Elden Ring Zombie/Revenant Boss Build Guide - Best Death's Poker Sub 20 PvE & PvP Build

5/11/2022 6:08:41 PM

In this Elden Ring Guide, we break down the high damage and unkillable Zombie Build - an extremely powerful Sub 20 build to play for both PVP and PVE! 

Elden Ring Zombie Build

Elden Ring High Damage & Unkillable Zombie Build

This is an extremely fun build that lets you essentially become a god when you get 20% health or lower while also healing to 18%. Whenever you fall below it, this allows for a huge burst when you do get low and you get a massive reduction of damage taken when you're there, so you're actually safer when you're at that help, we have the maximum health, can manage to make that 20% actually have a lot of health to work with. And in general, even before that sub 20%, we do take low damage and deal a lot, and it makes this a very fun build to play since we're strong generally, and then we go Super Saiyan when below 20% HP, people simply do not expect it when you're fighting them in PVP, they just don't know what's coming. So let's dive into the build!

How To Build Up The High Damage & Unkillable Zombie Build? 

1. Use Weapon Death's Poker & Twinbird Kite Shield

Both weapons actually come from the Death Birds found around the game at night alone and they'll have some very interesting drops often to do with the benefit of being low health. When you're at low health which is 20% or lower, the shield will boost your attack and defense making you deal more damage and take less these.

But the weapon Death's Poker+10 only requires 11 intelligence to run, and you don't really want to pump more than that because it scales at a D, where you want to put your stats is more towards dex because that's got the B scaling. This is a physical and magical weapon because it is actually a frost weapon causing frost buildup when you attack. When we get that frost proc on a target what's going to happen is it's going to take a nice burst of damage, and then for quite a long time they are going to be frozen or freezing, and at that point, they take increased damage as well. 

2. Use Ash of War Skill Ghostflame Ignition

As a weapon it is a great sword moveset that is solid, but it's all about the Ash of War skill - the incredibly named Ghostflame Ignition which has two types you can do: 

You press it and you stab dealing damage interrupting enemies and there's a small bomb explosion:

Way 1 - If we choose to do a light attack, we break that bomb and spread it out dealing icy fire damage, when a boss stands in that it's going to take nice damage and when a player stands in that it's also going to do nice damage, creating a safe zone for you as well.

Way 2 - When we do a heavy attack, it's going to blow up in an AOE around you, dealing high single impact damage, this is incredibly good in PVP where you're able to trade using this in a consistent and reliable way.

3. Stack Up Higher HP with Vigor, Talismans and Quick Items

So we have a powerful weapon that creates its own power buffs and then we have power buffs from getting low health. How can we make being low health better? Well, we want to make sure that we have a lot of health to work with, so there are a lot of ways we can deal with that statistically:

  • 80 vigor to give us lots of health

  • With Blue/Red-Feathered Brachsword talismans, we get extra attack power when low health from the red one and get extra defense from the blue one. 

  • Crimson Amber Medallion +2 vastly raises your maximum health

  • Crimsonspill Crystal Tear from your wondrous physic will boost your max health as well

  • Morgott's Great Run finally to greatly raise our maximum health 

  • That wondrous physic lasts a grand total of three minutes which is definitely long enough for any fight and that brings us to the ridiculous 2992 HP.

So what is 20% of that? Well, we just times that by 0.2 and that brings us down to 598 health to work with when we're at 20% and now supercharged. The armor will give you 8 health a second, when you're fully equipping it, we get a 20% damage increase when Red-Feathered Brachsword is active, 5% damage increase when the shield is active, 50% damage reduction from the Blue-Feathered Brachsword, and then again another 5% damage reduction from the shield when that's active. That is how we go Super Saiyan, that's what happens when we go low health. 

All Equipment Items You Need For The Zombie and How To Get Them

Let us quickly go over how you get all Elden Ring items in this build that you need:


Death's Poker Weapon

You can get this from the south point of Caled, just next to the Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank grace, right here is going to be the Death Rite Bird that only spawns at night. So you just come over there and defeat it, then you'll get Death's Poker+10.

Twinbird Kite Shield

Much the same to get the Twinbird Kite Shield, we're going to need to kill another death bird, this one is located in the Altus Patel region, just east of the Hermit Merchant Shack grace. Go over there, on this hill in the corner, the death bird will spawn in the night and then you defeat it to get the shield. 

Armor Set

Royal Remains Armor Set

Royal Remains Helm

Royal Remains Armor

Royal Remains Gauntlets

Royal Remains Greaves

The Royal Remains armor set comes from defeating ensure - the NPC that doesn't speak to you that stands outside the entrance to Gideon's Room. When you pick up the Haligtree Secret Medallion left or right side either side, return to the round table, he will invade you and attack you. After you kill him, the round table will return to normal and then his loop will be here where you can get his armor set.


Talisman 1 - Crimson Amber Medallion +2

You're going to need to come to Lindell, once it is actually covered in ash and from the grace, we're going to the entrance to the sewer, drop down, and find the body has that talisman on it.

Talisman 2 - Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

To get the Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman, you're going to need to come to the Hallek tree at the Drainage Channel grace. From the Drainage Channel grace, go to step outside and just follow this path essentiall, make your way to the top of this Church of Chapel. Once you drop in onto the rafter, you're going to see these scorpions and there's a chest right there, inside of this chest is the talisman.

Talisman 3 - Red-Feathered Brachsword

To get the Red-Feathered Brachsword, we're going to want to come to Scenic Isle in the lakes region. This Scenic Isle grace just located at the South Point of the Lakes and right here on this rock is going to be where you walk at night to summon in the death bird ( it spawns in when you step about here). As you summon it in, you must kill it, and upon defeating it, you'll get the talisman. 

Talisman 4 - Blue-Feathered Brachsword

To get the Blue-Feathered Brachsword, you need to come to southeast of the Warmaster's Shack at the top of Limbgrave, is a sort of rock similar to the last one and when we step on this at night, another death bird will spawn in and when we defeat it, we get the talisman.

Quick Items

Crimsonspill Crystal Tear

To get the crimson spill crystal tear which is also going to increase our max health, you need to come to the Altars Plateau, we are right next to the Minor Erdtree in the sort of main crater area and there is a boss called worm face, if you go defeat him, he will drop exactly what you're after

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