How to Get & Spawn Snowballs in ACNH - Best Ways to Build Perfect Snowman in Animal Crossing

12/12/2022 5:11:16 PM

Building a perfect snowboy will give you a large snowflake and crafting recipe in the frozen/ice set. In this article, we want to come back to the content of ACNH snowballs spawn, how to get snowballs and build a perfect snowman in Animal Crossing. Some other questions will be answered here. 

ACNH snowballs spawn guide

How to Get & Spawn Snowballs in ACNH?

Before you can make a snowman in Animal Crossing New Horizons, the first thing you need to do is to find two snowballs that spawned somewhere on your island, finding snowballs in ACNH is easy, basically, you can find them in open areas on your island. Leave enough space, remove all the trees, flowers, and other ACNH items, in terms of how much space to leave for snowballs, you need at least a seven by seven square to spawn the snowballs.

If you break your snowball by accident or the second snowball is spawned far away from the first one, and want to spawn another one, just enter a building and exit, once you go back outside, the snowball will respawn somewhere, however, there will be no snowballs spawn on your island if your airport gate is open. If you can't find your snowball, save and quit to spawn new ones in different locations. 

How to Build Snowman in Animal Crossing New Horizons

How many snowboy can you make per day? You only be able to make one snowman per day, to get the DIY recipes and materials, you’ll want to make it perfect four days ago

How to roll snowballs in Animal Crossing? To build a perfect snowboy in ACNH, rolling the snowballs is important, you need to push the snowballs around to make them grow bigger, generally, you have to kick a snowball 13 times on the snowy ground before you can roll it, keeping rolling it on snow-covered ground, if you roll it on the path like brick path, the snowball will get smaller, when they are grown into a specific size, you can roll the snowballs into each other and build a snowman. Be sure you build your snowman in a spacious area, otherwise, the snowballs will not pile on top of each other.

Best ways to build the perfect snowman in Animal Crossing

Below are three different ways to make a perfect snowboy in ACNH by 1upPHIL.

1. Eye and Ear method

This method requires you to use the top of your eyes to measure one snowball and the bottom of your ears to measure the second snowball, the head must be about 80 to 90% the size of the body. This one is probably the hardest one to do because when you're trying to measure with the camera and trying to get the measurements just right on each snowball, it can be really easy to get the measurements off, and creating the perfect snowboy, you have to be within a 10 percent range, in order to get this to work correctly, it needs to take lots of time.

2. 17/10 or 17/12 method

The second one is the 17/10 method, also referred to as the 17/12. Basically what you do is push the first snowball around for 17 seconds and then the second snowball would be for 10 seconds or 12 seconds. Be sure to start counting only when rolling, 

3. 10 Space method

All you need to do is to roll each snowball to the maximum size and put a 10-space pathway between the two snowballs, then push one to the other over the pathway, as you across the path, the snowball will shrink and end up being the perfect size when it reaches another snowball. This method is easy to do and does not need much thinking. Make sure to leave extra space between the end of the path and the snowball. To avoid mistakes, you can add the 11th spot to the pathway and use it as a reference point, and ensure the snowball is sitting kind of in front of the 11th spot, when you push the other snowball down the pathway, keep it on the side where it's still 10 spaces. 

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