Elden Ring Best Fallingstar Beast Jaw Build Guide: Best Equipment, Stats, Location

6/13/2022 2:56:24 PM

In this Elden Ring Guide, we bring you a falling star beastJaw build. Here's the thing with this Elden Ring fallingstar beast Jaw build. This is a fun weapon because it's got a really powerful special attack that is good against many enemies. Next, we are showing you the best way of optimizing this fallingstar build in Elden Ring. we used that just sort of completely removed all challenges from 95 of the bosses and enemies in the game, a build that could kill Moog without letting him even do a real attack to you that could kill dragons with a minimal challenge, they could even stagger lock late-game bosses.


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Elden Ring Fallingstar Beast Jaw Build Attributes

Vigor - 40

Mind - 39

Endurance - 17

Strength - 40

Dexterity - 40

Intelligence - 20

Faith - 25

Arcane - 8


Elden Ring Fallingstar Beast Build Equipment

elden ring

  • Weapon: Fallingstar Beast Jaw

The Fallingstar Beast Jaw colossal weapon, the absolute maximum scaling that this weapon can reach for this skill would have you maxing out three different attributes, as it both deals physical and magical damage as well, you can buff it with things that boost either one, this means that each buff will be a lesser overall bonus than it would be with a weapon that was one pure damage bonus, but this means that you can apply buffs together that normally just wouldn't work because magic damage is 30 of the weapon skill if you were to use something like the Magic Scorpion Charm talisman which applies a 12 and a half percent bonus to magic damage, it would only actually be around a three to four percent damage bonus on the skill as a whole which makes it much less valuable than it would normally be in another set, but in a game where you have a limited number of damage buffs for each type of damage and more often than not there is an extra slot or two available in builds that only use one type of damage a multi-type weapon has an extremely high cap.

  • Armor:

Hoslow's Set

Bull – Goat Set

  • Skills: Ash of War Quickstep

  •  Talismans

Shard of Alexander

This one boosts your weapon's skill damage by 15 and that, of course, applies to both damage types, it's just super strong on any build that is focused around ash of war, this build is almost entirely focused on using gravity bolt well, you get this one from the following alexander around the map a little bit with the first step being in the desert where you fight radon, the second one being in the west of Seethewater terminus in the magma pools.


Radagon's Soreseal

Radagon's Soreseal being in crumbling fair in Missoula by the dragon temple rooftop site of grace, our main goal here to apply damage, we have the Carian filigreed crest to back it up, lowering the cost of our weapon skill usage by 25.

Ritual Sword Talisman

This increases your damage by 10 when you're at full health,  it isn't a melee build either, you will definitely get good use out of this talisman especially at the beginning of a fight to get it for yourself, you'll have to kill the boss located down the stairs of deluxe ruins in the Altus plateau for your wondrous flask of physic mixtures, we have the Magic shrouding cracked tear which gives you a solid 20 boost to your magic damage overall evening out to around 6.5 boost to your weapon skill due to the way the name is split up.

Stonebarb Cracked Tear which makes your poise breaks easier to achieve, as this weapon deals a lot of poise damage, and lets you spam the ability even harder without needing to take breaks to dodge attacks, the magic shrouding cracked tier is found by killing the boss at the minor aired tree on the eastern side of Liurnia, and the stone barb cracked tear is dropped by the boss of the minor air tree in the northeast section of called.

  • Spell:

Terra Magica

This puts a circle on the floor under you to increase your magic damage while standing inside of it by 35 percent, this translates to nearly 12 overall bonus damage on our weapon skill of choice, it can be a bit hard to stay inside of the circle while also avoiding your enemy, this one is found by following the path at the end of the Academy crystal cave in Liurnia after the boss, you'll find quite the long elevator leading up to the top of a tower with this spell located inside of a chest.

  • Incantations:


Golden Vow

Golden Vow boosts your damage by 15 and your defense by 10 for 80 seconds after casting.

Flame, Grant Me Strength

Flame, Grant Me Strength which boosts your physical and fire damage by 20 for 30 seconds after casting which realistically is a 14 damage boost to the weapon skill itself.


Where & How to get Fallingstar Beast Jaw

At Altus Plateau, Drop from Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast.