Diablo 2 Resurrected Items Guide - All Things About Shadow Bow

9/27/2022 3:06:41 PM

The Diablo 2 Resurrected to attempt to make the Mist Bowl, making it in a shadow bow base, because this Diablo 2 item has pretty good break points for the damage that it emits all right, it's a toad bow basically and for returning to Iceman's Diablo 2 Research Institution.

Diablo 2 resurrected items_

Diablo 2 Resurrected Items Guide - All Things About Shadow Bow 

Shadow Bow

Two-hand Damage: 15 To 59

Required Dexterity: 188

Required Strength: 52

Required Level: 47

Bow Classfast Attack Speed

Socketed (5 )

Shift + Left Click To Unequip

It's a spiritual journey that's what it's called spiritual Journeys with the Iceman, made this in a GMB bow, but to go the Shadow Ball for style points.

What is the shadow bow damage is gonna be like?

Doesn't include concentration, does it does concentration kick in when you step outside of town, it is concentration there, it is concentration, just cast of animals. It's not attacking that fast, it's not very fast, now concentration offers a chance of your attack being uninterruptible, but playing as the Amazon, you're not getting hit very often anyway, it doesn't matter all that much, but that's fine what were they thinking with this bow.

Do you have any idea about Shadow Bow? 

Like the faith, the bow isn't that better like all-around fanaticism come on and faith has it on it, and massive AR don't even have the undead thing, a lot of damage hell, this thing gives more base damage than Faith, but faith has the fanaticism Aura is 12 to 15.

Look at this, laying of hands metaled Hill, some leech NOS coil for the live bleach ravenprost Elders boots Atmos amulet, this is a spiritual journey giant skull with the style points, some knockback and treachery that's right, this is a budget except for the ball.

What the bow could do, so with this ball, how you with this bow, here are your breakpoints, you pretty much want to go for 105. 

What you do is you'd have faith in your mercenary?

You can still take advantage fully of the increased attack speed aspect of the fanaticism aura, but of course, with fanaticism, it doesn't benefit your party as much in damage, as it does the character wielding it, but fanaticism also gives you AR, so you take advantage your party, and so do you, of course, the AR and the increased attack speed your party and yourself both take full advantage of. Some weird ass name barissa the unique barissa, some weird ass name man that bow has some weird ass night, but it's a barissa, don't up it Donut.

Valkyrie gets killed easily, Chum is generally very cheap to attain, what they're trying to do with this is add some value to the charming room, because Chum is second to the highest rune right. Nobody only weird weirdos use Doom, their idea was to try to make some value to charm, but the problem is this both sucks, no one's gonna be making it anyway, it defeats the purpose you know.

If not gonna be making anyway, it's not going to at all increase the demand for Chom, that piece of ass roon is going to remain the same value isn't it, because it was in practice, it's a good idea to try to add some value to that Rune because it sucks when you find a super rare Rune, but one's like three or four tiers below, it is worth twice as much, it's kind of like buying the materials might in its current generation or a templar's might.

It's like finding those Diablo 2 items, maybe they need to make it better, what is this Bow's purpose was this intended to be, like some weird Mage song build, but then you have the ice bow, it's not a reason to do that identify this charm nice damage piercing attack that's cool that they did that, but the problem is, it's really easy to get a high Pierce.

A lot of points into this, but a torch or anything, even trying to have 82 Pierce, and then you throw on a razor tail, you get plus 33 Pierce, it's easy to get over 100 Pierce, it's not very difficult, although that's like a shining feature of this bow, it's just not all that great, it's cool as a bonus feature, but the fact that it's missing fanaticism, it doesn't have it on it, it barely does anything for your attack rating which is quite poor buried barely does anything, and if it were for a mage Zahn you'd think it'd have some cool effects like piercing enemy Fire Res or piercing enemy cold rests, but there's none of that going on here.

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