ACNH February 2023 Update - New Events, Holidays, Items & DIYs in Animal Crossing 2023 February

1/17/2023 11:11:39 AM

February is the month that marks the end of Winter and the start of Spring, there are some changes to happen on your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Besides that, we also want to look into new events, holidays, items, materials, and DIY recipes in ACNH 2023 February.

ACNH February 2023 Update

ACNH February 2023 Update - New Events, Holidays, and Seasonal Items for Animal Crossing 2023 February

Along with the major holiday Festivale, you are going to have the chance to earn some free items, as well as purchase more things from Nook's Cranny, Able Sisters, and Nook Shopping. Below we list the ACNH February events, items, and calendar dates for 2023.  

1.  Groundhog Day (January 25 to February 2)

Groundhog Day is also based on the real-world event that takes place on February 2 annually, a day when a groundhog predicts how much more winter is left. In ACNH, you can buy the Nook Shopping seasonal item from January 25 to February 2. 

Groundhog Day items:

Resetti Model

2.  Setsubun or Bean Day 2023 (January 25 or February 1 to February 3)

Bean Day, also known as Setsubun or Bean Throwing Festival, is an Animal Crossing minor event based on the Japanese event Setsubun. In New Horizons, this holiday is celebrated on two occasions, as a Nook Shopping seasonal event, players can buy the bean-tossing kit at Nook Stop from January 25 to February 3. Remember not to miss the Able Sisters event, where you can buy the following ACNH items for sale from February 1 to February 3.

Bean Day items:

Horned-ogre mask

Ogre costume

Okame mask

3.  Valentine's Day 2023 (February 1 to February 14)

Another marking festival in February is Valentine's Day, which occurs on February 14 every year. On Valentine’s Day, you are possibly to receive a letter attached with a Chocolate Heart or Heart-Shaped Bouquet from villagers and Isabelle. Also, you can purchase these two seasonal items from Nook Shopping during the first half of the month. Since the 2.0 Update, Brewster will serve hot chocolate and wish the player a happy Valentine’s Day on that day, it’s fun to visit the Roost. 

Valentine's Day items:

Chocolate Heart

Heart-Shaped Bouquet

4.  Carnival of Venice 2023 (February 4 and February 21)

The Carnival of Venice is a seasonal event based on the real-life Venetian Carnival, which varies each year. This year, the 2023 Venice Carnival is going to take place between February 4 and February 21, so we can get our hands on the ACNH Carnival of Venice items sometime during the month, the exact date is to be confirmed.

Carnival of Venice items:

Venetian Carnival Mask (Gold, Pink, Blue, Silver & White)

5.  Festivale Event 2023 (February 20)

The biggest event in ACNH 2023 February is going to be the Festivale, which is going to be held on February 20, 2023, however, players are able to buy Festivale-themed furniture and clothing items from Nook’s Cranny and Able Sisters starting on February 1. The character Pave will host the event and players need to catch and give him colored feathers.

Festivale Furniture Items:

Festivale Balloon Lamp

Festivale Flag

Festivale Stage

Festivale Parasol

Festivale Garland

Festivale Stall

Festivale Drum

Festivale Confetti Machine

Festivale Lamp

Festivale Float

Festivale Clothing Items:

Festivale Accessory

Festivale Costume

Festivale Tank Dress

6.  Hinamatsuri Festival 2023 (February 25 to March 3)

The last minor holiday in ACNH February we have the Hinamatsuri Festival, also known as Girl’s Day, it usually takes place on March 3 and appears as a Nook Shopping seasonal event in New Horizons. Starting from February 25, players can purchase two items with their Animal Crossing bells

Hinamatsuri items:


Blossom Lantern

ACNH February 2023 Update - DIY Recipes and Crafting Materials for Animal Crossing February

The Winter season will last until February 25, so you can also gather up some snowflakes to craft items from the Frozen series. While starting from February 25, Spring is coming in ACNH, which brings new crafting materials such as Bamboo pieces and Young spring bamboo for the Young Spring Bamboo set.  

1. Winter Snowflake & Frozen Series DIY Recipes (December 11 to February 24)

Main crafting materials: Snowflake, Large Snowflake

DIY recipes:

Frozen Mini Snowperson (1 Large Snowflake, 2 Snowflake)

Frozen Fencing (5 Snowflake)

Frozen Arch (1 Large Snowflake, 10 Snowflake)

Frozen Bed (1 Large Snowflake, 10 Snowflake)

Frozen Chair (1 Large Snowflake, 3 Snowflake)

Frozen Counter (1 Large Snowflake, 5 Snowflake)

Frozen Partition (1 Large Snowflake, 6 Snowflake)

Frozen Pillar (1 Large Snowflake, 3 Snowflake)

Frozen Sculpture (1 Large Snowflake, 4 Snowflake) 

Frozen Table (1 Large Snowflake, 8 Snowflake) 

Frozen-Treat Set (1 Large Snowflake, 1 Snowflake) 

Falling-Snow Wall (3 Snowflake, 10 Stone)

Iceberg Flooring (10 Snowflake)

Iceberg Wall (10 Snowflake)

Ski-Slope Flooring (8 Snowflake)

Ski-Slope Wall (8 Snowflake)

Snowflake Pochette (6 Snowflake)

Snowflake Wall (12 Snowflake)

Snowflake Wreath (4 Snowflake)

Ice Flooring (1 Large Snowflake, 8 Snowflake)

Ice Wall (1 Large Snowflake, 8 Snowflake)

Ice Wand (1 Large Snowflake, 3 Star Fragment)

Snowperson Head (1 Large Snowflake, 5 Snowflake)

Three-Tiered Snowperson (1 Large Snowflake, 6 Snowflake, 3 Tree Tranch)

2. Bamboo & Spring Bamboo DIY Recipes (February 25 to May 31)

Main crafting materials: Bamboo piece, Young Spring Bamboo, Bamboo shoot

DIY recipes:

Bamboo Basket (7 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Bench (8 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Candleholder (2 Clay, 3 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Drum (2 Softwood, 3 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Floor Lamp (8 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Flooring (15 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Lattice Fence (6 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Lunch Box (4 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Partition (6 Stone, 7 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Shelf (15 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Speaker (1 Iron Nugget, 3 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Sphere (3 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Stool (5 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Stopblock (3 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Wall (15 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Wall Decoration (1 Bamboo Piece)

Dark Bamboo Rug (5 Bamboo Piece)

Hearth (5 Hardwood, 5 Iron Nugget, 4 Clay, 2 Bamboo Piece)

Bamboo Doll (6 Young Spring Bamboo)

Bamboo Noodle Slide (3 Wood, 7 Young Spring Bamboo)

Bamboo Wand (3 Star Fragment, 6 Young Spring Bamboo)

Bamboo-Grove Wall (7 Young Spring Bamboo, 3 Bamboo Shoot)

Bamboo-Shoot Lamp (4 Clay, 4 Young Spring Bamboo, 5 Bamboo Shoot)

Basket Pack (6 Young Spring Bamboo)

Green-Leaf Pile (10 Clump of Weeds, 1 Young Spring Bamboo)

Light Bamboo Rug (6 Young Spring Bamboo)

Pan Flute (7 Young Spring Bamboo)

Steamer-Basket Set (6 Young Spring Bamboo)

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