Animal Crossing New Horizons New Features 2022 - ACNH NEW Features Improve Your Quality Of Life!

11/11/2022 11:12:40 AM

Animal Crossing New Horizons had a lot of really great quality-of-life updates that improved the game.

ACNH new features

Animal Crossing New Horizons New Features 2022 - ACNH Features Improve Your Quality Of Life!

1. Animal Crossing New Horizons New Features 2022 - Flowers Features 

A few people agree with that flowers were definitely not improved, this time around the fact of the matter is flowers are much more difficult to dispose of in this version of the game. This is an even bigger problem when they can multiply and practically take over.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Island's taken over by flowers, back in the old Animal Crossing New Horizons games, weeds were the things that would take over, but it's changed this time.

If you want to get rid of flowers that have taken over your Island, it's much more difficult, thanks to these quality-of-life changes, instead of just running them, over like you could in the past games.

Now you'd have to actually dig them up one by one, if you want to get rid of them, some people probably like this, because they didn't want their flowers to be too easily destroyed by visitors who may have been careless.

2. Animal Crossing New Horizons New Features 2022 - Beautiful Island ordinance

One simple action you take could really affect your island with flowers, taking over practically every corner of it, this would be if you were to head into resident services and set your Island Ordnance as the beautiful ordinance.

Now if you love the plants and Greenery of your Island, this might sound great, but it could overwhelm you take a look at this player for example whose island has been absolutely overwhelmed with flowers.

3. Animal Crossing New Horizons New Features 2022 - Time travel 

Especially if you time travel as well, it could really ruin your Island in some way, of course, you can fix this, you can dig them all up, but it's such a slow and arduous process in this Animal Crossing game that getting rid of hundreds and hundreds of flowers at once could be a pretty big task.

It means that if you want to work on your Island and decorate,  you'll have to take a lot of time, going through all of the flowers that have taken over in a way, it's kind of like the slowness of flattening your animal crossing Island, if that's something you've ever done, it takes a long time, and it's not really a fun task, but it's necessary if you want to decorate in certain ways maybe ruin is a bit of a strong word. 

This flower feature is a big issue in Animal Crossing New Horizons making this ordinance not nearly as good as the other ones which could, for example, make shops open earlier and open later or even give you more money by selling stuff.

The beautiful ordinance work that well in Animal Crossing New Horizons, it's something that worked really well in Animal Crossing New Leaf where these issues weren't a thing, but this time around, it definitely feels more like a hindrance that's why definitely recommend that you choose almost any other ordinance, except the flower one.

4. Animal Crossing New Horizons New Features 2022 - Custom patterns

Ultimately it's up to you, it's your Island, if you don't want your Island to turn into some kind of flower hellscape, a few tips to help avoid flowers taking over your Island would be to surround them with custom patterns, they won't be able to grow Beyond, as far as you could even use transparent custom patterns as well, people don't get to see that they're blocking the flowers, so many of these around animal crossing Island and honestly it's been a big help, it stopped flowers from multiplying in places, it's also dealing with weeds as well. 

Just keep in mind that when it rains that's when you really will see a lot of flowers multiply and take over villagers can also water your flowers as well, so they may be contributing to the flower apocalypse.

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