Elden Ring Garden Of Eyes DLC Weapons, Bosses, Armor, Mounts, Talismans & Download

1/10/2023 6:24:46 PM

In this Elden Ring Garden of Eyes DLC Mode Guide, we talk about the new weapons, armor, horses, talismans, bosses, and more content, as well as how to download and install the mode.


Elden Ring Garden of Eyes DLC Mode Guide

While we're waiting for the overly late DLC let alone even an announcement of that, wouldn't it be nice if there was something fun to try in the meantime new content almost like a unique DLC that is this, a big fan-made content DLC by Garden of Eyes - a modder and YouTuber who created their very own unique weapons and move sets bosses and more using various assets in very clever ways. By working together with other community members and modders, this group was able to pack it all together to form a lot of new content to try and play a sort of pack of mods - aptly named the Garden of Eyes.

The Modpack features a massive amount of new weapons using those different movesets, there are new armor sets created in honor of sets you'd find in previous games, new horse skins for a bit of fun variety even working in those new bosses that and more are things we're able to play around with. So here's a quick overview and our first impressions of it all.

Garden of Eyes New Weapons & Moveset

We'll begin with the weapons and the new movesets potentially the thing you would be most interested to try. Basically, there are about 15 plus unique weapons they've added, and they've even taken old weapons and turned them into their true form of them. So take say the black knife, they've made it hilariously giant and given it more effects, so the basic attacks have destined death on them. The Ash of War has changed to be a bit quicker and multi-part combo style. Or there are entirely new weapons like the incredibly green and blue or red transforming weapon using interesting incantation spells. Otherwise, as part of its moveset even taking ashes of war and then saying the light attack combo weaving those into there, creating an entirely new string of attacks using assets that you can find in the game, giving them new animations making them feel like they've got a lot of oomph but seemingly fitting into the world because it's all item that you can find in Elden Ring anyway. 

Elden Ring Garden of Eyes New Weapons 1

There's been this impressive progression though as we've gone with the different weapons, some of them have a bit less to them as they began using these new methods to create new weapons and movesets, but as we go they've got very creative and managed to make some very interesting weapons. We have simpler things like say actually fixing Godfrey's Axe so it's not a broken thing that you can use yourself and that leads to the more explosive massive aoes that would be what Godfrey would be doing. Changing weapons to what you might consider the full version, so there's the Wing of Estelle turned into these twinblades which have some new effects. The massive power of the Ash of War more referencing the actual last fight. 

Elden Ring Garden of Eyes New Weapons 2

Entirely new weapons based on things we have in game like sarosh and his claws, these fist weapons with really unique movesets were moving around a lot more or if we leap into the air we can do an actual massive slam much like Godfrey himself. Some of the weapons will have you transform like the dragon claw here which will turn you into one of the Sentinels for a brief moment to do a big AOE around you. Even Lore related ones such as Nicola's twinblades here using the Rune of Abundance that is technically in the files of the game and is an unused weapon with details that you can find in game we've talked about previously. Here they've kind of imagined how that would look and how that would work, and it's quite familiar the waterfall dance but more in a holy way making use of assets you can find in game again. 

Some of the more unique things though are say two different weapons used in power stance with entirely new movesets, clever creations like the grafting and chainsaw that uses the whirligig style of Saw which works perfectly with an actual chainsaw. As well as fun simple things like adding a bloodborne pistol to actually be able to power you with.

Garden of Eyes DLC Mod creates entirely new weapons that are unique to the game that are really fun to use, while it's not entirely balanced perfectly - some of them have attacked the deal a lot more damage than they should and some deal less than they should perhaps,  there's a lot of potential here.

Garden of Eyes DLC New Armor

Weapons and move sets aren't the only things that we can find in this mod pack, there is a lot of new armor which looks incredible, they're old and entirely new sets reimagined for Elden Ring, so there's a few sets that you might recognize from demon souls or in many cases actually Dark Souls 2. There were so many weapons and armor sets in that game and while it might not be everyone's favorite, it did have some of the coolest designs we may have ever seen in the series and to see some of them here is really fun. Many of them look better than their originals here with very impressive cloth physics on every part of the armor as you move around. There's a lot of effort and detail gone into this and while not every set lived up to the original all maybe being a bit less textured or a bit more rounded, most are really well done and really cool.

Elden Ring Garden of Eyes New Armors 1

Garden of Eyes DLC New Talismans

Further, there's other equipment in the game of course, not just armor and weapons, there are talismans:

Godfrey Icon

Elden Ring Garden of Eyes New Talisman - Godfrey Icon

They've included this really interesting sarosh-style Talisman where you know how sarosh was a sort of Jojo-style Lion of Godfrey that resides on his back. When you put this Talisman on, you'll have your very own sarosh a little one hanging off your back which is genius. However there is a downside mechanically much like the real Sarosh, he limits Godfrey's bloodlust right that happens to us in a certain way, simply equipping the Talisman will half your attack power but in exchange, you'll get 10 levels to every stat which is obviously a massive amount of levels to get suddenly. It's a choice to make perhaps best for a caster or a build that's not really worried about the weapon damage nearly as much, but the fun comes from the stand style, sarosh being on your back in the first place and the way they've implemented that is very well done.

Garden of Eyes DLC Horse (Mount Skins)

Further there's also three interesting skins in the pack for Tauren, reward working him to look like a different male now, two of the three are familiar mounts that we see in game.

Night's Cavalry Whistle

Elden Ring Garden of Eyes DLC New Horses (Mount Skins) - Night's Cavalry Whistle

There is the Night Riders - Night's Cavalry you fight in the open world at night in certain places, they are riding their cloak mounts which we can ride in this mod pack. 

Draconic Sentinel Whistle

Elden Ring Garden of Eyes DLC New Horses (Mount Skins) - Draconic Sentinel Whistle

The other familiar Mount is that Dragon style horse  - the Draconic Sentinel Whistle, resize of course to fit us properly and is quite neat to be able to do. 

Forsaken Horse Whistle

Elden Ring Garden of Eyes DLC New Horses (Mount Skins) - Forsaklen Horse Whistle

But it's the last one that really steals the show and is by far the best, it's entirely new made by the mod team known as The Forsaken Horse. It's sort of an undead creature and looks very neat, it has this flowing black hair, it's skinless with its muscle rippling it, has its teeth bared in that horrible state. 

We would love to see more unique mount skins that are made by the mod team, this mod pack seems to be steadily getting new content that they're regularly talking about on the Garden of Eyes channel, so it's very likely we'll see more of this as we go entirely new content.

Garden of Eyes DLC New PVE Bosses

A major thing that we'd be thinking about then would of course be the new content - the new PVE bosses to fight and try. Now we've had a quick look at the new starting boss they've implemented which is in place of the Royal Cyan at the precipice of Anticipation. It's a familiar enemy though to many of the old fans of the series, it's the Abyssal demon renamed here to the Erdtree demon in Elden Ring. With the same style of attacks and reasonable damage to watch out for as before, these are actually the basis of an important enemy we see in Elden Ring - the urge tree avatars which are essentially modified and updated versions of the Abyssal demons. Just with new movesets, they have that similar shape, similar weapon, similar attacks with added holy features or new combos to the swings, so it's nice to see that origin actually be replicated here in Elden Ring.

A familiar enemy as it is one of the first things you fight in Souls like the Vanguard of Demon's Souls, while not an overly complicated fight to fight now, it is a fun addition and a great starting point for this modding team to add more bosses and maybe bring things forward. 

Just while recording this, the next boss reference to be introduced is none other than the "Let Me Solo Her" Guy that legendary character who helped many people take down Melania for the first time, he already has a role to play in the current version that we were playing. He appeared as a summon that you could use and cheap for about 60 FP, you could summon him wherever summons are possible, and while completely unupgraded so plus zero. 

Elden Ring Garden of Eyes DLC Mode Download

Garden of Eyes is a very fun addition to the game especially when we're just waiting for new content anyway, so if you want to download the Garden of Eyes Mode to your Elden Ring, follow these steps:

  • Access to https://www.patreon.com/GardenOfEyes

  • Choose the member tier and pay

  • Download the ELDEN RING Mod Launcher

  • Open up the launcher and it will automatically detect your Elden Ring installation

  • Once you click on it, you will be able to see all the mods that you can download

  • Simply click on the mod and it will start downloading

  • Once it's done downloading, you simply click the mod and it will launch it for you

So we are looking forward to following the development of this pack and seeing what else they can produce with it, new content like boss fights is probably the most important thing we'd like to see, updated versions of old ones is a good idea.

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