Elden Ring Remembrance Boss Tier List (Ranking from Best To Worst)

12/14/2022 3:58:31 PM

With this Elden Ring Remembrance Boss Tier List, we rank all the Remembrance bosses from the best to the worst after doing NG+. 

Elden Ring Remembrance Boss Tier List

Elden Ring Remembrance Boss Tier List & Fight Ranking

Elden Ring has an incredible amount of big men and Hooligans, some of them are even reused from normal enemies or other rambunctious rapscallions, however, we think most players can agree that the best and most unique boss fights are the ones that give you a remembrance, so in this guide, we are going to rank all of the boss fights that give you a remembrance, truly they are the biggest men of the big men.

1 - Hoarah Loux - Godfrey, First Elden Lord (S Tier)

Godfrey's fight begins with him standing over his dead son, the same one that you murdered needless to say it's a little bit awkward. Godfrey's fight is great, the animations on his attacks are really well done and it's fun evading them. The fight gets better in the second phase, Godfrey murders the beast on his back because it was holding him back, and this activates his shirtless mode, it follows the rules of the Yakuza games. Basically, if you take off your shirt you become stronger and cooler, the animations in this phase of the fight are also really cool. They took an effort to Showcase his bestial nature for his attacks. It does a great job of illustrating his Savage nature as our Barbarian and contrasting it with how he changed when he became Elden Lord, he does have that one move where he eats you this move can be a little bit frustrating as it deals, so much damage but it's really funny.

2 - Rennala  (S Tier)

Rennala has the best intro cut scene in the entire game and it leads directly into the most off-beat fight in the entire game, you are forced to dodge an onslaught of books and fire, while a bunch of Rennala's deformed descendants sings creepy songs. At first, you might think that Rennala is going to be the pinwheel of this game, her fight has a gimmick to it and it is fairly easy, he just beat up her crippled Offspring and then beat her up when she falls over in grief, this is something most people do daily. However, unlike in real life, this triggers a second phase of the boss fight, even though this second phase is an illusion conjured by Irani, it's still a really cool and authentic look at Rennala during the height of her power, this phase takes place on top of a really cool ocean with a massive moon in the background, it's similar to some previous fights but it avoids feeling contrived because Rennala is like moons and she's shoots moons. It's worth mentioning that she is the only remembrance boss that actually survives your trail of death and destruction. 

3 - Dragonlord Placidusax (A Tier)

Dragonlord Placidusax has one of the most breathtaking Arenas in the entire game. The process of getting there is pretty cool just by itself, you jump down onto a secret path and run across floating Rubble right up to the base of the tornado. Naturally, you decide to sleep here, through sleeping you transport yourself back through time. All the way to Farum Azula which is Crumbling Farum Azula before it was crumbling. The actual fight with Placidusax is really cool as well, a lot of the time you were just against his body and hitting him but his attacks are well-telegraphed, through red lightning appearing on the ground or changes in his animation, so you are never in a situation where you get hit by an attack that you could never see coming unless you get greedy. The design of Dragonlord Placidusax is also really cool, the boss fight starts with him sleeping but as you get closer he wakes up, revealing that he has two heads. He used to have three and you can see the third neck on his body, the middle head also has a massive chunk taken out of it, therefore we can infer someone or something before us also beat the absolute life out of Dragonlord Placidusax.

4 - Radahn (A Tier)

Out of all the remembrance fights, Radahn's fight is probably the most theatrical, it begins with an interesting segment where you get to converse with some NPCs. Learn about Radahn's history, it paints him as this tough badass Warrior who has become a broken husk as a result of Malenia's Scarlet rot. His story is sad and moody but when you begin the fight you immediately get quick-scoped. The fight with Radahn is one of the loudest and most hectic fights in the game, it begins with you running across the massive beach, dodging his attacks while you try to summon an army of body shields. Eventually, you get close to him and the real chaos begins, when you use summons, you might have noticed how sometimes the boss will only target them, it's based on whoever hit the boss last, and it can allow you to get some free hits in. However with Radahn there is a big difference, there are a lot of people attacking him, so he is constantly changing target which can make his sweeping attacks wild and unpredictable.

5 - Lichdragon Fortissax (S Tier)

Lichdragon Fortissax is probably the most obscure boss in the entire game, not only does it require you to make your way to deep root depths which are fairly hidden, you also need to partially complete Ranni's questline in order to get the Elden Ring item that lets you begin the fight. The arena it takes place in is really cool, as it allows you to get a good look at Godwin the golden who is probably one of the more mysterious characters in Elden Ring's story. The fight itself is definitely a boss fight that exists, it has a health bar and you can deal damage to the boss. Lichdragon Fortissax likes to lean on that red lightning like placidusex who is also a dragon the arena is kind of purple. The most interesting part of the fight is the small gank squad up beforehand, it's basically Elden Ring's version of the PVP boss. 

6 - Astel, Naturalborn of the Void (B Tier)

From a narrative sense and also from me having a giant ball in your skull sense. Astel, Naturalborn of the Void is one of the more mysterious bosses, it comes just after the lake of rot which is one of the most memorable zones in the game, mainly because of how accurately it depicts daily life in Australia and naturally a creature like Estelle is also an accurate rendition of Australian Wildlife. Astel's head is a big skull with a big ball embedded in it, skulls can either be scary or really badass. Astel is a true embodiment of space, the design of its body evokes the appearance of many planets and stars and sometimes it will shoot rocks at you just like Space Astel is undeniably extraterrestrial and there are hints at the arrival of its species potentially resulted in the destruction of the Eternal cities, therefore its placement at the end of rani's massive questline results in a Serene and breathtaking fight amongst the stars, as you reach the culmination of the journey that you have undertaken through the Forgotten civilizations of the lands between. 

7- Fire Giant (B Tier)

Fire Giant's fight is kind of cruel, you basically pull up on him and destroy the splint on his leg, exposing his wound to the cold harsh Winds of the mountains and allowing it to break under the weight of his body, this, of course, takes place after his entire species was destroyed by radagon. So in the context of his entire life, it's cruel. With that said he does seem to have a lot of fun rolling around. So it's not entirely sad, the Fire Giant rips off his own leg and lacks it on fire in order to open his third eye. The second phase is great because you might not have noticed the massive face on his chest until the cutscene played, it's gotta be the goofiest design in the entire game.

8 - Regal Ancestor Spirit (B Tier)

Regal Ancestor Spirit is like the Ancestor Spirit, but if it was Regal you access both of them in the same way, just delight in fires and then touch a dead animal like any budding serial killer. The fight with the Regal Ancestor Spirit is kind of simple, you just walk up to it and whack it, eventually, it will teleport away, then you just walk up to it and whack it again. This boss has the most pathetic move in the entire game, it basically just flies up and shoots at you before landing, the move is extremely slow and you will only get hit by it if you stand completely still. This so-called Regal Ancestor Spirit is so bad at the game, therefore, we are ranking it to B tier.

9 - Morgott (C Tier)

Morgott is one of the more disgusting bosses in the game, he uses the element of Peace against you. And in his second phase, he also utilizes dong. Morgott is the easy to use the balls to visualize as a real life person he seems like someone you could meet on the subway or on a street corner. Morgott also showcases the omnipresence of crackheads, you can actually meet him multiple times throughout the entire game. The first encounter is with Margit who is literally just his clone, this fight with Marquette is interesting because it exists to gatekeep you from Stormveil Castle and fight Godrick the Grafted. This fight is harder than anything in Stormveil Castle, Morgott is only here to stop tarnished early on in their journey to become Elden Lord because he does not trust that Godric would be able to defeat them. The other time you meet Morgott is just on the side of the road, he just takes over some random boss in order to smoke you., Morgott is a really mean person at least to get something for beating him here. 

10 - Maliketh (C Tier)

Maliketh's fight starts with him disguised as the Beast Clergyman and I found this first phase to be really annoying. Every time you would go in to attack him after dodging, he would throw some pocket sand in your face every single time. Now most good players would take this as a challenge, they would adapt and get better at the game. The second phase of the fight is a lot better, he completely forgets about the pocket sand and it's great, however, he does hit you with that reduced Max HP, you can use the Blasphemous claw to parry his attacks.

11 - Mohg (C Tier)

Mohg is a boss who really likes blood, it's actually kind of weird how much he likes blood. His entire backyard is flooded with the stuff, Mohg himself has also done some really bad things like kidnapping Miquella. You can fight him in two places, his fight in the Sewer Jail is the easier of the two, but he does use a similar move set. However, the really interesting part of fighting mode only occurs in the Mowgwin Palace fight. You can find an item called Mohg's Shackle in the Sewer Jail, this item can be used during both fights to immobilize him, so you can get a few free hits off on him, you can only use it twice for each fight though. However, if you plan it out, you can potentially destroy half of his health and get him into the second phase before he can even do anything and this is where the cool part of the fight begins. He will then proceed to see the hill three times and then instantly kill you, that's it you can't dodge it or block it, he just kills you, this might sound awful but it's actually really cool. In order to survive this move, you need to get the Purifying Crystal Tear and put it into your drink which will shield you from his attack. 

12 - Godrick the Grafted (D Tier)

Godrick the Grafted is one of the first demigods that most people will defeat, this is because he is really weak, and all the other demigods bully him. Instead of training to become stronger, he just grafted limbs to himself which made him this disgusting fleshy amalgamation. If he wanted to be stronger literally all, he had to do was get a gym membership, he criticizes you for playing as a lord when that just describes him everyone sees him as a joke. Godric says that he is the Lord of all that is golden but when you look at him, he looks like the Lord of all that is Pierce. In terms of his actual fight, he has some amazingly skillful moves, like rolling onto his enemy slowly or screaming and cutting off his own arm, you get to witness live drafting in real-time. After he combines with the dragon, he gets some cool moves like a gender reveal party and drinking red cordial it pretty much just makes his rolling faster, this move truly represents his character, he literally grafted the head of a dragon onto his arm and just uses it to roll faster absolutely pathetic that that's why we are putting Godric as solidly D Tier. 

13 - Rykard (D Tier)

Rykard has an interesting gimmick to his fight, you can use the weapon you find in his Arena to do a special attack, but this only activates during the fight. The second phase of the fight is cool because it's like the Fire Giant as it turns out there was a hidden face on the guy the entire time, this has to be the best genre of Elden Ring boss. Rykard is more disgusting than more got so we have to rate him D for disgusting.

14 - Elden Beast (D Tier)

Radagon's fight is really cool, dodging his attacks is really fun even that delayed slam attack which catches everyone out at first. It's fun learning to dodge his entire move set, the soundtrack is also great, the main theme of the game plays while you fight this amazing final boss. Radagon would be an amazing final boss but he isn't Elden Beast. He has a really cool Arena and design but that's about it, you basically just swing at his chest until he decides to swim away, then you run all the way towards him dodging some annoying attacks along the way, sometimes these attacks can be downright to despicable though.

15 - Malenia (D Tier)

Millennia is Blade of Miquella, rather than a big monster or a horde of enemies, she had a lot of these duel fights. And Millennia's fight is very similar to this style of battle. We think Malenia is one of the funniest fights in the entire game, she has a really cool moveset, and nearly all of her moves require you to be very specific with your dodge timing. She also has the gimmick where she heals every time she hits you, so you can't just stand there and block her attacks for the entire fight, either therefore it ends up feeling like a fast-paced fight from bloodborne or sakiro. However there is one big thing we dislike about her fight, and it's this single move Waterfowl Dance. It's incredibly difficult to learn exactly how you need to dodge it without looking up a guide.

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