attack speed to do effective damage. The cold damage added by the weapon makes enemies move and attack more slowly, making the weapon even faster in comparison. In addition to the usual Amn or Shael to improve its properties, it could be socketed with a Sol rune or a jewel with a Crimson prefix or Bliss suffix as a way to improve its damage.

Balrog Skin: Sazabi's Ghost Liberator

Rune Word: Lawbringer

Lawbringer offers the very rare Slain Monsters Rest in Peace mod, making it a powerful switch weapon to use against enemies that make use of corpses, particularly Nihlathak. Otherwise, it's a decent weapon for attackers focusing on speed, as it offers Decrepify mod (somewhat offsetting the lack of Enhanced Damage) and a Sanctuary aura that allows all physical damage dealt by the character to ignore resistance on undead enemies.

Helmet: Sazabi's Mental Sheath


Gameplay Tips

For this guide, just a dual spirit set up with smoke and lore, just random miscellaneous FCR stuff, it's very budget-oriented, we can get to the cal sanctuary really quickly just from charging telestaff. You can use the tele staff to reposition the mercenary too, redemption as your aura, it kind of helps you with any man or life issues. If you were using a kind of budget-oriented melee character too, this would be a really good compliment,  it always having that redemption or active.



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