Top 5 Animal Crossing New Horizons Pro Tips & Tricks You Can't Missing!

1/13/2023 3:02:02 PM

Today show you some Animal Crossing New Horizons Pro tips and tricks that you wish you knew sooner about Animal Crossing New Horizons, that pick up along the way that will make the game more enjoyable for you and help you achieve your dream island. If you've just restarted your island or you're picking up Animal Crossing for the first time. These Animal Crossing New Horizons tips and tricks will help you so much and you'll be so inspired and you're never going to want to put the game down.


Top 5 Animal Crossing New Horizons Pro Tips & Tricks You Can't Missing! 

1. Animal Crossing New Horizons Pro Tips & Tricks - Use custom designs 

The first pro tip is to use custom designs when moving buildings on your Animal crossing Island, this is especially helpful if you're planning a neighborhood and you're trying to move your villager houses here, a plot where gonna put bluebear's house, you can use the in-game pathing to sort of carve out a plot where you want the house to be, but use custom designs a smart reason to use custom designs instead of the in-game terraforming pathing is that you need to have a three-star Island to even unlock terraforming which includes the in-game paving,  but you can use custom designs as Paving right from the beginning, 

no need to wait until you have a three-star Island to use this trick to build your houses are three by four, but there's an extra Row in the front where the stoop is, you have to take that into account, when you're mapping out where you want the house to be you have to create a 4x4 grid.

Using custom designs that you can clearly tell where they start and where they end some designs are made to just blend into each other and those are going to be really hard to use, because you won't be able to see the 4x4 grid exactly. 

Let's go move blue bear's house when you place your house, it does show you this yellow overlay of where the building will be put, and if you place it on grass that doesn't have any designs, it's sort of hard to tell out exactly where the building will place even when you use.

Imagine an option, but with the custom designs, if they line up exactly with the yellow framework, you can be a hundred percent confident you're putting the house exactly where you want it to be without planning with custom designs, it's very easy to misplace your house even by one tile, but with this trick, you won't have to worry anymore and as a bonus when you place the housing plot all the custom designs underneath magically disappear, you don't have to worry about even removing them, it's almost like the game wants you to use this method.

2. Animal Crossing New Horizons Pro Tips & Tricks - Never eat fruit

The next Pro tip is never to eat fruit, if you want to break rocks to move them or dig up a tree to plant it somewhere else, you're going to need to eat something, you get super strength in order to do these tasks, if you have a lot of trees you want to move and a lot of rocks you want to break eating one piece of fruit one at a time is gonna take way too long, so here's what you're gonna do instead time travel to Sunday and buy turnips from Daisy may you don't need to worry about the stock market.

You just need the turnips, the key thing here is that Daisy May sells the turnips in bunches of 10. You can never have a single turnip, there will always be 10 of them, now all you have to do is go to your pockets, select your turn ups and it will automatically give you the option to eat 10 turnips at a time.

This is a one-and-done method to get that super strength, they're gonna need because when you eat one turnip you get 10 super strains and you only have to do one action instead of ten, now you can break rocks to your heart's content, and move all those trees that are in your way, but if you're feeling fancy you can go to a stove and cook a dish and when you eat the food you prepared in this case, eating cookies you get five Super strengths all at once, now this does have an extra step, because you have to cook the food, but this is a great alternative, if you don't want to time travel to Sunday to buy turnips, and you already have a lot of prepared food in your storage.

3. Animal Crossing New Horizons Pro Tips & Tricks - Do not hit your rocks 

The next pro tip is to not hit your rocks all willy-nilly hitting your rocks is the only way to get rocks clay iron and even gold nuggets as crafting materials, if you really want to experience everything that New Horizons has to offer you're going to need to collect these materials luckily for you each rock is capable of giving you eight resources every day, but only if you do this trick.

Here's what you gotta do head on over to a fresh rock that you haven't hit today and put two Animal Crossing New Horizons items at the corner of each Rock leaving one empty tile, putting down Custom Designs, so you can see exactly what mean put down three tiles.

A custom design above the rock the top right corner of the Rock and the right middle of the rock, now using any two ACNH items except those, you can walk over like the floor light and the cherry blossom pedal pile place the animal crossing items. It's hard to explain it's easier, just to show you and now when you hit the rock spam a over and over again, and this time because you've placed those Animal Crossing New Horizons items, you'll be able to get eight resources out of this one rock, this is because the two ACNH items create a blockade, because when you hit a rock you get some pushback and in that Split Second, it will take you to walk back towards the rock.

If you've already lost your chance of getting those eight crafting materials, use the blockades you won't regret it, and you can place a blockade around any corner of the rock, you can also use Cliffs bushes and trees to create some blockades which may fit your Island's landscape better.

Especially if you don't want two random items all over your Animal Crossing New Horizons Island, just make sure you don't have any items in the froggy chair area including placed and dropped items.

Even if you placed your rock blockades any items in the froggy chair area will prevent a crafting material to spawn when you hit your rock and when you're hitting your rocks, make sure your shovel has enough uses, so it doesn't break in the middle of your hitting session. The shovel broke right at the end, but if your shovel breaks mid-hitting, you are going to lose that timing and you won't be able to get all eight crafting materials, as you should have from your rock.

4. Animal Crossing New Horizons Pro Tips & Tricks - Always be holding a net

The Next Pro tip is to always be holding a net, if you're going to be shaking trees, this only applies to Cedar Oak and every fruit tree excluding the coconut tree, this is important because when you're shaking trees, you have a chance of a wasp nest to fly out, and these are not chill wasps. These are wasps that are angry and gonna sting you, and it's gonna hurt, you can use medicine to heal yourself, if you get stung, but if you get stung twice without using the medicine, your villager will faint and you'll get shot right back to your house which is super annoying some instances that you're going to be shaking your trees is, if you want to get a bunch of tree branches or during the festive season.

If you're trying to get those ornaments to craft those festive DIYs luckily, if there is a wasp nest in the tree, it will fall on your first shake, if you're shaking your trees for five minutes straight, trying to get every ornament, you won't have to worry about wasps stinging you the entire time, this does take a bit of practice, but as soon as you see the Wasps emerge from their honeycomb, you're going to want to press a really fast to capture them with your net.

Now again this is all about timing, so carrying some medicine on you, if you're trying to get the timing correct, because you're more than likely gonna fail like did over and over.

5. Animal Crossing New Horizons Pro Tips & Tricks - Time travel correctly

The last Pro tip is to time travel correctly, there is a wrong way to time travel, but if you don't know the right way, to show you Bay basic time traveling involves you completely closing your game, this is a time waste, because you have to wait for that initial loading screen when you first open the game Animal Crossing New Horizons is known for these stupidly long loading screens, but luckily bypass this before showing you this trick and proving to you.

It works currently on animal crossing new horizons Island, it's January 12th, while you're loaded into your Island don't close the game, but go to your home menu go to settings go to the system date and time,  then change the system calendar to your desired time and or date.

Now go back to the home menu in the open Animal Crossing New Horizons Island's date and time won't have changed. What you need to do is press the minus button and select save and end once your game saves, it will take you back to the title screen, this is what want to continue and if you time traveled forwards, you'll get the Isabelle greeting scene, however, if you time travel backward you won't see Isabelle, you'll go right to your house. 

Now you've time traveled and you've saved a whole bunch of time by not having to close and reopen the game completely, once you exit the house after reloading, it's now birthday AKA, it's a day forward, and is now January 13th on animal crossing new horizons Island.

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