Elden Ring Arcane Build Guide - How to Build a Bloody Ballerina (NG+ Guide)

1/28/2023 3:10:54 PM

In this Elden Ring Build Guide, we'll show you the Bloody Helice build. This is an NG+ build that takes place after level 150. If you've been looking for a Heavy Thrusting Sword build that causes blood loss buildup on every hit while graciously dodging enemy's attacks, then you might want to check this build-out.


Attributes & Stats of Bloody Ballerina Build









Equipment of Bloody Ballerina Build

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  • Right Hand Armament 1: Bloody Helice

  • Head Armor: Marais Mask

  • Chest Armor: Carian Knight Armor

  • Arms: Bull-Goat Gauntlets

  • Leg Armor: Scaled Greaves

  • Talismans:

Shard of Alexander

Lord of Blood's Exultation

Green Turtle Talisman

How To Make This Bloody Ballerina Build Work

The weapon we're using for this build is the Bloody Helice, this is a heavy thrusting sword, but what's really great about this weapon is that it has very good bleed build up, and its damage is all right and really more importantly, its weapon skill Dynast's Finesse is absolutely outstanding, what this weapon skill does, is it sort of pushes you backwards in a spin that has crazy amount of frames and then allows you to follow up with an R2 and then another R2 attack, hitting a total of three times if you do both that deals an incredible amount of poise damage and also deals a lot of lead build up, so you usually trigger hemorrhage on at least like one attack with this full rotation or maybe in one more attack in addition to this, and you also Dodge attacks at the same time, and you almost completely fill an enemy's stagger bar at the same time, so another couple attacks in there staggered while you're triggering bleed, then you're doing a critical attack, and it's just really deadly, frankly, the amount of frames that this weapon skill gives is absolutely absurd and it's one of the things that makes this weapon so fantastic have not messed around with this much in PvP, but we imagine this would be a phenomenal PVP weapon, simply because you can dodge through attacks and then put you in a position to a counter attack really quickly, especially if you play unlocked, diving into the ins and outs of Dynast's Finesse for a second is the fact that you can use this unlocked, so when you're locked on, you automatically spin backward away from your target as you spin away from the direction that you're facing, and when you play unlocked, you can face any direction instantly and then press the button and you'll sort of shoot backwards in that direction, this allows you to shoot towards a target or shoot to the side and Dodge an attack, and because the follow-up attacks that you can do can also be aimed whatever direction you want, this means that you have a lot of flexibility in terms of like where you can position your character, and it'll take you a while to get this down 100, we're not even sure we have it down 100, but it's really amazing when you can position yourself closer to a Target when they attack or maybe through them and putting yourself behind them where you're attacking they don't even you know where you are, allowing you to get those follow-up attacks and playing unlocked when you're playing PVE, really depends on the enemy that you're facing if you're fighting an aggressive enemy playing locked on is definitely the way to go, but some enemies are very difficult they jump backwards regularly, and in these situations, you want to play unlocked if you can this will allow you to get into position and maneuver more easily, put yourself exactly where you need to go, because pushing yourself backward out a range of a target isn't useful unless you can hit them but on aggressive targets they tend to keep moving towards you so when you dodge backward, they're still in range but if they're not really aggressive that's not the case, so learning when to play locked and unlocked is a huge part of this build and that's something that's just going to take you time to figure out, a couple other Elden Ring items you could use for this build in the weapon Shield category that we don't have here just because we really like the way my build looks this is 100 fashion.

But if you're a Min maxing, you could use something like the great turtle shell shield in order to give yourself more stamina recovery, just put that in your offhand and two hand and you can have that extra stamina recovery even if you're not using the Shield or you could put the Sacrificial Axe, there to give you more FP back when you get kills to help with your FP management again even if you're not using it in your two-handing the bloody helice, you'll still get that benefit so you could put those there if you want, we didn't want either of these on the character because of fashion if you're talking about men max and you would probably have one of those two things.

Gameplay of Bloody Ballerina Build

So the general strategy with this build is we typically do like running R1 and R2 attacks on regular mobs, and when you're facing difficult enemies, you're going to be using Dynast's Finesse waiting for them to attack you and then responding remember that you can follow up with an R2 and then a second R2, but you don't always want to follow up with that second or two a lot of times this will stagger an enemy, so it's good to go for if you think you can pull it off even if you trade, but if you know that you're going to lose that trade like if you're fighting somebody like Crucible Knight or something like that just get that follow-up R2 and then get the hell out of there with another L2 immediately afterward or roll backward, also when fighting some enemies like playing on Horseback is really strong with this weapon if you hold down R2, you not only deal damage when you run into the enemy, but then when the R2, it does a crazy amount of damage very good for fighting dragons and things like that because not only do you stagger them very easily with this weapon, you do lots of damage to them when you're attacking and you also have bleed buildup which triggers regularly on them, so very good on Horseback and very good against dragons as well when they're fighting from horseback.

Let's say you wanted to start a fresh playthrough and play this build, you could beeline it for the bloody helice, it's located in the Altus Plateau which is a ways into the game, but you can get there quickly if you know how to get to Altus Plateau, so it's possible to get there killing very few enemies and then you can get that as far as armor sets go, it's not important which one you use pick whatever one you want and you can use the warrior jar Shard instead of Shard of Alexander early on, you can get green turtle talisman early on you can get a version of the Viridian Amber Medallion early on, and then really anything else you want to add to this build, that's three talismans you're not even probably gonna have three Talisman slots at that point but that will allow you to get going with this build from the very beginning of the game and play all the way through, so it's definitely possible to do, if you want there isn't really any weapon, you can replace the bloody house with because of its unique weapon skill and use it until you get there.

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