Elden Ring Best 1.08 Occult Morning Star Build Guide - OP Bleed Build for PVP & PVE

2/1/2023 10:35:12 AM

These weapons and elden ring runes have been buffed and buffed and now they destroy! We're focusing on the unassuming and often unused weapon type the Hammers here, no not colossal weapons of the great hammers, just a small regular average hammer in this case, the Occult Morning Star.

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Attributes & Stats of Occult Morning Star Build









Equipment of Occult Morning Star Build

 2023-01-31 163213

  • Right Hand Armament 1: Occult Morning Star

  • Left Hand Armament 1: Highland Axe

  • Left Hand Armament: Dragon Communion Seal

  • Head Armor: White Mask

  • Chest Armor: Raging Wolf Armor (Altered)

  • Arms: Veteran’s Gauntlets

  • Leg Armor: Radahn’s Greaves

  • Talismans:

  • Roar Medallion

  • Axe Talisman

  • Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

  • Lord of Blood’s Exultation

How To Make This Occult Morning Star Build Work

If you aren't aware these weapon types were actually buffed in multiple ways in the previous patch and current patch and some of the most effective important ways, specifically called out to have a massive buff in the form of the attack speed and range buff where it was really lacking 1.08 as well as better recovery in general which leads to much better Combos and follow-up attacks in trade which has a really effective pairing when we use the awesome raw barbaric raw which was buffed in the previous patch in 1.07, allowing for some deadly and impressive damage in PvP, trading really well, thanks to the multiple Poise Buffs specifically too, this also leads to steamrolling bosses and enemies in PVE where things are much more consistent and easy to punish, blasting up to the potential of 10 000 damage in a full heavy combo burst, thanks to the unique heavy combo, we get from barbaric raw, this is the raw which will increase our AR, and then this is the new heavy combo that it gives us a free hit combo which you can follow up with another two hits at the end that was buffed to have a longer buff duration, so we don't have to keep roaring and worrying about that making it much easier to reliably use, and there's also better recovery to avoid incoming damage or better to combo more effectively, there's also the case within 1.07, Hammer's base Poise as a weapon type entirely was raised, and then again in 1.07 when we're two-handing specifically which is the basis of this build, so the boys of damage has shot for the roof, it's now very impressive in PvP where Poise has become such an important aspect of builds, and, the play styles to say the least then this weapon type hammers has been buffed and buffed and buffed back to back in multiple patches and very important ways at that, but the question is was this enough to make this completely underused in a relevant weapon type, actually good and worth using.

How to play Occult Morning Star Build in PVP

This build comes down to your basic attacks the range of those which have obviously been improved this patch the speed of your attacks which has also been majorly improved this patch and trading through the use of the much better Poise that Hamas has now, especially when we're using this build where we're using a hammer in two hand, in fact, for the first time ever while recording this footage, we came across another player using a different two-hand small Hammer build without using solver club just a bonk combo you, so people are using them now, and actually trying them and that's awesome, the potential is there, because when we buff up say with the raw and then do the full heavy combo which is a three hit combo then it has this follow-up two hits, now admittedly Landing a fully charged heavy attack is unlikely, you need to have really good understanding of PVP, knowing when someone's panicking rolling around you, so you can get the full combo off or luckily trade into someone whose time saying Ash of war or an attack poorly, what's much easier is just tapping it for the fast lighter weaker version which comes out quickly is that three hit combo, the third hit is a bit slower which does catch people out as they run in after avoiding the first two hits, and then if you hit them with that you can follow up with the other two hits even if they're quick and not charged to further burst someone down in a trade, they're just not expecting to go that long, so it is viable there is reasonable damage there but per single hit is about 400 damage a hit and because we have like 80 Arcane and great bleed potential, it'll take three hits or so to actually get a bleed proc in reasonable time, it is doable though because of the better attack speed, and most importantly the improvements the range, because these little weapons had serious issues with range before this patch, now it's so much better, like with this weapon in particular the, Morning Star, it's running heavy, it's surprisingly sort of a Thrust we which works incredible to start a trade to role punish or catch someone who's running away, having something like that is honestly key to making this work, because you can't always standing trade with people who run back after every attack which is a very common tactic in PvP, because it's going to slowly move towards them, because we have really high Arcane, the proc will go off even after just one or two hits first thing people at range finishing them when they're low and they're looking to not fight or using it for a trade opportunity so sending in and then running in with it at the same time maybe without running heavy to poke them while the Poise damage is not perfect it is significantly better, if we're wearing even heavier armor, and just relying on the Poise damage of the hammer, we could pretty much trade with most builds even the Colossal big heavy hitting ones which is really cool and impressive for a small weapon like this, but when it comes to PVP, that's mostly it we have our one range option, we have our trading tool with the heavy and the running heavy attack to rely on otherwise, it's undeniable that the hammer feels much better in PvP now.

How to play Occult Morning Star Build in PVE

But on the other hand we obviously have PVE where this is a killer when buffed up with that raw we have the unique heavy combo which is a five hit combo right, you have the first three hits then you follow it up with the following hit the following heavy which is another two hits more slamming style, if you tap it and tap that for the second part as well, it comes out a lot faster and despite the fact that it's not fully charged, it does great damage the full five hit, fast combo is between five and seven thousand damage especially when the enemy can bleed which is most of the time, if you're able to get the fully charged, fully heavy hitting combo off though that's going to lead to 10 000 damage or more easily, and it's actually reliable to do, because this is really heavy hitting attacks with high Poise so you can trade into a lot of attacks to do this and you'll stagger the enemies often because again it's heavy hits, if an enemy does stagger, you probably don't even want to go for the critical it does so much damage this fully charged combo, you just go for it again immediately and get at least the three hit combo off for another burst of damage and probably another bleed prop, the downside here is the awkward shorter range of this weapon type which is still not really an issue in PVE, because you just press against the enemy against the boss anyway so I find that heavy combo just such a great reliable punish option, but if for some reason the window is not short enough or maybe you can't trade with them which is unlikely, you always have the running heavy or jumping heavy options to punish, those smaller Windows of opportunity those both lead to staggers as well leading to the full actual standing charge combo, so it's honestly a very simple Loop and straightforward play style punished with a long heavy combo whenever you can trade with it wherever possible and then running heavier jumping heavy in the shot of Windows and punish the criticals with the full heavy combo further, so we find the build much more straightforward and functional in PVE where it's very easy to use, fun, and very effective, also this weapon's really easy to get early in a playthrough and the ash itself comes from the north side of the Lakes Region, so getting this in a new playthrough getting it up and running is easy to do early on of course getting your weapon to be say a cult, and then leveling your Arcane higher that takes more time, but that's the fun of working and progressing a build in a new playthrough, but we danced around the topic a bit now.