Lost Ark Black Friday 2022 Guide - Best Black Friday Packs (Bundles) To Buy in Lost Ark

11/24/2022 10:49:02 AM

Check out the most valued limited Black Friday packs and bundles worth buying during the Lost Ark Black Friday & Cyber Monday Event 2022!

Lost Ark Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022 - Best BLACK FRIDAY PACKS & BUNDLES

Lost Ark Black Friday & Cyber Monday Event 2022

The shopping season is here, the bulk of limited-time discount packs and bundles are rolling out in Lost Ark to celebrate Black Friday & Cyber Monday! No doubt, this is the best time to obtain a variety of cosmetics and valuable in-game items with major savings, but remember that the Black Friday Packs are only available in the game for one week. 

Lost Ark Black Friday Packs Available Time: November 23th to November 30th, 2022

Lost Ark Black Friday Packs (Bundles) Value Calculate - Which Is The Most Valued BL Pack To Buy?

But while we've got some of the lowest prices of the year, you won't be able to take home all the bundles and not all of them are great value. So which new pack is the most worth buying? No worries, we get you covered here, player thisisuniqueright has calculated the value of each Black Friday pack and we will list here to help you firgure out the most valuable one for you!

Thanksgiving Turkey Bundle Price & Value

Price: 9,700 Royal Crystals

Limit: 3 Per Roster

Content: Treasure trove of valuable in-game items and exclusive cosmetics

  • New Arkesia's Honor Skin Set - skin + weapon chests normally (2400RC)

  • Arkesia Weapon Selection Chest - (see above)

  • A Magic Bed Mount Selection Chest - mounts normally (1700RC)

  • Pheons x160 - 1390BC or ~(2780RC)

  • Crystals x1600 - ~(3200RC)

  • Magick Society Special Dye Chest x10 - assuming that's 100x dye/pattern/shine, 810BC or ~1620RC

  • Cards here are the '3+1 Special Card Pack', the average value of this is 2025RC

    Legendary - Epic Card Pack x5

    Legendary - Rare Card Pack x15

    Any Card Pack x20

    Menelik's Tome x3

    Creation Fragment x10

    Healing Battle Item Chest x20

  • For any non-hellmode enjoyers these likely have an effective value close to zero, but it's a nice bonus regardless. You're getting more value than 7x 'Weekly Battle Item Bundle' though, so 630BC or ~1260RC

    Offensive Battle Item Chest x20

    Utility Battle Item Chest x20

    Buff Battle Item Chest x20

    Splendid Elemental HP Potion (Bound) x20

    Splendid Panacea (Bound) x10

    Splendid Clay Grenade (Bound) x10

    Splendid Destruction Bomb (Bound) x10

  • The honing mats here are 2x 'Punika Growth Support Pack' + solars. Unless you're a dedicated juicer the solars are likely just a nice added extra, so lets say total value of 2100RC

    Solar Grace (Bound) x50

    Solar Blessing (Bound) x25

    Solar Protection (Bound) x10

    Honor Shard Pouch (L) x25

    T3 Leapstone Selection Chest I x4

    Ancient Platinum Coin x40

    T3 Fusion Material Selection Chest I x2

    Crystallized Destruction Stone Pouch x2

    Crystallized Guardian Stone Pouch x6

  • 2+1 Una's Task Package, assuming this works the same as the 3+1 Card packs, value would be 924RC

    [Daily] Una Instant Complete x10

    [Weekly] Una's Task +1 x2

    [Daily] Una's Task +1 x5

Total Value of Thanksgiving Turkey Bundle - 18,009RC

So, total value is around 18,009RC if you would buy this stuff from the store normally. Considering very few people would actually buy everything listed here on a regular enough basis for this pack to be considered worth it, that's not really a fair assessment. However, if we just take the stuff I assume the majority of players would consider valuable (skin, weapon, mount, crystals, pheons) we still get 10,080RC with a massive load of extras you may not normally buy but still should be happy to have for 'free'.

Harvest Celebration bundle Price & Value

Price: 6,000 Royal Crystals

Limit: 3 Per Roster

Content: T3 Mats, Crystals and in-game basics

  • Crystals x400 - ~800RC

  • Pheons x60 - 540BC or ~1080RC

  • Cards here are the 2x '3+1 Special Card Pack, the average value of this is 4050RC

    Legendary - Epic Card Pack x10

    Legendary - Rare Card Pack x30

    Any Card Pack x40

    Menelik's Tome x6

    Creation Fragment x20

  • Honing mats are 2x 'Punika Growth Support Pack' with some extra silver is 2000RC

    Honor Shard Pouch (L) x20

    T3 Leapstone Selection Chest I x4

    Ancient Platinum Coin x40

    T3 Fusion Material Selection Chest I x2

    Crystallized Destruction Stone Pouch x2

    Crystallized Guardian Stone Pouch x6

Total Value of Harvest Celebration Bundle - 7930RC

The total value is around 7930RC, but the vast majority of that is tied up in the cards, so decent value for card swipers (edit: especially given you don't have to spend as much as you would need to get the optimal 3+1 rate) but if that isn't you this one definitely doesn't have value.

Festival Fall Pack Price and Value

Price: 4,000 Royal Crystals

Limit: 2 Per Roster

Content: Black skins and Arkesia's Skin sets

  • Arkesia's Glory Selection Chest x2 - 2400RC

  • Arkesia Weapon Selection Chest x2 - 2400RC

Total Value of Festival Fall Pack - 4800RC

2x Weapon + Armor skin chests would normally be 4800RC, so if you like the skins or expect them to have good resale value its ~17% discount on buying two separate armor/wep skin chests.

Friendsgiving Bundle Price and Value

Price: 2,100 Royal Crystals

Limit: 3 Per Roster

Content: Most sought-after bed mounts, pets and pheons

  • A Magic Bed Mount Selection Chest - 1700RC

  • Pirate Parrot Pet Selection Chest - ~650RC

  • Pet: Toto Demon Selection Chest - ~650RC

  • Pheons x20 - 470RC

Total Value of Friendsgiving Bundle- 4770RC

Mount for 1700RC, 2x Pets for 1300RC and a few Pheons for 470RC, total is 4770RC so super worth if you'd consider buying them anyway individually. 

Thrifty Fall Bundle Price & Value

Price: 1,000 Royal Crystals

Limit: 1 Per Roster

Content: Wall Paper and some valuable in-game items

  • Wall Paper: Nia Village - Hard to value as IIRC wallpapers have only ever been included in quite expensive packs, and if you don't like/won't use it then it's worthless, so lets put it down as a nice freebie

  • Pheons x10 - 100BC or ~235RC

  • Crystals x400 - ~800RC

  • Healing Battle Item Chest x40

  • Offensive Battle Item Chest x40

  • Utility Battle Item Chest x40

  • Buff Battle Item Chest x40

  • Splendid Elemental HP Potion (Bound) x40

  • Splendid Panacea (Bound) x20

  • Splendid Clay Grenade (Bound) x20

  • Splendid Destruction Bomb (Bound) x20

  • 'Punika Growth Support Pack', plus some extra silver is worth 1000RC

  • Honor Shard Pouch (L) x10

  • T3 Leapstone Selection Chest I x2

  • Ancient Platinum Coin x20

  • T3 Fusion Material Selection Chest I x1

  • Crystallized Destruction Stone Pouch x1

  • Crystallized Guardian Stone Pouch x3

Total Value of Thrifty Fall Bundle - 3295RC

With a total value of 3295RC + wallpaper (or 2035RC assigning no value to the battle items), this pack is a no-brainer for anyone who is willing to swipe for BC/mats.

Total Value of Lost Ark Black Friday Bundles in Gold

If we exchange royal crystals for gold and sump up the number of items from Black Friday packs in different categories, here we will get the value in gold: 

20 Splendids - 1500 Gold

120 Darks - 3600 Gold

60 Timestops - 2160 Gold

10 Splendid Panacea - 900 Gold

10 Splendid Clay Grenade - 280 Gold

10 Splendid Destruction Bomb - 340 Gold

50 Solar Grace - 2200 Gold

25 Solar Blessing - 1825 Gold

10 Solar Protection - 1580 Gold

25 Honor Shard - 9875 Gold

60 Splendid Elemental HP Potion - 2200 Gold

126 Greater Honors - 5544 Gold

100 Greater Oreha - 900 Gold

2000 Weapon Stones - 1200 Gold

6000 Armor Stones - 600 Gold

Pheon - 60000 Gold

Bed Mount - 20k Gold

Black Skin - 10K Gold

Weapon Skin - 15K Gold

Excess Royal Crystals - 22K Gold

Total Value of Black Friday Bundles - 190,000 Gold

Total Value of Lost Ark Black Friday Bundles in US Doller

Also, there is a $ value of the Black Friday packs are sorted by the player ykang307 on the Lost Ark Forum post. We would like to list here the players who make purchases in Lost Ark with real cash. 

Pricing royals and blue crystals off of the $ value of buying RC at the 100$ bundle with tax coming out to about 108$ for 12000. That comes out to each Royal Crystal being worth about $0.009 with that buying the best value Blue Crystal Bundle which is 3600BC for 8000RC you get 1$ is 50BC

9700 RC Bundle Excluding Skins- $87.30 (9700RC)

  • Pheons x160 - $27.20

  • 1600 BC - $32.00

  • Dye kit x10 - $16.00 (assuming it is 10 in each so 100 total)

  • 3+1 Card Pack Bundle - $24.30

  • 2x Punika Growth Pack - $18.00

  • Misc Bombs, Solars, and Unas based things - $20.50. Using Maris we can get a value but it’s HEAVILY inflated because Mari prices just aren’t great. I am actually going to not count this in the evaluation cause it’s so shit.

Total Value - $117.50 Excluding skins and Misc items

So if you want to look at it on a value-to-value basis it’s actually pretty good with the skin. Keep in mind that the $ evaluation ONLY works if you would buy the bulk of these things with $$$ in the first place so judge it on that.

Harvest Celebration Pack - $54.00 (6000RC)

  • 400 Crystals - $8.00

  • 60 Peons - $10.20

  • 2x Card Pack Bundle - $48.60

  • 2x Punika Growth - $18.00

Total Value - $84.80

Which are The Most Valued Black Friday Packs To Buy in Lost Ark?

Based on the above calculations, you should already have a good understanding of this year's Black Friday Bundles, so let's share some tips about the most worth buying packs:

  • Thrifty Fall Bundle (1000 Royal Crystals) - This one is a great value, we would recommend buying that one no matter what. It’s basically a Punika Growth pack with a ton of extra potions and mats.  If you only care about mats, the 1000RC pack is for sure the best value. 

  • Harvest Celebration bundle (6000 Royal Crystals) - Mediocre at best. is roughly a 1065BC value which is about 40k gold worth the same RC to gold is 86k. 

  • Festival Fall Pack - If you are considering the gold value and the mats you could then buy with that gold, the skins/mounts/pets are likely to have a gold value exceeding the raw RC conversion.

  • Thanksgiving Turkey Bundle - Unless you really want both skins the actual BC and gold values are pretty bad. It’s only a 54k pheon value, your conversion rate is 137.8k.

  • All Black Friday Bundles -  'Worth' is subjective, as it depends on what you personally value, but if you are someone who regularly or even occasionally swipes then these packs are worth buying, even without skins the bundles are worth given their gold value in the RC Gold exchange.