Top 5 Elden Ring Tips - New Boss Weapons & Mimic Glitch In Elden Ring

1/12/2023 11:30:09 AM

A new Elden ring things you didn't know in the episode, so can get straight into it, begin with a follow-up from last time which is to do with the Sprint and Sprint jump that explained basically how you can just jump and make a certain amount of distance, and then if you were able to get a Sprint going, and then jump. You'll of course make a further jump and make more distance.


Top 5 Elden Ring Tips - New Boss Weapons & Mimic Glitch In Elden Ring

1. Elden Ring Tip - Sprint Mode

The Elden Ring tip that was discussed and explained in the previous episode was to do with doing that from a standstill, if you were to try E Sprint from a standstill, you would just do a back step.

If you're on a Podium or a small area and you really don't want to do that, the trick showing was basically jumping on the spot holding Sprint. Now in Sprint mode, and can immediately jump at a full Sprint that is a really good tip, but there's apparently a pretty easy way to do it.

If you just open up your menu, like this one, then hold the sprint button that's gonna back out the menu, but also hold the sprint button without jumping backward, without doing the back steps.

Currently in a full Sprint ready to go and just jump and do the max leap, max distance Sprint jump that is probably admittedly a bit easier than jumping than holding Sprint, then waiting to jump. Definitely help someone including in your playthroughs in those tough spots where you don't have much room to wind up a Sprint, and then make that jump.

2. Elden Ring Tip - Dragon 

The next one is from reman Chan again who's back with a really interesting tip to do with the dragon, the great worm Theodorix which is found here at the East side of the inner consequent snow field and interestingly has one of the biggest health pools of all the bosses in the entire game the thing is on the way to that boss fight, you can find not one, but multiple of these land octopuses and without much effort, you can aggro all three of them, and draw them towards the great worm, he's a lot faster than the octopuses, he's a lot easier to drag towards them.

They're not exactly friendly with one another, but they all have massive Health pools, in fact, they will literally Target one another and fight one another for you which is an incredibly useful tip, because this boss is a real pain, look at the amount of damage, they're actually dealing to it, there would be a useful distraction and a useful tip and an interesting thing you can.

Look how effective they actually are, they're over and over staggering it, and they've burned through the entire Health pool, that's an incredibly good tip, so there you go open world bosses and enemies, and you can pit them against one another and that is a great example of that the next thing.

3. Elden Ring Tip - Hunter

Then is to do with everyone's favorite Hunter, he loves the collecting of your ball bearings, it's a really weird sentence to say, and he's all around the world fantastic character Great Law and a pretty cool Elden ring version of the pursuer.

There he waits in the starting position, to come to fight him again, Maton was successfully able to survive him for a really long time without getting here, ultimately triggering the AI to think, because it looks like the hunter is just sick of this, keep swinging, keep attacking, you're not fighting, it's like he's throwing his toys out of the pram and is giving up, he's just walking away, it's very funny to look at after enough time of not Landing any damage on one another. 

Standing on the isolated Divine Tower and to the east of course as far as Missoula up in the sky here, the tornado that kind of reaches all the way down to the water the Baseline all the way up and above much like the actual fire Missoula,  the thing is apparently that does not actually fire Missoula at all,  apparently, that's a little baby version, a tiny miniature that they've put just in the Sky Box to make it look like fire Mozilla's there, if fly over to that, it wouldn't actually be fire Missoula at all fire Missoula. 

Then must be in its own instance unconnected in terms of Dev design from the rest of the lands between. Then took that baby asset and placed it somewhere easier to see to compare the sizes of it, and they're in the middle of the Crater Lake.

4. Elden Ring Tip - Godfrey

Next return to the urge tree Sanctuary which as you probably know you will be accosted by Godfrey himself, now immediately, you notice something a little bit unusual about him,  firstly the fact that he is golden and spirit-like, it doesn't take much effort to realize, this is not the real Godfrey, but an illusion a summon a guardian, but who made this summon and in fact why is it not the actual Godfrey represented here.

Here has a completely Hall Ax well, obviously the real Godfrey, his ax is broken this could be, because the person who summoned him knew him before he left and the ax was broken in the Badlands.

Someone who views Godfrey in a highlight maybe even his own son it's more than likely that Morgot was the one that summoned this ghostly yellow Phantom the question is did Morgot know about the broken ax or did he prefer to do this illusion in Godfrey at his best at his prime it's an interesting thought.

In the real game have to use the broken ax, because what could have been capable with the fully functional Ax well, actually some modders have come together to basically make a version of that in the garden of eyes mod that last week within that there was a bunch of really cool Elden Ring weapons, a bunch of true versions of original Elden Ringweapons in Elden ring wouldn't being Godfrey's ax with a quick play around with this thing. 

5. Elden Ring Tip - Player Power

Absolutely seismic shaking abilities are comparable to what Godfrey does himself in the true Godfrey fight. Of course, the Godfrey summon and Phantom is nowhere near as strong as this only really capable of the very Basics, always find it a shame that only ever able to get this broken version of a boss weapon, like Malachath's Black Blade that thing is absolutely chewed up and barely functional.

They have to limit player power in Elden Ring, then to do with the Blasphemous blade that super overtuned ridiculous weapon that remains one of the best Elden Ring weapons in the entire game from start to finish, so far in every patch, it's the Blasphemous blade, this Elden Ring weapon's main effect is to lifesteal right when you deal damage with it, it'll give you health, and when you kill someone with it that will also give Health.

Now something that most people should know, but you might not that just reference, now is the fact that if you have it on your back, so say sheathed, it's technically not active and it's still there, still get the Takers life steal effect, when killing him, get the killing blow heal which is really cool and really useful.

The mimic can also get this effect in the same way that the Elden Ring weapon being sheet and not currently the one getting the killing blow. Summon can and ultimately because there's a killing blow and there's a Blasphemous blade somehow involved somewhere still getting the heal from pretty damn far away as well that is a very useful Elden Ring tip.

If you're quite low health, and you're using this blade, you want to get some safe lifestyle, using a summon and yet, another way this silly blade is so good with all of its utility in, so many builds, just a quick and interesting one there to end it. 

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