Animal Crossing New Horizons Final Update 2022- Free Update Animal Crossing New Horizons Ver.2.0

12/19/2022 5:53:09 PM

Now that it's been over a year, since 2.0 has released, to experience everything this game has to offer all the new mechanics and all the new seasonal additions and now we've completed the game.

Animal crossing new horizons update

Animal Crossing New Horizons Final Update 2022- Free Update Animal Crossing New Horizons Ver.2.0

ACNH Free Update Ver.2.0 Available On November 5, 2021

Anyone has actually finished their catalog yet, but pretty much all done what most of us would consider completed? 

This update added a ton of ACNH items to the game, including new features that haven't been seen in the series before for an IP that's 20 years old that's a pretty big step, so the question was the 2.0 update, a good final update to New Horizons updates, in general, a new addition to the Animal Crossing series besides the numerous revisions of the original line 64 version which were all technically new games with their own names, the first update series saw was the welcome Amiibo re DLC, just trying not to say update for the fifth time.

Besides software patches to fix bugs of course those existed, the main idea of the welcome Amiibo update was to add Amiibo functionality into New Leaf Amiibo cards were released the year before along with Amiibo festival and happy home designer and since amiibo Festival flopped, more games to use the cards in this was a huge update which added a ton of functionality to an already complete Game, it allowed the players to get back into the game for a bit and invite their favorite crossover character to their town, and it just sold more amiibos for Nintendo, though they were already planning on adding amiibo functionality to New Leaf, since there was no new addition to the series coming out anytime soon because the Wii U was also a flop, so why not guarantee money by linking it all to Animal Crossing New Leaf.

ACNH Major updates 

  • Invite Characters With Compatible Amiibo Accessories

  • Kapp'n's Boat Tours

  • Visit Mysterious Islands 

  • New Items At Nook's Cranny

  • Navigate Tight Spaces

Thus the major updates for Animal Crossing were born, updates aren't just to make money, but it is the deciding factor when companies look into ways to improve the game or add new content, of course, they want the mechanics to be fun that's one of the main goals more updates provide players with new ways to explore and new challenges to overcome, did the 2.0 update do that for us in Animal Crossing New Horizons adding a ton of new furniture and different items to find was a bit challenging, but mostly the new mechanics were there to engage us more in this world that spent the past year and a half creating.

The Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update breathed more life into the game that many people were already bored of playing, some felt they had done everything, they wanted to do, but with a whole new update and a bunch of content thrown at our faces, they came back to experience the game again, this update was a bit different than previous ones.

ACNH Summer Update - Coming In Early August 

  • New Encounter

  • Fireworks Shows(Sundays During August)

  • Explore Islands All Over The World

  • Contribute Bells To Open Shops

For the first year, the developers drip-fed us updates every month or so got new items experience new holidays, and participated in returning mechanics, like swimming, there was always something new for us to eat up some people like me enjoyed this approach, 

To force back into a game over time Animal Crossing is a game where you need to entertain yourself with what you're given, and when new stuff even small stuff is added add continued to find ways to do, just that and entertainment, but of course, not everyone's shortly after the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons, you know around the time, all stuck inside for months many players felt, they had completed the game to their liking within about a month, they were upset that they had to wait for the next thing to release to continue playing which Animal Crossing isn't a game with an end, it's a game you're finished when you feel like you're finished with it for those that were done quickly the drip-fed update system, Nintendo had prepared for the game.

ACNH Up Next Free Update Available This Fall

Swimming & Diving 

Why couldn't swim immediately after release as a result? Because didn't have anything else to do except become Karen's in their free time well, Nintendo got the message loud and clear, if you ever wonder whether or not Nintendo hears us, they absolutely do.

ACNH Free Update Ver.2.0 Available On November 5, 2021

They listen when they finally release the 2.0 update, it was all at once which some found amazing, but to others was the worst way to release, such a big update hijacking Katie's tweet here really quick Pat brings up a great Point 2.0 should have been drip fed to us like the rest of the updates.

Get cooking with DIY recipes + 

  • Wheat

  • Sugarcane

  • Potatoes

  • Carrots

There are no more updates between some of the mechanics included in 2.0 being super late because many were data mined well before the final update, was actually released and many tweets about how people hated the way updates were given to us Nintendo decided to give us exactly.

Farming and cooking added new items to find new villagers gave people new dreamies and finally kicked Raymond out of the top spot there were a bunch of quality-of-life improvements, like being able to take storage everywhere, it is a perfect update, all agree that there are some things missing like a few of the new features that never returned and simple additions like being able to craft from your storage, instead of your pockets, but it a good update, you can't argue that 2.0 didn't add stuff to do.

  • Newly Added Hairstyles!

  • Uncarthing Gyroids

  • Kapp'n's Boat Tours

  • Visit Mysterious Islands

  • Permanently Place Ladders 

  • Visit Brewster At The Roost 

  • Navigate Tight Spaces

  • Invitations To Residents' Homes

New hairstyles gyroids cat and new islands to visit New Island editions like permanent ladders frickin Brewster, and so many Animal Crossing New Horizons items, this was the biggest update by far, and many players gorged on the new stuff as quickly as possible time traveled to get all the new seasonal items, and left with nothing, they were done with the update.

ACNH Free Update Ver2.0 Available On November 5, 2021

Last major free content update 

  • New Items At Nook's Cranny 

  • Katrina's Fortune Shop 

  • Enact Ordinances 

  • New Home Exterior Options 

  • Savor A Relaxing  Cup Of Joe Together 

For those that want to binge everything as soon as possible in most games, those conditions for those who take their time, or players who like to complete everything, they possibly can in a game, this update added a challenge to take up more of their time whether it's finding every photo or searching for the thousands of new items and their color variations that became available, it seemed like there was something for everyone for a bit, the ultimate question was 2.0 a good final update to New Horizons.

Objectively it was a much-needed update that added a ton of gain many of us are still playing with the changes.

ACNH Added Animal Crossing New Horizons Items

New Fence Recipes

  • Park Fencing 

  • Block Fencing

  • Corrugated Iron Fencing 

  • Handheld Camera 

  • Tripod Camera 

Pro Camera APP

  • Patterns For Clothing 

  • Use Patterns For Flooring&Wallpaper

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