Lost Ark Artist Builds (Support & DPS): Full Bloom & Recurrence Painter Guide

2/3/2023 11:31:54 AM

In this Lost Ark Artist (PvE/PVP) Build Guide, we tell you how to set up the best Full Bloom Support and Recurrence DPS Aritst builds. 

Lost Ark Artist Support & DPS Build Guide (Full Bloom & Recurrence)

Lost Ark's first specialist-type class - Artist comes as a brand new Support class, while it also can be built up as powerful DPS for the endgame content in both PvE and PvE. So here we will show you how to set up the best Support and DPS Artist builds by breaking down the engravings, skills, gear, combat stats, skill combos, gems, and gameplay tips. 

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Lost Ark Support Artist Build (Full Bloom Painter)

Full blue build is a supporter class engraving, it'll generate the wavelengths when installing that older than a Rising Sun and those wavelengths provide healing for our teammates. 

Gameplay Features:

  • Supporter Build

  • Provide Healing when Identity skill (Rising Sun Healing Orb)

  • Generate Wavelength when installing the Healing orb

  • Wavelength heal teammates HP for 7% / 11%  / 15% of teammates Max HP

Pros & Cons

  • + Decent, stable healing perfrtomance

  • + Smooth and light control

  • + Low tripod leveling required

  • + More Active healing structure

  • - Pretty hard to gain identity until you get used to it

  • - Intricate shield skills

  • - Low HP, forced to use Heavy Armor Engraving

  • - Healing needs interaction

The Full Balloon guaranteed descent and stable healing performance and smooth light control and low tripod leveling required. However, it is pretty hard to gain identity until you're used to it and also she has intricate Shield skills. 

Support Artist Skill Setup

Her recommended skill builds and composition is like this: 

Skill Build 1

  • Orchid Painting - Tripod: 3-3-1 [10] / Rune: Galewind

  • Drawing Sun - Tripod: 1-2-1 [10] / Rune: Focus

  • Well of Sun - Tripod: 1-1-1 [10] / Rune: Focus

  • Gate of Illusion - Tripod: 3-2-2 [10] / Rune: Quick Recharge

  • Small Leap - Tripod: 1-1-1 [10] / Rune: Wealth

  • Scatter - Tripod: 1-1-2 [10] / Rune: Over Whelm

  • Upper Cut - Tripod: 2-3-2 [10] / Rune: Galewind

Lost Ark Support Artist Skill Build

As a supportive class, she has a lot of skills that are capable of protecting your teammates and buff skills that increase the damaging defense for teammates, so she has three buff skills, two Shield skills, and her noticeable purification skill Gate of Illusion. Gate of Illusion is not only a skill that is capable of gaining identity but also it can remove the debuff of teammates like sacred charm during the raid, for example, it can remove like bleed in the Bolton Gate 1, stun, feared and cargo Saton. Her Shield skill is quite different like powered in paladins, those class are more like passive Shield skill right, if you just use the skill it'll automatically provide Shields to nearby teammates, but artist is not. You have to aim your cursor toward your teammates in order to provide Shields. So her Shield performance can be a little different by the players and above all her Shield skill can perform great at stagger game X2. One tripod you need to know is the ink Mark if you make a hit with those skill with the inkmart tripod, Mark Target will get 10% more damage from your teammates including yourself.

Skill Build 2

  • Tiger Slash - Tripod: 3-3-1 [10] / Rune: Wealth

  • Milkyway - Tripod: 1-1-1 [10] / Rune: Protection

  • Inkblow - Tripod: 1-1- [10] / Rune: Galewind

Lost Ark Support Artist Skill Build 2

And the last scale can be filled with three flexible skills, so you have to use it in a different situation in the right tiger slash. Palm Garden is capable of weak point stagger game mix. Milkyway Medina is an additional Shield skill that has a paralyzed mute tripod, and Inkblow monger's headache is a skill that leaves ink mod for the enemy and it has a defense orb drop tripod that can enhance your survival.

Gems for Support Artist

Her recommended gem setting is like this:

Lost Ark Support Artist - Gems

As a support class her performance quite depends on our scale cooldown, so her Jam composition is all consistent with Crimson gems. 

Gear for Support Artist

Relic Set: Swamp of Yearning

Combat Stat Setting for Support Artist

Full Swift (W.SPEC 500-600, SWIFT1600 or Higher)

  • Necklace Spec, Swift/Other Swift

  • Decent performance

  • Stable buff supply

  • Commonly used

Full Spec (W. SWIFT500-600, SPEC1600 or Higher)

  • Necklace Spec, Swift/ Other Spec

  • High Deal, Healing buff than swift

  • Not commonly used

  • Bad reputation, hard to get in the party

  • Hard to take care of the dealer

Our recommended Relic gear is Yearning and as you can see she has two combat settings available, as we mentioned her performance from the skill cooldown, so full swiftness is commonly used. Full spec build can be a good choice if you want to provide more yelling and attack right buff, but the full spec has now much distinctive Advantage than swiftness that and of course, it has a little more bad reputation for those stats, so it can make it hard to get into the party. 

Engravings for Support Artist

Our recommended engraving is like this:

  • Heavy Armor

  • Full Blossom

  • Expert

  • Awakening

  • Vital Point Strike

We use the vital strike point for more effective performance at the gimmicks, if you want to support more your teammates try to use the drops of ether.

Identity Skill for Support Artist

Wanning Moon (Z)

Wanning Moon consumes two identity orbs and provides a 10% attack right increase buff for 10 seconds. 

Rising Sun is a healing skill consuming one identity orb and installing one stationary healing Ops that can be interacted with, those reducing bar represents the remaining time of those off. If you want to get additional killing try to interact before the time Runs Out.

Artist has a little intricate skill management first skill code Helmer needs to step on those areas to get attack right increased buff. If you want to give a buff and gain identity at the same time, you need to consider two things: other teammates are inside the helmet and are those areas effectively making hits to your enemy? 

Second, her Shield skill is an active skill, so her shoes kill scatter and small lead need to Target toward your teammate, so hopefully, the scanner effect only inside of those ink and slowly konkongi effects only when you made a hit with the three times up area of jumps.

So if you wish to gain identity and provide Shield at the same time, it can be more intricate inside of the actual gameplay, so you need to understand the skill first for better management third the buff cannot be overlapped. So if you wish to give continuous pumps, you need more accurate calculations. Unlike the other skills of your artist gate of Illusion provide an identity gauge just by installing it.

Skill Combos

Now let me show you the most common combos:

Combo 1

Lost Ark Support Artist - Skill Combo 1

Combo 1

Lost Ark Support Artist - Skill Combo 2

Lost Ark DPS Artist Build (Recurrence Painter)

The class engraving used for this build is Peggy known as the Recurrence. Recurrence is an artist building engraving, unlike the full bloom artists who provide healing wavelengths when installing or healing orbs, Recurrence is disk itself Buff when using the pose identity Rising Sun and Wanning Moon, that identity increases the critical rate and damage it for 60 seconds. 

Gameplay Features:

  • Class engraving makes Artist into DPS

  • Both Identity gives Artist buff to increase her DPS

  • Increase Critical rate by 6% / 9% / 12%

  • Increase the Critical damage by 20% / 30% / 40% for 60 sec

Pros & Cons

  • + Decent dealing performance

  • + Dcent performace at gimmicks

  • + Decent self-buff

  • + Speedy and smooth control

  • + Can pour the skill without Resting

  • - Low HP, defense

  • - Buff relying skill combo

  • - Low party synergies

  • - Quite short identity buff time

Recurrence guarantees decent dealing gimmicks, self-puff, and Speedy smooth control as their main compass that is based on sweetness, with those reasons she can pour the skill almost without resting. However, it has a low HP defense compared to the support and our skill is quite relaxed on the buff skills and low policy energy is also big problem for the current artists.

DPS Artist Skill Setup

Our recommended skill composition is like this:

Skill Build 1

  • Drawing Sun - Tripod: 1-1-2 [10] / Rune: Galewind

  • Well of Sun - Tripod: 1-3-2 [10] / Rune: Conviction

  • Small Spring - Tripod: 1-2-1 [12] / Rune: Wealth

  • Drawing Aline - Tripod: 2-3-1 [12] / Rune: Galewind

  • Tiger Slash - Tripod: 2-1-2 [12] / Rune: Wealth

  • Fly of Crane - Tripod: 1-2-1 [12] / Rune: Over Whelm

  • Drawing Moon - Tripod: 3-1-2 [12] / Rune: Galewind

Lost Ark DPS Artist Build - Skill Build 1

Her skill combo will start from a self-buff skill called Well of Sun and Drawing Sun. No matter how intricate or how you messed up the skill combos. You must start the combos with a self-buff skill first so this tube-off skill is essential in this skill composition, and she has three main dealing skill called Tiger Slash, Drawing A Line, and Fly of Crane. In this skill set, Drawing A Line can perform a counter during the raid, and two additional dealing skills Small Spring and Drawing Moon. Small Spring has decent dealing but also has a nice performance at the gimmicks too, Drawing Moon can perform great dealings too, but the problem with Drawing Moon is the casting time it takes too much time until you give full damage toward the enemy.

Skill Build 2

  • Butterfly Dream - Tripod: 1-3-2 [10] / Rune: Judgment

  • Orchid Painting - Tripod: 1-2-1 [10] / Rune: Judgment

Lost Ark DPS Artist Build - Skill Build 2

One remaining skill slot can be filled with these two skills Drawing Orchard and Butterfly Dream. These two skills have a specific tripod called Inkmart,  when casting a skill and making an effective hit, the enemy gets a debuff mark that debuff increased the damage dealt off the Enemy by 10%. Orchid Painting not only has an egg-marked tripod but also has a movement-increased buff, the Butterfly Dream can have more flexibility with the second tripod inkblot, an ink Mark tripod can be replaced with a stun enemy tripod, those stunning enemy tripod is really useful inside of the Brelshaza gate 2 raid.

Gems for DPS Artist

For recommended Gem setting is like this:

Lost Ark DPS Artist Build - Gems

Normally Recurrence artists use 5 Annihilation and 6 Crimson gems, investing high level of annihilation jamming, tiger slash, fly of crane, drawing a line will give you a pleasant damage performance during the gameplay.

Gear for DPS Artist

  • Relic Set: 2 Nightmare Flower + 4 Dominin Fang

The recommended gear set for Recurrence artist is 2 parts of Nightmare Flower and 4 parts of Dominin Fang, two nightmare flower set will give her an advantage in mana, and with the four Dominion set she can almost pour the skill without resting. Six Nightmare set is also okay to use but without a skill cooldown decrease buff, you need a high level of crimson gem for full performance, so we are not recommending this one.

Combat Stat Setting for DPS Artist

Full Swift (W.CRIT500-600 / SWIFT1600 or Higher)

  • Necklace Crit, Swift / Other Swift

  • Decent performance

  • Stable buff supply

  • Commonly used

Her main combat stat is Swiftness, unlike the other support deal Engravings, Recurrence has a high Identity Supply rate so she can easily maintain those cradle grade damage buff. So spec won't help you to raise your DPS and as she has a high basic critical rate so to offset slow attack speed and long skill cooldown, full swift with this build is recommended.

Engravings for DPS Artist

Another recommended engraving is like this:

  • Crudge

  • Keen Blunt Weapon

  • Cursed Doll

  • Raid Captain

  • Recurrence 

Skill Combos for DPS Artist

Basic Combo

Lost Ark DPS Artist Build - Skill Combo

The currents build has a simple skill combos, like we mentioned the first her skill combos must be used before you deal with the main skills if you just lost your mind with the crazy mechanics of the raid, try to wait the buff skill cooldown and start the combos again, so she has simple skill combos mechanism - both skills, main deals, and sub dealing skills.

Combo 1:

Lost Ark DPS Artist Build - Skill Combo 1

Combo 2:

Lost Ark DPS Artist Build - Skill Combo 2

Guess you ask