Elden Ring Best Greataxes Guide (Pros & Cons) - Which Greataxe Is the Best Weapon in Elden Ring

1/17/2023 2:28:00 PM

In this Elden Ring guide, we're going to be showing why Greataxes are the best weapon in Elden Ring. This is the tenth guide of our new series where we go through each weapon type and show you what you can do with each weapon and why you may or may not use these weapons on your build.

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Gargoyle's Black Axe

  • Pros:

-670 attack rating at minimum requirements.

-Very high attack rating for such low equipment weight.

-Good candidate for the clawmark seal.

-Can reach over 1100 attack power when buffed.

  • Cons:

-Shortest greataxe in the game.

-Can’t change the ash of war, and war cry isn’t the greatest ash of war.

-Located extremely late in Elden Ring in the mountaintops of the giants.

-Holy damage is a heavily resisted damage type late game.

Winged Greathorn

  • Pros:

-Decent scaling all the way up to 80 in both Str and Dex.

-Soul stifler stacks with frostbite, allowing you to further increase the damage bosses take for your group.

  • Cons:

-Bottom half of greataxes when it comes to length.

-Not obtainable until a good ways into the game by defeating regal ancestor spirit.

Axe of Godrick

  • Pros:

-One of the longer greataxes in Elden Ring.

-Can be obtained relatively early in the game by defeating godrick.

-R2 attacks is great for multiple enemies.

-Good damage.

  • Cons:

-Ash of war does not trigger talismans like Rotten Winged Sword Insignia or Millicent's Prosthesis.

Great Axe

  • Pros:

-Highest attack rating of all greataxes, and all “Great Weapons” in general.

-Found extremely early on in the game.

-Can be two-handed for only 20 str.

Crescent Moon Axe

  • Pros:

-Fantastic R2 attack.

-Third highest damage of all greataxes.

-Fairy good reach for a greataxe.

-Can be found fairly early from soldiers in stormveil.

-R2 can be harder to chain due to longer wind up times.

-Dexterity requirement makes it less versatile than some greataxes.

Longhaft Axe

  • Pros:

-High damage.

-Can be found early in the game dropping from misbegotten warriors that weild them in weeping peninsula.

Executioner’s Greataxe

  • Pros:

-Longest greataxe.

-Upper middle of the pack when it comes to damage.

-Can be found relatively early in the game dropping from skeletons that wield it.

-115 critical attack.

Great Omenkiller Cleaver

  • Pros:

-Bleed build up on hit.

-High damage.

-One of the longest greataxes in Elden Ring.

-Looks fucking awesome.

-Not found until much further into the game than some greataxes, dropping in volcano manor and Perfumer's Grotto.

Rusted Anchor

  • Pros:

-Deals piece damage allowing you to use the spear talisman.

-Can befound relatively early in Elden Ring in the mourne tunnel.

-Shorter than most other great axes.

Butchering Knife

  • Pros:

-Second longest greataxe.

-Restores 1% HP per hit.

-Very lightweight.

  • Cons:

-Lowest damage of infusible greataxes.

-Dropped much later in the game than most greataxes by Anastasia.

-Tarnished eater near the shaded castle.

Gargoyle’s Great Axe

  • Pros:

-Very lightweight.

-Extremely good strength scaling when set to heavy.

  • Cons:

-Second shortest greataxe.

-Found much later in the game than most greataxes by defeating the gargoyle on Altus Plateau.