Lost Ark Scout Preparation Guide | How to Prepare for Machinist

9/21/2022 11:23:32 AM

They haven't technically given out a date for the update, but everyone's pretty sure it's going to be the 28th right that's when the login event ends and there was an update at the beginning of September likely going to be an update at the end of September, so ideally, it'll be the 28th where we'll have scout and clown and all that stuff, we'll try and share today how we'll try and prepare for the release of scouts, and what exactly we'll need.


How to Prepare for Scout/Machinist

The reason we're going to 1445 is that we have five characters that are cuckoo ready, and we have one character, my berserker, that we'll replace, and we'll put my scout in his place, so we'll have our scout take this spot in like my main six, and if we'll have him take a spot in the main six we will get him up to the same item level as soon as we can to you know make that extra gold and whatnot, so we're going to need roughly 11 mil silver, 50 000 gold, 450000 honor shards, 2k basic array has 36000 destructions, 110k guardian stones, and 3 000 great honors, this is also just to 13 from 1370 to 1445, this is not including 1302 to 1370.

We're going to talk about some of the things we're doing to prepare:

1. So one of the first things, this has been tough, because everyone knows the blue crystal prices have been extremely high, well anyways, the Marie store has these honor shard pouches which are 300 crystals, they're 291 crystals, and with the price of honors hard pouches going up on the market, it's about 50 cheaper to buy these from the marine store even if you convert to gold, so what we've been doing is we've been buying a bunch of them with my gold that we've gotten, we have 10, it's about 30k honor shards per, so this is about 300k honor shards, so we still want to buy a few more after weekly reset, we still have some Argo's buses and whatnot to do, so we could still buy a few, but we're going to try and buy a bunch of these because we feel like shards are going to be one of the parts or one of the points where we struggle the most.

2. The other thing we'll need a lot of is silver, the maharaka event, gives two mil silver every week, and we still have one more week of it, so through doing my chaos dungeons, guardian raids and all that stuff, we should be able to accumulate enough mats and silver and whatnot, we have 70 000 guardian stone crystals saved up, i'm slacking on the destruction stone crystals we've been saving our abyss, our challenge abyssal boxes like these honor shards, we have these honing shards selection chests some leap stones and whatnot here so we have some extra shards to get we'll also be able to buy the pvp shop, and the pirate shop when the character comes out which will give me like an extra maybe 10 000 or 15 000 honor shards, as well as a little bit of extra leap stones, but we'll try and do as many chaos dungeons as we can a day, we haven't been streaming for the past like two days, because we've been having a lot of back pain, so we haven't been feeling really well, but hopefully that subsides, and we can get back to streaming here soon but the goal is to get up to at least 10 000 maybe 20 000 destruction stones before the 28th, and if we do all our chaos dungeons, as well as guardian raids, we should be able to do that no problem, we believe the fever time is also going to be giving us some honing shards selection chests in the future that might be after the release though, also, fun fact if you're watching this we heard that these books these 20 books were bugged, and you couldn't use them and because of that they're actually going to extend the duration of them so normally they're going to expire on the 28th, but we guess they're going to extend that we don't know by how long or when they're going to put that extension through or what, but rox has talked about it on the forums, so if you have some of these left, and you want to save them for scout, luckily, we have some left, and we plan on using those for him, the main goal is we'll focus up try and do low paying try and do chaos dungeons get as much silver as we can, we're not too worried about Lost Ark gold, because 50 000 gold for me, isn't too bad if we don't buy anything usually we can make plenty of that just for my legion raids and Argo's buses that we do every week, and then that's  not including if we get like a good legendary book or maybe a decent jewelry piece or something that we can sell to make some extra bread ideally, we want to save all of that stuff.

3. What else we've been doing is we've been working on gems, we've been trying to get our character set up gems wise for the release of cuckoo, so we've been trying to get at least level six cooldowns and level sevens on our annihilations, wehave a level six and a level seven here for planetary  gravity explosion which is one of the skills we're going to be using after the balance patch for artillery, so we're hoping the balance patch comes out on the 28th, because we don't want to have to re-roll the level seven, so ideally we could just pop that in right here, because it'll be replacing multiple rocket launcher ,these two right here will be getting replaced, we just need a few more level sixes because gems are getting really expensive, so we're trying to kit out our characters and gems, and we think for now for scout we'll try and get two level sevens, maybe two level sixes or something we gotta see, one annihilation and one cooldown and we'll try and play transformation scout off the start, and then switch to non-transformation later,  once we have more tripods on board and things like that, so hopefully we can get there before scout releases, and if you're trying to prepare, maybe this helped or maybe this give you an idea of where some other people are, but we're in a bad spot because we just got this character's weapon to 20.