D2R 2.5 Ladder Season 2 Items Wishlist - Top 10 Items Update We Want In Daiblo 2 Resurrected 2.5 Patch

8/24/2022 2:11:24 PM

Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch 2.5 is basically just around the corner, so in this D2R 2.5 guide sorted from Dbrunski125' video, we break down the top 10 items we want to get updated in the Daiblo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season 2.

D2R 2.5 Ladder Season 2 Items

1. Light vs Medium vs Heavy Armors

The incentive to use armor other than a dust shroud, Arkham plate or a mage plate. There really isn't much incentive to use sacred armor because the actual additional percent defense that you get on is no point. For example well-rolled fortitude archon plate versus fortitude sacred armor or a character outside of mercenary options, there's just no point, the extra strength that you invest or the loss of life compared to the extra percent defense you get, there's zero point to rolling it and anything other than the specific bases, unless you're specifically looking for style points. But it would be better if there was more incentive added to medium and heavy type body armor. A light style armor has no percent damage reduction then moving up to if you choose to roll fortitude in a medium type armor, you have an inherent increase in percent DR, so sacred armor you'd have to invest up to 232 strength to wear it but you would at least get a 10 dr bonus, that would provide some incentive to actually use these types of armors over kind of the standard meta that's always used.

2.  Two-Handed Buffs

It is a little bit more incentive to use two-handed weapons and this could be accomplished via adjusting the damage numbers or two-handed weapons, so four pikes, great pull axes, and colossus blade have that two-handed damage range increase. Because in any melee character for the most part again, there are always exceptions, but zealot typically the sacrifice of dropping a shield to build a two-handed weapon, it's not worth it. Barbarian role and barb, it's usually typically better to go like two-handed dual grief versus a 280 weapon, especially with the most recent changes of the debate to the whirlwind. But a lot of people particularly in the hardcore barbarian community, they're kind of upset with those whirlwind changes. But it would be great if there was more incentive to use two handed weapons like if a colossus blade was a more desirable base instead of a five-up socket phase blade to roll the runeword Grief.

Two ideas of some sort of incentive that come to mind: first would be adjusting the damage range so min and max damage values of some of those two-handed weapons just increasing it a little bit, and also potentially it's not necessarily adjusting items but tweaking skills so again whirlwind you get more of a bonus if you use a two hand weapon versus a single-handed weapon.

3. Spirit Alternative for Melee

We would like to see a Spirit alternative for melee characters. Some people are going to sound off and say well Unbending Will is a very powerful runeword giving you a lot of really good bonus for a melee character and it is true, it's a six open socket or six rune requirement which needs to be rolled in a six open socket base which is a very difficult weapon to find early on for a melee character. Sorceresses or any caster in general as soon as they get that four open socket crystal sword or broad sword from cows, and you roll your telethon or am it's just such a big instrumental like power jump for caster characters, which are already at an advantage over melee because they do more damage they always hit. We would like to see some sort of four open socket rune word with similar required runes as Spirit but provide the same alternative DPS and usefulness for a melee character, that way you would see more people with more options to level his melee character.

4. Introduce New Unique Items

Also, we would like to see some new uniques introduced into the game if you look at the Ariat summit in particular comparing normal to exceptional to elite items. You'll notice that there's like tons of normal boot options and exceptional body armors if you go to like elite armors or elite belts, there are very few choices, so it almost makes us think that more alternatives in terms of like elite uniques for body armors, belts or shields, and more options at the high-end elite scale for uniques that are worth using would be a good complement to the game.

5. Buff Existing Class Specific Sets

This is a very small change but would have a profound impact and that includes buffing the rare set items that are class specific. With the exception of tel rash's source reset does not need to be buffed it is in a fantastic place, it is very useful whether it's three-piece towels or full towels a great character. Everything else we think is subpar to the power of towels, so it would be great if some existing kind of like DPS or something or res, anything that makes them more valuable even with the recent new Horadric Cube recipe to up set items.

6. Enable Hidden Unique Items

Introducing some of the existing uniques that are in the game coding that they can't actually drop, so similar to plague and patch 2.4, there are two standout unique items that would like to see reintroduced, again with a little bit of kind of like tempering or reduction in power because they are kind of ridiculous. But the first would be the constriction ring, and the second would be merman sprocket, it would be really good if these very rare and powerful uniques were brought back into the game, but again definitely scaled back so even like the constriction ring the 10 max res, 100 all res and 50 MF. That is way too op but you could definitely scale it down to being like two to max all res. 

7. Buff Existing Rare Unique Items

It has always bugged some players that some ultra-rare uniques are super valuable and sought after. The Griffon's Eye, Death's Web, and Death's Fathom, are extremely powerful and very high-end late options that their rarity matches the power that they have, but what about Mang Song's Lesson is very rare not even close to like 10% of the power of Grief. We are not saying you have to make Astrid's Grief, but it would be very great if these ultra rare uniques be actually usable or worth something. You can make an Asturian zealot but it's going to be weaker than something like Oath, but how much easier it is to make the runeword oath compared to Astreon's. Ultra rare is really bad, we would like to see those changes implemented so just buffing some of the super ultra rare uniques to match some of the other existing powerful ultra rare uniques.

8. Indestructible Items Roll Ethereal 

This one might be a little bit controversial but we would like to see indestructible items have the ability to roll ethereal. A lot of people might be like that's big power creep but think about it, we already have like reef you can roll breath of the dying and berserk racks for again very powerful options, but what about an ethereal grandfather or an ethereal Doombringer? If those items could roll ethereal, they would get a very big damage bonus and then they already have the indestructible mod on them, so you could put like an Om rune in the ethereal grandfather. So that you don't have to worry about durability, it would have a big bump in damage just from the bonus and then an Omron for example would provide even more damage bonus.

9. Buff Under Utilized Crafting Options

Last change on this list is buffing some underutilized crafting options, so we all know how powerful crafting caster amulet is but what about safety gloves, safety boots, and blood weapons, these are crafting options that people typically almost never mess around with. So it would be pretty interesting if maybe the damage value range that could roll on a blood craft could, maybe go a lot higher, maybe you could craft have a chance of like ethereal on a blood craft or something, maybe safety boots could introduce like a defensive skill....There is that kind of defiance or that would be kind of some weird power creep, but there definitely is 100% a huge disparity in particular sought-after crafted items compared to all the crafting possibilities, so we do think that examining some of the lesser used crafts and potentially making them more powerful would just again provide you more end game diversity.

10. New Rune Words

We are almost positive that we will see new D2R ladder runewords in patch 2.5 similar to what we saw in patch 2.4, but in particular, the caveat here is we would like to see some meta-shifting rune words now, they don't have to be like something twice as powerful as infinity or a different alternative version of Enigma, we don't want to push the ceiling of more power, but something that shifts the meta in terms of options is very exciting for us. 

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