Elden Ring Guide- 10 Elden Ring Details You Should Know

6/16/2022 4:56:25 PM

The most interesting Elden ring details and secrets, here introduce Elden ring weapons or Elden ring character details. 

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Elden Ring Guide- 10 Elden Ring Details You Should Know

1. Elden Ring weapons - The moonlight greatsword

such as this weird new look to the moonlight greatsword when seen through a ghost and Reichard's death machine is designed to look like his wife Taneth which is a weird way to show love.

2. Elden Ring weapons - Elden beast's sword

If you look at the Elden beast's sword, it's actually a boss turns out, this is Ratagon after being dipped into the cosmic goo, you can see his body is the hilt of the sword at least he's striking the inner order pose and going out in some fashion.

3. Elden Ring character - The body of the dragon lord 

Now the community of Elden ring has discovered, some really cool details over at Xeostorm's community, they found the body of the dragon lord before you go back in time, and the body discovered that the forgotten snake boss in ds3 was fully realized in Elden ring rev's basement found a glitch where you can have an unobtainable purple cape and Zulu unmasked NPCs and revealed their faces.

4. Elden Ring weapons - Ride wolves

Semi-recently, it's been discovered that a summon can ride wolves, if the lieutenant is near a dire wolf, she'll just hop on and start riding around, it makes sense as the character was close with wolves until you realize that it's kind of broken, and she'll shoot the mount that she's riding the closer. 

5. Elden Ring weapons - Godwin

There's actually another really cool enemy detail which involves Godwin's face certain crabs affected by the death blight bear the face of Godwin on their back, and it's even hidden on the big one, if go under stormville, can find one of Godwin's heads and next to it is the prince of death's pustule, this pustule which means blister or pimple is what is on these crabs.

This same substance being used to seal the doors and windows within lane dell corps wax is a real thing though, and the gargoyles were clearly based upon, this process the snow area of Elden ring feels big.

Gatekeeper Gostok, until the end when see him stomping on Godric's head, but apparently, he's been with us the entire time while exploring stormville, you can find him stalking you on 4 separate occasions except, there's another interesting detail every time you die within the castle he takes 30 of your runes.

Although you can get it back if you kill him, this isn't even counting for the time when he locks you in a room, he's actually pretty scummy, the falling star beasts and their metamorphosis is a really cool enemy concept throughout their process you can actually spot their ice skull thing slowly emerging from the beast which if you clip into one of the larva versions you can see the skull just sitting there,  by the way, their general life cycle is based on ant lions, the larvae have the same jaw and body. 

6. Elden Ring weapons - Margaret's shackle

They both cocoon and when they're done, they gain wings and grow to full adulthood, the only small difference is that one just has a human skull, it seems that Margaret's shackle is completely broken.

Apparently, when you use it, the Elden ring item has a very large zero damage area of effect, if you feel like there might be an illusory wall just try it, and it'll cover the whole room, the fire breathing imp statues can be lowered from a very far distance, but the best part is you can destroy the chariot, it seems that it forces one to spawn which then makes them collide and explode effectively neutralizing the whole dungeon a cool, but less known weakness is a simple charge attack against the falling star beast if timed correctly, it will stun it and completely stop his charge sequence, what weapon you use really doesn't matter.

7. Elden Ring weapons - Crystal darts 

Another cool mechanic is that the crystal darts can overcharge golem enemies and have them attack each other, this also works on the imps too, a bunch of robot golem-Esque enemies, and it had no effect the only close one was the guardian golems who would be momentarily stunned. 

Although that was it except one Elden ring item does this much better and the bewitching branch also has enemies fight each other, but once they're pacified, they stay pacified, even if you hit them, so once used the enemy is effectively dead within the roundtable hold, to meet hugue, he's just a basic enemy, you can find these creatures called misbegotten who are an oppressed race forced into slavery, and they actually have pretty cool lore, such as castlemorn where they rebelled and completely took over the building, but hugue isn't much different as he's being forced to make a weapon to slay a god.

8. Elden Ring weapons - Elden ring's ledges

Another cool detail weirdly, enough involves Elden ring's ledges, if you're attacking next to a drop the game will not let you fall no matter what, by the way, this doesn't work for weapon abilities, as you know in the great jars trial, you must face three knights, but some of you might have noticed that their builds are toxic, it's because they're other players, if you can succeed at killing all three knights, then you'll be rewarded with the great Jar's admiration what is also cool, though is now your build will appear as a jar of the great knight in someone else's world and that's why the phantoms you fight all have horrible bleed builds.

Now never want to hurt Tauren, especially by accident, but sometimes her battle gets in the way, although to worry, and he actually subtly ducks away from any spells.

9. Elden Ring character - Ranala

Another kind of funny detail involves Ranala, it's a cool detail, if you don't think about the outcome, the archery avatar has a not, so surprising weakness as you can see it's being demolished right now, and the secret is fire.

It's made of wood, but any sort of fire pot does massive damage to this enemy, especially if you have pretty good strength or deck scaling, this isn't even mentioning the giant's flame firepot which if you've levelled in faith will absolutely destroy.

10. Elden Ring weapons - Off-brand witch of Hemwick

The off-brand witch of Hemwick actually can be deadly itself and if you're crazy enough to not kill the snail after defeating both god skins, you can witness a grab attack no one really wants to experience and this isn't that rare as it does it every time, so it actually can be deadly, while in an elevator, you can see your parry window simply, enough if you just parry against the wall, the sparks flying off will show the frames.

This can actually be used to display which weapon has a bigger window user Windermere peaks discovered that you can skip pretty much all of the Haily trees start at the prayer room grace run towards the bowl and take a right down to the elevator, you can simply just walk off from the corner and your dead body will trigger the pressure plate, activating the shortcut to Melania and skipping the entire area.